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Showcase Your Pet in the Wind Point Pet Parade!

Wind Point Living Magazine is hosting a village pet parade on Thursday, June 25 at 6:30 p.m. at Village Green Park. The event is open to all residents as a chance to showcase your pet with your family and fellow neighbors in a fun, interactive manner. 


The parade route will stay within Village Green, and the route will be outlined with orange cones. In addition to the parade, there will be a few various light competitions such as Best Pet Costume, Best Pet Trick and Best Groomed Pet.


If you would like your pet to participate in the parade, submit an email to Marie Smith at with your name your pet's name and type of pet. There is a limited number of pets that will be allowed to participate in the pet parade, and no same-day registrations will be available. The inclement weather alternative date is the next day, Friday, June 26 at 6:30 p.m.


Pet parade rules: pet must be leashed and/or contained at all times. Dogs must have current licenses with the Village and up-to-date vaccinations. Owners are responsible for bringing their own scooper and bags. Please no pets that are unfriendly to strangers or large groups.

Congrats, Chief Rossman!
Congratulations to Police Chief Dave Rossman who celebrates 40 years with the Village this month! Wow! Thank you Dave for your continued service to Wind Point!

Other Village staff updates:
  • Management Intern Brandon Bledsoe is concluding his internship at the Village Office this month. We will miss Brandon and we wish him the best as he completes his master of public administration degree!
  • Welcome Brendan McGuire to the Village team this summer! Brendan is assisting our public works staff with grounds maintenance, painting, branch chipping and other summer projects.
Removing Garlic Mustard
Many of our yards are playing host to garlic mustard, an invasive species which disrupts Wind Point's ecosystems.  Garlic mustard is a cool-season herb that ranges in height from 12" to 48" as an adult flowering plant. Leaves and stems smell distinctly of onion or garlic when crushed (particularly in spring and early summer), a clue which helps distinguish the plant from all other woodland mustard plants. 

Click here for more photos of garlic mustard plants.
If you have garlic mustard on your property, get pro-active! The DNR advises hand-pulling at or before the onset of flowering, or cutting the flower stalk as close to the soil as possible just as flowering begins. Cutting flowers at ground level has resulted in 99% mortality; pulling works but can damage desirable species of plants nearby. You may also try to control infestations with a 1-2% active ingredient solution of glyphosate, but beware - it will kill other plants, too.

Garlic Mustard Disposal
Whichever method you choose, it is essential that you remove the plants and dispose of them properly. You must bag them separately, label the bag "garlic mustard," and put the bags out with your regular garbage. Do NOT put the plants in yard waste bags!

Certainly this time of the year yard work may seem endless, but your diligence will be greatly appreciated by your neighbors--and you could be rewarded with the sight of more beautiful Wisconsin wildflowers!
Ordinance Reminders

Grass cutting - Sec. 16.10 of the Village Code requires lawns to be kept below 12 inches in height. If grass gets above this height with no attempt to mow it, the Village may have the lawn mowed and billed to the property owner.


Outdoor burning - Outdoor burning for cooking or recreation is allowed in the Village. While burning of yard waste is allowed between noon and 7 p.m, residents are encouraged to take advantage of the weekly yard waste collection program.


DogsDogs must be leashed at all times (no longer than 10 feet). Owners must immediately remove all fecal matters and properly dispose at their home. All dogs must be licensed annually with the tag attached to the collar.

Lighthouse Tour Climbs Kick Off on June 7
From the Friends of the Wind Point Lighthouse...
You are cordially invited to participate in the June 7th Wind Point Lighthouse Tower Climb.  There is a new reservation procedure.  Please go to the web site and click on "Tours." You can reserve your spot and pay through Paypal for any"on the hour" tour 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.  By reserving, you guarantee your place.  Walk-ups are welcome "on the 1/2-hour" 9:30 - 2:30, but you may have to wait if there are more than 15 at that time.


Cost remains $10 for those ages 13 and older; $5 for ages 6 - 12.  Children under 6 are not allowed to climb due to safety concerns.  Also, please no flip-flops or high heels.  There are 144 steps in the spiral staircase to the top of the tower.  Be safe.


The Fog Horn Museum is also open daily through Labor Day.  There are new exhibits and great new items in the sales shop. 


Please join us and bring your family and friends.  There are more details on the web site.

Park Survey Results

A total of 107 residents participated in the parks survey that was available online from April 15 to May 1. The purpose of the survey was to gather feedback on park planning and the scope of improvements residents may be interested in. To view the survey results, click here. 

Ragnar Relay and Lighthouse Run Coming to Wind Point

It's about that time of year again for two popular race events to come through Wind Point. Most residents won't notice the Ragnar Chicago relay race coming through Wind Point on Sunday, June 13 between midnight and 8 a.m. Runners will use Main St., Three Mile Rd. and the Wind Meadows path.


Wind Point portion of the Lighthouse Run. Click here for larger version.
On Sunday, June 20, runners participating in the annual YMCA Lighthouse Run will make their way through Wind Point between about 8:15 to 10 a.m., running
traveling counter-clockwise on the inside lane of Four Mile Rd., Lighthouse Dr. and Three Mile Rd. The outside lane will be open for vehicular traffic (one way). Please plan accordingly as delays are to be expected at cross-intersections during the race.
Automatic Payment Option for Water Utility Bills
Residents who have not already signed up for automatic payment for water bills may still register at any time by submitting the ACH sign up form. All new sign-ups received by June 5 will be set up in time for the second quarter billing, which is mailed out on June 15. Once you are signed up, you will still receive a bill but it will be stamped "Do not pay - ACH Withdrawal." The withdrawal will take place on the 15th of the following month.
Cross-Connection Control

In order to provide safe and reliable drinking water as required under Wisconsin law, the Wind Point Water Utility maintains a cross-connection control program. As part of the program, residential inspections are conducted at the time water meters are replaced. Non-residential properties will be inspected this year by HydroCorp.


A cross-connection is an unwanted connection that allows non-potable water to infiltrate a potable (drinkable) water supply.  Unwanted connections occur when a loss in water pressure allows water to flow back into the distribution system. For example: hoses in laundry tubs, underground sprinkler systems, power washers with detergent, hand-held fertilizer bottles on garden hoses or hoses left in swimming pools.


After an inspection, a report is generated identifying any non-compliant connections. The most common residential cross-connection issue is hose connections (inside and outside) not having proper vacuum breaker (as shown on the right faucet below).



Most required corrective actions are the responsibility of the property owners.  Properties failing to correct non-compliant water connections will be subject to enforcement under Village ordinance, up to and including disconnection of water service. Click here to download the Residential Cross-Connection Hazards brochure for more information.

New Closing Time for Parks
On May 14, the Village Board adopted Ordinance 15-01, changing the closing time of parks and the lighthouse grounds from 11 p.m. to 10 p.m. The change was made, in part, to be more consistent with other area parks. The opening time remains 6 a.m.
Village Board Highlights

Re-elected Village Trustees Susan Sanabria and Marty Meissner were sworn in by Judge Knuteson at the meeting on May 14. Re-elected Village President Pete Christensen and Municipal Judge John Knuteson were also sworn in. Other Village Board highlights from the meeting:

  • Adopted Resolution 15-R04 designating public depositories for the Village.
  • Adopted Ordinance 15-01 changing parks and lighthouse grounds closing hours to 10 p.m.
  • Approved changing the parking signs on Lake Meadow Dr., between Lighthouse Dr. and Campus Dr., to No Parking 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. on School Days on the school side of the road.
  • Approved a proposal from SAA/Ayres for park concept planning.
  • Heard an update on lighthouse maintenance projects and did a walk-through of the keepers' kitchen.
  • Discussed burning in the public works yard.
  • Approved committee assignments and appointments.
  • Discussed the idea of a volunteer recognition event.
  • Heard an update on the Wind Point School property.
  • Heard an update from the village administrator on the village's investments.
  • Discussed next steps for Fire/EMS service negotiations.

The Village Board will meet for a regular meeting on Thursday, June 11 at 5:30 p.m. at the Village Hall (Lighthouse).