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Allied Medical & Healthcare 
Related Accounts
Do your Allied Medical and/or Healthcare related customers have more than one policy for their GL and Professional coverage?  

Let us help simplify things for you AND your customer by writing one enhanced policy designed specifically for this class!

We can include not only the GL and Medical Professional coverage, but also Non-Medical E&O coverage (that picks up applicable non-professional E&O issues as well as the Professional coverage). 

Target classes include:
- Health Care Staffing
- Home Health Care
- Medical Education
- Research Labs
- Clinical Trials
- Paramedical and Emergency Medical Treatment
- Pharmacies
- Psycho-Social Services
Send all your HEALTHCARE RELATED submissions to today! 
P OLLUTI ON often has "d irty" connotations, but we want to be a POLLUTION SOLUTION for all your  Envi ronmental Contractor s, Consultants & Engineers (including Fire and Water Restoration Contractors)!

Our carriers can offer package policies with broad coverage form including:
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Contractors Pollution Liability
  • Transportation Pollution Liability
  • Non-Owned Disposal Site Liability
  • Short-Term Premises Pollution Liability
  • Professional Services Liability
Additional coverage options can also include Bailee's Coverage, Follow-Form Excess and Business Auto when applicable/available.

Target classes include: 

Remedial Design Engineers, Environmental Lab Testing Consultants, Regulatory Compliance Consultants, Lead/Mold/Asbestos Testing Consultants, Industrial Hygiene Consultants, Waste Brokers, Asbestos/Mold/Lead Abatement Contractors, Tank Cleaning Contractors, Lab Packing/Drum Handling Contractors, Soil Remediation/Bioremediation Contractors, Environmental Drilling/Sampling Contractors, Fire and Water Restoration Contractors, and more! 

Let us handle the "dirty work!"  

Send in your POLLUTION submissions today!

Everything from Auxiliary Power Units to Industrial Paint, Woodworking Machinery to Animal Food Supplements, Instruments and Pumps, Cell Phone Accessories, Fire Extinguishers AND MORE! 

Send us your MANUFACTURING risks today!!

We're on TOP of it!


(Your ROOF coverage, that is!) 


When dealing with Personal Lines risks, we know roofs can sometimes be an issue.  So we wanted to share some information about how we address different roof "situations."


1. If a roof (any type) has not been FULLY updated within the last 20 years, then a Roof Exclusion will apply.  

 2. W
ood Shake Roofs will need to have been fully updated within 15 years in order to be covered.


3. In Oklahoma, if a roof is 10-19 years old, an ACV Valuation Endorsement will apply to the roof.  

If you have a dwelling or homeowner  that has roof damage, we can still write the dwelling and apply a Roof Exclusion.  (If the repairs are made or the roof has been replaced, then the exclusion can be removed.) 

So regardless of whether

 your customer has a dwelling with a new OR old roof, we can provide a quote for you!    
Give Marsha Peck,
Ext 236, the opportunity to assist you with all your Personal Lines risks today!
  CIU will be closing at 2:00 PM on Friday, June 19th for a company-wide function. 
Please plan for our absence accordingly.
Thank you for your understanding!
Commercial Lines
M eter & Scale Calibration/Mechanical Work (on propane trucks & scales) - $1mil/$2mil GL w/ $2,500 dedt. $270k IM w/ $500 dedt. $445k GR.
Charter Bus Company - $453k Bldg; $250k BPP (in FL); Spcl Form, RC, $5k AOP/$25,000 Wind/Ha il dedts.                          
Restoration Contractor - $5mil Contractors Pollution Liability; Contractors Professional Liability; and Contractors GL; all w/ $5k dedts. $12mil GR. $12,990
Metal Dealer & Structural Fabrication Contractor - $1mil/$2mil GL w/ $1k dedt.  $140k GR. $10,170
Service Organization (subcontractor for the government specializing in clerical support) - Foreign/International PKG including: $1mil/$2mil GL; $1mil/$1mil EBL; $1mil Contingent Auto Liability; $50k Hired Auto PD; $1mil Employers Responsibility Coverages & Executive Assistance Services; Accidental Death & Dismemberment and Medical Expense sublimits; and Kidnap & Extortion Coverage sublimits $3,500
Firework Storage - $350k BPP; Spcl Form, RC, $10k dedt. $2,275
Hotel w/ Restaurant - $4.1mil TIV; Spcl Form, ACV, $10k dedt. $1mil/$2mil GL. $1mil GR. $28,640
Schedule of Dwellings & Apartments - $3.35mil TIV. Spcl Form (incl EQ), RC, $5k aop w/ 1% w/h & 5% EQ dedts . $1mil/$2mil GL. $16,405
Personal Lines  
MO DP3 (new construction with work already started; short term) - $316k TIV w/ $5k dedt (incl V&MM); $500k Liab
MO HO3 (Owner Occupied) - $306k TIV, PC 9, $300k Liab. Insured also operates a firearms range next to premises (w/ separate CGL in place). $2,600
MO HO3 (Owner Occupied) - $272k TIV (w/ prior fire loss); $1mil Liab. Insured also operates a nursery/greenhouse next to premises (w/ separate CGL in place). $2,215
MO DP1 (Vacant Condo; 6 month term) - $20k TIV. $300k Liab. $270
AR DP3 (Owner Occupied) - $1.5mil TIV; NO liab. Insured also operates a large breeding kennel on site. $3,260