Good Food Project Garden Newsletter
 June 2015  
Good Food Project Kids Summer Garden Programs

Whether it's volunteering in the demonstration garden at GFP or being a participant in  the City of Alexandria Youth camp, the Food Bank's Kids Caf? programs in Winnfield and the Pineville Youth Center, or at the Hope House of Central Louisiana, we've got something to inspire kids this summer. Workday Wednesdays afford the opportunity for kids of almost any age to benefit from being in a garden setting. Here, they can learn about what it takes to sustain a garden by getting the chance to weed, water,collect chicken eggs, harvest, and then weigh and distribute fresh produce that goes directly to  Food Bank clients. Kids who participate get exercise, fresh air, and above all, an opportunity to give back to the community. At the off-site programs kids are learning about the five food groups this summer. GFP has incorporated  information about a different food group each week into lessons in the garden and into the fresh snack that is prepared for the children each week. Already, the kids have gotten to harvest and then taste fresh vegetables and to touch and see different whole grain foods like brown rice, quinoa, and whole oats. These garden opportunities can enhance and enlighten children's notions about healthier food options in a fun, experiential way. Good Food Project welcomes children on Wednesday mornings. Please contact us if you are interested in having children you know join in the fun!   
For information about partnering with the Good Food Project, or for other GFP program opportunities contact the Good Food Project staff at 318.445.2773 or via email: fboudreaux@fbcenla.orgbkarzwagman@fbcenla.org, twhatley@fbcenla.org and on the web: www.goodfoodprojectcenla.org    
Recipe of the Month


'Cool' Summer Pizzas
 Vegetable Pizza wedges make great appetizers!

Did you know?

  • Vegetables are any plant whose fruit, seeds, roots, tubers, bulbs, stems, leaves, or flower parts are used as food.
  • Kids age 12 and adults need 4-9 servings of vegetables each day
  • 1 serving of vegetables is the size of your fist


1 Package Multi-grain tortillas

1 Container Whipped cream cheese with chives

1 Cucumber finely chopped

1 Red or yellow bell pepper finely chopped

1 Zucchini finely chopped

1 Yellow squash finely chopped

1-2 Celery stalks finely chopped

1/4 Red onion finely chopped

1 TSP. Mrs. Dash 

Dash of Dill Weed


1. Place all vegetables and seasonings in a large bowl. Refrigerate for one hour so flavors blend. 

2. Spread whipped cream cheese evenly on tortillas

3. Sprinkle vegetables over cream cheese

4. Cut into wedges and serve as a snack or appetizer

Serves 20






In June plant:

  • Cantaloupes
  • Collards
  • Corn, Sweet
  • Cucumbers
  • Eggplant (Seed)
  • Eggplant (Plants)
  • Okra
  • Peanuts
  • Peas, Southern
  • Pepper, Hot (Plants)
  • Pepper, Bell (Seeds)
  • Potatoes, Sweet
  • Pumpkin
  • Summer Squash
  • Tomatoes (Seed)
  • Tomatoes (Plants)
  • Watermelons                        



In  July plant:

  • Broccoli (Seed)
  • Brussels sprouts (Seed)
  • Cabbage
  • Cantaloupes
  • Cauliflower
  • Chinese Cabbage 
  • Eggplant (Plants)
  • Okra
  • Peas, Southern
  • Pepper, Bell (Seed)
  • Peppers, Bell (Plants)
  • Potatoes, Sweet
  • Pumpkin
  • Rutabagas
  • Shallots
  • Summer Squash
  • Tomatoes (Seed)
  • Tomatoes (Plants)
  • Watermelons




 Rapides Parish Senior Citizen Center - LeCompte


Garden News


The Good Food Project, The Food Bank of Central Louisiana, and the Community Foundation of Central Louisiana were pleased to have Lt. Governor, Jay Dardenne visit the North Alexandria Community Garden on June 16. We appreciated the recognition of the work being done by this community toward maintaining a beautiful and productive  green corner of Cenla. The NACG is a wonderful example of fulfilling the missions of The Food Bank and Good Food Project - eliminating hunger in Central Louisiana and reconnecting people to the food they eat.




To learn more about the Good Food Project and its community partners contact us at -318-445-2773 or goodfoodproject@fbcenla.org  


Workday Wednesday

You are invited to join us at the GFP demonstration garden on Workday Wednesdays. In the garden, you will experience learning to grow food in a sustainable, organic way, while getting an opportunity to meet new people, and to help those in need in the community. If you, your organization, or work place would like to be involved, please give us a call. We would love to hear from you!

Each Wednesday from 7:30-11:30 AM all adults and children are invited to come out for a fun day of learning and giving back  to the community. Let's grow together! Learn more.

If Wednesdays aren't good for you, call us to set up another volunteer day! 318-445-2773 



Garden Quote

"In  June, as many as a dozen species may burst their buds on a single day. No man can heed all of these anniversaries; no man can ignore all of them." -Aldo Leopold
Hope House Garden Garden

Volunteer of the Month

Oscar "Charles" Cheatham


Do you know one of those fellas who doesn't like attention, who works quietly in the background, never seeking the limelight or praise? They are the quiet types, one of those people who don't like to have their photo taken or to have any special recognition thrown their way. These are the very individuals who help make things successful, who help make things work.  Mr. Oscar "Charles" Cheatham is just such an unsung hero. Since the inception of the North Alexandria Community Garden, Charles has been the right hand to the community leader of this project, Don Bullock. They have been good friends and brothers-in-law for thirty-six years and consider themselves to be very close. Charles has given 20-30 hours of volunteer service a month to this Alexandria community garden. He works humbly and hard and has been one of the reasons the garden has done so well. Charles is a native of Alexandria, a retired construction worker, and the father of three girls and a boy. He loves to fish and to talk about going fishing. All who know him, friends and family benefit from his fishing trips as Charles gives what he catches to others.  Charles also volunteers with Don at the Friendship House at least once a week, helping the fine folks at that organization maintain their garden and grounds. The Good Food Project staff has been honored to work with Charles and to have him as part of our community network of volunteers.


GFP welcomes  individual and organizational volunteers at our community gardens and at the Good Food Project on Wednesday mornings in the demonstration garden, 3223 Baldwin Avenue - Food Bank of Central Louisiana 71301 - 318-445-2773



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