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2015 June Newsletter!
Tuffy Hoists


The Tuffy Contractor Series of hoists are designed and intended for use by the Industrial Contractor. The Industrial Contractor requires many key aspects from their equipment to get the job done properly and on time. Our products are made to meet these requirements, while at the same time providing an economical solution.


Tuffy line of hoists include:

  • Hand Chain Hoists
  • Lever Chain Hoists
  • Plain Trolleys
  • Gear Trolleys
  • Universal Trolleys
  • Screwlock Adjustable Trolleys
  • and Beam Clamps


Click here to download the full Tuffy Hoist Catalog.

Slingmax Covermax

It's officially summer.  Now is the time to ensure that your slings are not subject to harmful UV rays from the sun. 


Slingmax® Twin-Path® Covermax®  material is a heavy-duty, double layer industrial nylon material.  The outside cover is green and the inside cover is red.  If you see any red showing through the green cover, stop using the sling and get a repair evaluation.  This cover has been tested to provide the best ultraviolet (UV) protection and the best abrasion protection of any commercially available synthetic lifting sling.


Slingmax Slings are repairable.  Please contact us if you need more information or to have one of our trained inspectors evaluate your slings.


Sea Catch Toggle Release

The Sea Catch Toggle Release is a mechanical quick release designed exclusively for releasing an object or line under load. With a patented, well-thought-out design, it uses over-center toggle linkage to safely secure a load, release a load and dampen shock. 


What makes the Sea Catch so revolutionary? A well-thought-out design that anticipates reality: heavy sea conditions, corrosive marine environment, quick release kick-back, inadvertent release, and the occasional shock and lock-up of unanticipated overload.


Check out the Sea Catch  application video below, or by clicking here.



More About Sea Catch


Photo of the Month



Bishop Lifting's engineering team was tasked with creating a stabilizer system for a customers existing lifting beams. Due to the offset loading, they were being pulled out of proper alignment during the lift. Our engineering & fabrication team developed a dual strut system for the bottom of the lifting beams to keep them in alignment during the lift. Click here to see the full photo.

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Tuffy Hoists


Slingmax Covermax UV Protection


Sea Catch Video


Photo of the Month


Sling Inspection Criteria Posters


Upcoming Events

Sling Inspection Criteria Posters




Click here to fill out our form and we will mail you a Sling Inspection Criteria poster.  Make sure you and your co-workers know what to look for before each lift.
Has inspection criteria for:
  • Wire Rope Slings
  • Web Slings
  • Metal Mesh Slings
  • Chain Slings
  • and Roundslings





We value the opinion of our customers, please take 5 minutes to answer a few questions that will help Bishop Lifting better serve you.


Click here to fill out our customer satisfaction survey. 



Upcoming Events


July 14-15, 2015

API Offshore Safe Lifting Conference

Houston, TX

September 23-25, 2015

SC&RA Crane & Rigging Workshop

Denver, CO


October 18-21, 2015

AWRF General Meeting

Brooklyn, NY


October 27-29, 2015

Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition & Conference

Lafayette, LA 

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