Happy Holidays
Holiday Thank You
Honey it's Hot
Welcome to our latest newsletter. At Subarashii, holiday shopping is a summertime activity done long before harvest begins.  We thought we'd share that gifting feeling with you, our pear fans. Enjoy the magic of the holiday season, right now with Subarashii.

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The Pear Speaks:

My son put a box of your pears on his 'what I want from Santa'  list... 

- Mom from Maine

    June 2016

Happy Holidays.

holiday stocking stuffer
Christmas but comes once a year, so the saying goes.  But for Subarashii, 'tis the season twice a year! Christmas in July is a great time to complete your holiday gift giving...early!

Starting July 5th, holiday shop this Summer with Subarashii! 

Share beautiful boxes of our fresh Asian Pears (each crisp, juicy and sweet!) as soon as the pears are available to ship this Fall. Use promo code XmasJuly for 50% off shipping to East coast destinations for our select fresh Asian Pear gifts. Visit our gift collections page for what's available during Christmas in July. For those sending wonderful gift boxes of our fresh pears to Central & West coast locations, please use promo code JulyFifth.
Looking for stocking stuffers? Visit our pantry via our online store for holiday gift notions,  including our own 'Nutcracker Sweet' - Asian Pear Blossom Honey.  Starting July 5th, place your honey orders; jars will be available to ship the last week of July! Use promo code XmasJuly for 50% off shipping for any of our gourmet pantry gifts anywhere in the continental US.
Be sure to reply to your order confirmation email with the dates of when you'd like your holiday gift orders to ship during the Fall or Winter months. 

Holiday Thank You.

Thank your clients
If your office would like to thank clients, customers or vendors this holiday season why not send a healthy gift of festive Asian Pears?

Place your gift order online, or reach out to our Customer Care team for ideas to support your Corporate Gifting plans with our marvelous Asian Pears. Mention promo code XmasJuly to get a 50% discount on shipping.

Our corporate customers tell us that they re-order each year because Subarashii Kudamono Asian Pears make a memorable impression with their clients and customers!

Honey, it's hot outside. 

Honey, it's cold outside...such a catchy holiday tune to recall on a warm Summer day. 

What does our crew think about as they work in the orchard during these hot & humid months? 

Anything cold!  

Here's a snapshot of what's on their mind: holiday tree trimming.

  ice cream pear swirl

Spread holiday cheer with Asian Pear Swirl Ice Cream
Chef Lesle took a break from baking holiday cookies to swirl some of our pear spread into a winter wonderland dessert:  Candied Ginger Ice Cream with Pear Spread Swirl!
What a festive treat for the Summer as well as for the winter holidays - click here to download this chilly recipe.  

And in case you didn't know, July is National Ice Cream month!
Starting 7/5, for ordering Asian Pear Spread, scoop up holiday shipping code: XmasJuly
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