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UP TO 30% OFF on Engine Parts
Every once in a while, the boss looks through our inventory and says, "Why do we have so many airboxes on the shelf!!!"

So, it is time to make room for new engine parts and inventory.  This One Week Sale will be a little unique.  In order to save big on many items, you will need to email your list of items directly to us.  We have a number of items on for sale, but for the best savings, you will need to send an email to the shop at

We need you to supply your full name and the best phone number to reach you.  Please describe the item you are looking for and the qty.  If you have a part number, even better.

Once we receive your email, we will contact you and follow up with an estimate and full savings amount.

Orders will be filled in the order of:
#1 - Best description and organization
#2 - Items requested (Order requests filled from Largest to Smallest)
#3 - Accurate contact info

This sale is limited to items in stock.  SwedeTech carries engines and parts for Honda, Iame, Rotax, Vortex, HPV, KPV, Komet, Yamaha KT100, TM ICC, Maxter ICC, Pavesi ICC, Comer, NGK Spark Plugs, Motul Lubricants, Maxima Lubricants, Fast Flow Fuel Line, VisuFilter, K&N Filters, SKUSA, RLV Exhaust, DID Chain, Regina Chain, RK Chain, Swift Sprockets, PBI Sprockets, SwedeTech MFG, Stylus Pen Lights, Carbontech, Akropovic, Yoshi, Barnett, Champion Radiators, Keihin Carburetors, Tillotson, Mikuni, Walbro, Aim Sports, Nippo Denso, Zep, and many others

This is a great time to stock up on wear and tear items or maintenance items.  It is not often that SwedeTech has large sales, but it is time to free up some shelf space.

NOTE:  Our Online Store does not have our full inventory uploaded yet.  If you don't see it on our website, please send us an email, there is a good chance we have it in the shop.

SuperKarts USA Pro Tour - New Castle

** We will update you once we have our pit spot location ** 

** SwedeTech will NOT have our usual parts and service trailer at the track.  If you need basic maintenance, make arrangements to send your engine in before the event. **

** If you need SwedeTech to bring you parts to New Castle, please order ahead of time so we can ensure proper supply for our customers.  We will not have our usual parts and service trailer at the event, so we have to scale back on some weight.  ** 

SwedeTech has a few used Honda CR125 Engines and parts for sale.  They will be sold on a first come, first pay basis.  Currently we have 4 used CR125's that can be sold as a complete pacakge, lower ends only, or with your choice of a 99 or 01 cylinder.

Please email for more details.
Current Sales and Specials

Swedetech will randomly place certain items on sale through our online shop, 

This month we are highlighting SwedeTech prepped Stock Moto cylinders, Fuel Line, Chain, and Sprockets.

Remember, the best sale items are only available 
by sending an email to the shop at

Items On Sale Now
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