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June 2015
"The past speaks to us in a thousand voices, warning and comforting, animating and stirring to action." - Felix Adler


The past is a porthole of experience and wisdom. Those who lived before us told their stories, paving the way for generations through lessons learned and time spent gaining knowledge and perspective.


This painting is called Voices because it rings with reflections from the past. The splashes of paint represent commentaries and reasoning.


Each of us has a story within us to tell. Our voice is all we have to educate and encourage the generations to come.


Tell your story. Let your voice be heard.


At the bottom of this newsletter are options to connect with me. I'd love to hear your thoughts and reflections as you strive to create, inspire and affect those around you. 

With warm regards, 
Ralph White
Explore all possibilities...

Ralph's painting Clownfish has been accepted for the Circus! Exhibition through The Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles, MO.
He is one of 43 artists from 13 states, the UK and the Netherlands to be chosen.

Click HERE for exhibition details.
Ralph's painting Daydream has been accepted for the "Essence of Summer 2015" show at the Orange County Creatives Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA.

Note: You can view Daydream at Orange County Creatives Gallery during the First Thursdays Art Walk in Laguna Beach, CA on Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 between 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Click HERE for more details.
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My art blog is intended to inspire readers and generate new perspectives. If you feel a connection to a post, please feel free to comment at end of a blog. I'd like to hear your reflections and point of view.

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