June 2015 Newsletter

Schedule Changes for this Week and Provincial Events

Sheridan Dance Academy is hosting Provincial Dance Workshops this week! 

The only day this affects our regular evening classes is this Wednesday May 27th

We hope you can all make the alternate classes, at the following times -


Creative Movement (Miss Laura) 4:30-5pm

Pre Ballet (Miss Robin) 4:30-5:15pm

Elementary Ballet (Miss Laura) 5-5:45pm

Junior Ballet (Miss Robin) 5:15-6:15pm

Intermediate Ballet (Miss Laura) 5:45-6pm

Senior Ballet 6-6:45pm

Elementary Jazz (Miss Mariah) 6:15-7:15pm

Contemporary 6:45-7:30pm

Pre Pointe 7:30-8:15pm


This Friday May 29th there are two Dance Performances going on for Provincials at the Evergreen Theatre (7pm), and Max Cameron Theatre (4pm).  The Seniors are all hoping to go and support Abby and Eden, so we will not be holding Competitive Rehearsals this Friday. 

Our Juniors did such a fantastic job at the Extended Care Homes last week, that I feel confident they can also take the evening off, and go support their classmates!  Miss Paige WILL however, be holding a Bollywood Rehearsal from 4-4:30pm.  Please make sure you're there, Bollywood dancers - as this is your LAST rehearsal before we go on stage (other than a short dress rehearsal timeslot).  We hope from there you will take advantage of the evening off and go see some AMAZING dancers perform from all over BC, right here in Powell River!

Your Last Week for Pre Registration Discounts!

Pre Registration Discounts End May 31st

This is your LAST WEEK to receive 10% off AND Priority Seating for the show next week!


Visit our website to register, or stop in to see Nicole or Brittany Monday - Thursday 4-7pm.

A Pre Registration Discount of 10% off for ALL DANCE FAMILIES will run until May 31st


When paying online use the offer code Early Registration to get your 10% off.

Two other 5% discounts will be available for the month of May. 

Sibling Discount - using offer code Sibling

Full Payment - using offer code Full Payment

Because our system only allows ONE offer code to be used per transaction, your discount will show up at 15% off (assuming you are using Pre Registration AND Sibling/Full Payment).  If taking advantage of the 15% off use the Sibling or Full Payment Codes INSTEAD of the Early Registration Code. 


ONE MORE ADDED BONUS!  Register during the month of May and receive PRIORETY SEATING at this year's Year End Performance!  Families taking care of their registration (and payment) by May 31st, will be let in 15 prior to the general audience to chose seats for our Saturday June 6th Performances! 

Year End Performance and Rehearsal Details

Our Year End Performances are on Saturday June 6.  There will be two separate shows.  Dress Rehearsals will take place from Tuesday 2nd - Friday 5th at the Evergreen Theatre.  


Dancers must come with full costume and hair done.  Makeup can be held off until the actual performance if you prefer.  All female dancers must have their hair in a high pony tail OR French braid for rehearsals and performances.  Dancers who do not attend their allotted rehearsal times will not be permitted to take part in the performance.  


Please note FINALE rehearsal times also (Wednesday and Friday).

Dancers must be dressed, with costume, shoes and tights READY IN THE DOWNSTAIRS REHEARSAL ROOM by the beginning of their timeslot.  Upstairs Theatre doors will be locked. Please wait in the Rehearsal Room for your teacher to bring your group upstairs.  Parents and dancers are encouraged to stay in the Rehearsal Room unless dancing on stage.  It's awkward for everyone when we to have to "shush" parents in the audience ;-)


Tuesday June 2nd Dress Rehearsal will run on the following schedule:

4-5pm Wednesday Creative Movement, Bollywood, Stephanie Solo,

5-6pm Junior 2 Jazz, Junior Hip Hop, Intermediate Jazz (Telephone)

6-7pm Intermediate Jazz (Blank Space), Ella Solo, Respect

7-8pm Intermediate Ballet , Abby Solo (SIO), Elementary Ballet


Wednesday June 3rd Dress Rehearsal will run on the following schedule:

4-5pm Finale (bows) Rehearsal for ALL Afternoon Performance Dancers

5-6pm Pre Ballet, Pre Pointe, Boys Hip Hop

6-7pm Eden Solo (SOWK), Elementary Tap, Senior Ballet

7-8pm Avari Solo (IS), Jazz/Tap Combo (Tap), Maddy Solo (B)

8-8:30pm Duelling Banjos, Contemporary


Thursday June 4th Dress Rehearsal will run on the following schedule:

4-5pm Intermediate Jazz (large group), Robin Solo, Sisters

5-6pm Read All About it, Maddy Solo (AATB), Junior Ballet

6-7pm Senior Jazz, Avari Solo (LIG), Stepsister's Lament

7-8pm Intermediate Hip Hop, Eden Solo (CDIA), Elementary Musical Theatre


Friday June 5th Dress Rehearsal will run on the following schedule:

4-4:30pm Finale (bows) Rehearsal for ALL Evening Performance Dancers

4:30-5:30pm Zumba Kids, Stephanie Solo, Hot Stuff

5:30-6:30pm Chloe Solo, Jazz/Tap Combo (Jazz), Elementary Jazz

6:30-7pm Abby Solo (NP), Little Boxes, Shake it Out

7-8pm Junior 2 Tap (we'll have them start ASAP and get them out far before 8pm), Elementary Hip Hop, Intermediate Tap


Afternoon Performance (2pm) will showcase the following classes/dances:

Wednesday Creative Movement, Bollywood, Stephanie Solo, Junior 2 Jazz, Junior Hip Hop, Intermediate Jazz (Telephone), Intermediate Jazz (Blank Space), Ella Solo, Respect, Intermediate Ballet, Abby Solo (SIO), Elementary Ballet, Pre Ballet, Pre Pointe, Boys Hip Hop, Eden Solo (SOWK), Elementary Tap, Senior Ballet, Avari Solo (IS), Jazz/Tap Combo (Tap), Maddy Solo (B), Duelling Banjos, Contemporary.


Evening Performance (7pm) will showcase the following classes/dances:

Intermediate Jazz (Bang Bang), Robin Solo, Sisters, Read All About it, Maddy Solo (AATB), Junior Ballet, Senior Jazz, Avari Solo (LIG), Stepsister's Lament, Intermediate Hip Hop, Eden Solo (CDIA), Elementary Musical Theatre, Zumba Kids, Stephanie Solo, Hot Stuff, Chloe Solo, Jazz/Tap Combo (Jazz), Elementary Jazz, Abby Solo (NP), Little Boxes, Shake it Out, Junior 2 Tap, Elementary Hip Hop, Intermediate Tap


Dancers are expected to be in the Rehearsal Room 30 minutes prior to the show beginning if they are FULLY DRESSED WITH HAIR AND MAKEUP DONE.  Anyone doing these things at the theatre are asked to come sooner than the 30 minute call time.  There will be teachers and other supervisors downstairs - please plan to drop your dancer off in the Rehearsal Room and head upstairs to get in line for seats - REMEMBER Register before June 1st and receive Priority Seating to BOTH Shows! 


Remember all dancers must wear a French braid or ponytail for the performance.  Dancers needing to have a bun for ballet - plan to wear a high ponytail, but the bun in, and then take it out for other dances.  The only dancers who NEED to wear a French braid are the girls in Elementary Jazz - as they must wear hats (that fit over the braid). 


Performance tickets are on sale at SDA from 4-7pm Monday - Thursday.  If purchasing tickets for both shows, we have a discounted ticket price for your second show.  Advanced Ticket Sales END Monday June 1st.  After that time tickets will ONLY be available at the door, and ALL seats will be $12


Please remember that Ticket Sales help to pay for our Theatre Rental, as well as ALL the extra time we pay our staff to work over the week of dress rehearsals and showtime!  Please respect our need to SELL tickets for these performances and not give them away.  Ticket prices are not included in your class registration/tuition.  We greatly appreciate your support!


A Change to our Picture Day Schedule

There has been a slight change to our Picture Day Schedule Please keep reading!


SDA Class Pictures will be done the week AFTER our Performance this year. Please have your dancer come in what he/she wore for performance (costume, tights, shoes, hair) with natural makeup.  We've done our best to make picture times the same as class times, but please write these dates and times on your calendar, as some are slightly off.  Dancers should be READY for the camera at the following times:


Monday June 8

4-4:30pm Intermediate Hip Hop

4:30-5 Junior 2 Jazz

5-5:30 Junior 2 Tap


Tuesday June 9

4:30-5 Boys Hip Hop

5-5:30 Elementary Musical Theatre

5:30-6 Senior Jazz

6-6:30 Intermediate Ballet

6:30-7 Elementary Jazz

7-7:30 Senior Ballet & Contemporary


Wednesday June 10

3-3:30 Creative Movement

3:30-4 Pre Ballet

4-4:30 Pre Pointe

5:45-6:15 Elementary Ballet

6:15-6:30 Junior Ballet


Thursday June 11

4-4:30 Junior Hip Hop

4:30-5 Zumba Kids

5-5:30 Elementary Tap

5:30-6 Jazz/Tap Combo

6-6:30 Elementary Hip Hop

6:30-7 Intermediate Tap

7-7:30 Intermediate Jazz

A FREE Weekly Class!!


A FREE weekly Class that results in the Sea Fair Parade!?!?!?!  No Registration Needed.


Join us each Monday (June 8 - to SeaFair Weekend) from 6-7pm to learn a fun dance that we will perform in the Parade!  Dancers ages 6+ are welcome to take part - and all underage dancers may still join in the parade - we'll just have them ride in the truck and cheer the "big kids" on!   Underage dancers needn't come to rehearsals - we'll send out Parade info closer to SeaFair.  We hope you'll take advantage of this free class over the 6 weeks after regular classes end! 

SDA Office Hours Over Summer Break


Please take note that emails and administrative work will slow to a near standstill over the Summer Months.  Miss Mariah is taking a total of 10 weeks "off" after her baby comes in July.  She will do her best to keep up with any questions, concerns and emails, but replies might not always be prompt.  Any dance questions NEED to be sent via email.  Emails stay in my inbox until I answer them, and I rarely miss them - TEXTS (as you all know) don't show a notification AFTER they are read, and can be let to slide down the list on one's phone screen.  Texts regarding dance questions will not be returned as of June 10th in hopes of embracing my summer with my family, in addition to better responses to your questions!  When taking time to sit at my desk to respond to questions and concerns I am MUCH more likely to write a thoughtful, calm email.  Answering a texted question (in an attempt to not let your message fall to the wayside) while grocery shopping, or worse, having a tough day with my kids, results in my less than stellar customer service skills J  For the happiness of ALL of us, please email, unless it is EXTREMELY urgent, in which case a phone call might even be best.  Thank you so much for your understanding in this matter!  Of course texting to ask me what kind of Starbucks I would like delivered is ALWAYS welcome - KIDDING! J


Summer Camps will be run by SDA staff (and guest teachers), but you won't be seeing or hearing much from Miss Mariah until the last week of September.  Classes will begin again on Monday September 28th, with darling new baby in tow J

Summer Camps        and Discounts


Our Summer Camps are on the following dates this season:


July 6-10 (dancers ages 3-11)


August 10-14 (dancers ages 3-11)


August 17-21 (dancers 3-18) ~ Guest Teachers Include:  Laura Harrow, 

Felicia Makosiej, Carmen Boyce and Roberta Taylor


August 24-28 (dancers 3-11)


Register for Summer Camps before June 1st and receive 10% off.  We have many exciting options for Summer Camps this season - New Classes, New Teachers (in addition to your old favorites), and our August 17-21 Camps will host FOUR fantastic out of town teachers traveling to Powell River JUST FOR YOU!  


Remember when you register for more than one week of camp you get even more discounts.  Week 2 = 25% off, Week 3 = 50% off, Week 4 = 75% off! These discounts apply only to full day camps and registration must be done before June 1st to receive the discounts. 

Thank you so much for reading another LONG email!  
Your patience and positive attitudes are GREATLY 
appreciated over this busy time of year!!  

See you soon,
Mariah and the SDA Team