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June 4, 2014
Lonnie enjoys a good salmon

Rolling in Food
Ever wonder what the wolves of Wolf Haven dine upon? That depends on whether they are rescued gray wolves or endangered wolves in a captive breeding program (Mexican wolves or red wolves).

Our rescues are typically fed a variety of beef, deer and elk meat as well as whole chickens. They may also get salmon from Pike Place Fish Market (which has been deeply frozen at extreme temperatures), geese culled by USDA Wildlife Services or treats like turkey necks or fresh marrow bones.

The Species Survival Plan wolves are fed a high quality kibble. This ensures that a consistent, stable diet is being fed to these special animals at all SSP facilities, and prevents wolves that might be released into the wild from developing a taste for livestock. Both the rescued wolves and the SSP wolves, however, occasionally dine upon road-kill deer and elk.

To truly enjoy this bounty, however, one must roll on it first. See London, a true "foodie", as he immerses himself in his dining experience. Lexi gets his attention and then joins him.
Let's Talk About Wolves
Education Outreach

While we're on the subject of food, read the latest
Wolf Haven BLOG post about one educator's experience during a wolf-focused "lunch & learn" at Montesano Timberland Regional Library.

Dr. Jerry Brown
Wolves & Wine 2013
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