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An effective presentation (be it to a client, a boss, a sales team, or an employee) is more than the words you speak.   Effective presentations require personalized strategies, creative thinking, and much, much more.  At Fuller Communications, we offer trademarked tools, designed to help our clients add value and make a difference within their company. By identifying and developing a trainee's personal strengths, while working to improve upon any weaknesses, our trainers create a unique and personalized program that is simply unmatched in the training industry.

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Summer's here!  And with it, perhaps, summer hours, casual Fridays and...the annual summer offsite.  

Corporate off sites are a great opportunity for employee bonding, team building, training and, in many cases...even a little FUN!  Offsites give your employees a chance to get out of the usual office routine and, done right, they can be an extremely valuable part of your annual training strategy.  But, did you notice the little caveat in there?  That's right.  Done right they can be extremely valuable.  But, here's the thing.  

Often, managers often lose site of the ultimate purpose of these outings...building a more successful business.  In an effort to cram as much information as possible into the offsite, managers often miss the mark entirely.  Employees are forced to endure session after session of information they either already know or, worse, isn't even relevant to their individual role.  Let's be honest.  Corporate off sites are expensive.  The planning alone represents thousands of dollars in salary hours not to mention your investment in the hours spent in employee time during the meeting itself.  And often, so much time is spent in planning that, once the offsite is over, management can't wait to just "get back to business".  This leads to forgotten lessons, goals and strategies established just days prior.  

Offsite meetings need direction, a clearly stated goal and consistency that can be carried forward and reinforced year over year.   

Let us be clear.  By encouraging consistency in offsites we don't propose the same tired venue, the same keynote speaker or the same Powerpoint slides.  We do suggest, however, that you find a "partner in training" that can help your company year-over-year to reinforce your corporate values, messaging and (here's the biggie) help measure success.
We can help.  At Fuller Communications, we specialize in working with company CEOs, managers and other corporate leaders.  We work with leaders to design a customized offsite that covers all your key points while keeping your employees engaged and excited.  We help you tailor your offsite messages so that they are clear, specific, and deliverable.  As (if not more) importantly, we continue our work with companies throughout the year so that attendees growth, both as a whole and as individuals, can be clearly measured from one annual offsite to the next.  

Do your summer offsite right this year.  And the next.  Call us today. 



We loved this little video of Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO of General Electric, talking about the importance of showing up to work each day with the right attitude.  Just over two minutes long and worth every second.  



" The last thing you want to do is be a bore.  When you wake up in the morning, give yourself a good mirror test.  If you look like you're going to be a sulking, pouting bore, slap yourself in the face before you go out to the office. "   -- Jack Welch


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There's no better way for us to promote what we do and how our training programs work than to share our past client feedback.  If you are considering training for your staff, we would be delighted to put you in touch with those that have experienced our program first-hand.  Here are few recent reviews from a June 2015 post-training survey.  
  • Great program - providing the tools and techniques to calm nerves and conduct an effective and engaging presentation.
  • Great training.  The focus on presentation skills content was very valuable.  The video portion was key to see what you actually look like.
  • Trainers offered value and expertise.  Extremely beneficial.  Enjoyed the exercises.  Many takeaways!

  • It was a fun/relaxing way to spend a day of training.  I have been to many different trainings, but your method of teaching is clear/simple and concise.  One of the best!  I enjoyed it and I learned a lot.  Thank you again.


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