June 2015

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It's the official start of summer this month! Plus, it's time to start thinking of what to do for Dad on Father's Day!

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Cantina Colle Moro Pecorino


An excellent alternative to Prosecco, you will love this sophisticated hidden gem from Abruzzo. This beautiful bubbly has the perfect balance of elegant fruit, playful bubbles, and a full body with a hint of nectar. White peach paired with a clean palate and a hint of almond surely leaves a lasting impression. Makes a lovely aperitif, excellent match with pesto, chicken, white fish, and especially shellfish. Could also be a crisp finish to dinner. 









Featured Recipe Pairing - Fish Tacos 


fish tacos
Fish Tacos

I had my first fish taco in San Diego. It was probably one of the best meals I have ever had, not only because it was delicious, but I had just finished basic training for the Navy and it was the first "real" food I had eaten in a while. Tender, spicy fish topped with a refreshing pico de gallo and creamy avocado. It has been a favorite of mine ever since. They are easy to make and delicious. Here in Corpus Christi, we are blessed to have an abundance of fresh fish. They can be made with any fish or even shrimp. They
are a great match with our Vino Frizzante. The spicy fish is balanced by a touch of sweetness in the wine
as the bubbles prepare your palate for the next bite. I know you will enjoy this and it will become a go to
dish for your recipe box. 


Click here for the complete recipe.

Martin Ulisse Merlot


This medium bodied merlot is smooth and velvety and has enough acidity and tannins for a great balance. Hints of cocoa, plum and ripe berries with a touch of eucalyptus on the nose, these flavors are also found on the palate along with dried herbs and a touch of minerality. Although a young wine, allowing it to breathe for a brief time will maximize the aromas and flavors. Pairs beautifully with red meats, game, and mature cheese. 








Featured Recipe Pairing - Chicken Liver Pate


Chicken Liver Pate

This is a great appetizer for a party. It is elegant yet remarkably easy to prepare. It also makes a
great addition to sandwiches. Its rich flavor goes well with lunch meats and is a staple on a
Vietnamese Banh Mi. I know you will enjoy this and it goes very well with our Martin Ulisse


Click here for the complete recipe. 

Video Spotlight

Host Cheryl Ward learns from Chef Doan Shockley how to pair wines with different types of cheese.
Pairing Wine with Cheese
Pairing Wine with Cheese
Cooking Spotlight

Chef Doan Shockely shows you how to make his special South Texas version of Fish Tacos, which will pair excellently with our Pecorino.

Cooking Spotlight: Fish Tacos
Cooking Spotlight: Fish Tacos

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Chrissy Martin
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There is an organization that utilizes wine tastings to dig wells in Africa. They call themselves Wine to Water.
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Wine Spotlight: Cantina Colle Moro Pecorino
Wine Spotlight: Cantina Colle Moro Pecorino
Wine Spotlight: Martin Ulisse Merlot
Wine Spotlight: Martin Ulisse Merlot

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