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We want your MANUFACTURING risks!
-Machinery or Machinery Parts Manufacturing
-Chemicals and Detergents
-Instrument and Electrical Equipment
- Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and 
Heating Equipment
-Automotive and Truck Parts
-Medical, Dental, Hospital or Surgical Equipment/ Supplies  Manufacturing (non-invasive)
-Metal and Wire Goods
-Fiberglass, Plastic, and Rubber Goods
-Tool, Hardware and Gauge Manufacturing 
-Trailer Manufacturing
-Household Appliances and Accessories
-Cosmetics/Beauty and Toiletry Products
-Compressor and Valve Manufacturing
-Building Materials
-Veterinary Equipment or Supplies
-Battery Manufacturing
With competitive rates AND forms, we want to be your go-to for all things manufacturing!  
Call for more info (800-241-9759) or send your submissions to today!
Let us write your VACANT DWELLINGS
From time to time, your insureds may have a vacant dwelling that they need you to cover.  And while many standard markets may shy away from this type of exposure, CIU can help!

It may be a newly constructed dwelling, or a home someone recently moved out of that is for sale.   There are a lot of reasons dwellings become vacant, and situations that other carriers may not want to cover .

Whether it is High Value, Corporately owned, Vacant Condo, Titled in an Estate or Trust, Vacant for a long time, or located in PC 9/10, give Marsha Peck, Ext 236,  the opportunity to quote these risks!

We can include coverage for: 
-Garage Liability 
-Scheduled Auto Liability  
-Fire Legal Liability      
-Uninsured Motorist/Underinsured Motorist
-Personal Injury Protection    
-Medical Payments
-Dealers Physical Damage
-Auto Physical Damage for scheduled units
-Garage Property

Some of the unique classes we can consider:
- Antique/Classic Auto Dealers & Restoration
- Auctions   -Bedliner Installation   -Car Washes
-Emergency Vehicle Sales & Service   -Salvage Yards
-Horse Trailer Sales & Service   -Mobile Mechanics
-Lift Kits & Vehicle Wraps   -Motor Home Sales/Service
-Mobility Equipment Sales and Installation
-Motorcycle/ATV Sales & Service  -Oil & Lube Shops
-Valet Parking Services
-Parking & Storage Operations   -Roadside Assistance
-RV/Travel Trailer Sales & Service   -Van Conversion
Think CIU for your POLLUTION and ENVIRONMENTAL needs!

Our carriers can offer package policies with broad coverage form including:
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Contractors Pollution Liability
  • Transportation Pollution Liability
  • Non-Owned Disposal Site Liability
  • Short-Term Premises Pollution Liability
  • Professional Services Liability
Additional coverage options can also include Bailee's Coverage, Follow-Form Excess and Business Auto when applicable/available.
Target classes include: 
Remedial Design Engineers, Environmental Lab Testing Consultants, Regulatory Compliance Consultants, Lead/Mold/Asbestos Testing Consultants, Industrial Hygiene Consultants, Waste Brokers, Asbestos/Mold/Lead Abatement Contractors, Tank Cleaning Contractors, Lab Packing/Drum Handling Contractors, Soil Remediation/Bioremediation Contractors, Environmental Drilling/Sampling Contractors, Fire and Water Restoration Contractors, and more! 

Let us handle the "dirty work!"

Send in your POLLUTION submissions today! 

 A Few "Fun Facts" About Teresa Cheek...
  1. I was born and raised in Missouri.  We moved a lot when I was a kid.  By the time I started the 3rd grade, I had lived in 7 different  houses and attended 6 different schools.  (And no, we weren't a military family!)  
  2. I've been married for 25 years and have 2 sons, Josh, age 21 (who's married to a beautiful young lady, Brittany) and Bryce, age 14.  We've done a lot of house flipping since we've been married. We're in our 13th house & hope it's the last!.....but you never know - my husband gets bored easily!
  3. My favorite hobbies are reading and listening to all kinds of music.  My favorite tv show right now is The Walking Dead.  I also love going to the movies.  Marvel movies are the best! (Thor....need I say more?)  Yes, I am a nerd at heart!  I also love spending time with my family. When we all get together, there's normally between 15-20 of us and it always seems to involve food!  Did I mention that I don't like to cook?  I'm normally in charge of buying the premade rolls from Lamberts.....
  4. I've been in the insurance industry for 10 years, and before that, I was in banking for 15 years.  I kinda fell into the insurance industry (like almost everyone).  My sister-in-law, Kim Moore (President of CIU), asked me to come work with her and here I am!  Working at CIU is great! Our Personal Lines department rocks!
Commercial Lines  
Charter Bus Company- $703k Prop TIV.  Located in Florida.  Special Form, RC, 90% Coins.  $5k aop, $25k w/h, and $31,150 named storm dedts. $12,120
Non-franchised Used Auto Dealer- $1mil/$1mil Liab, $500k UM/UIM, $1k Med Pay, $150k DOL w/ $1k comp/coll & $2,500 WHF dedts.  Broadened Coverage, Contract Driver, Odometer E&O $25k. 4.2 rating units. 6 d-tags. $11,250
Meter and scale calibration and light mechanical work on propane trucks and scales- $1mil/$2mil GL w/ $2,500 dedt; $270k Scheduled Contractors Equipment w/ $1k dedt; $100k GKLL w/ $2,500 dedt. $12,970
Metal Dealer & Structural Fabrication Contractor- $1mil/$2mil GL w/ $1k dedt. $893k gross receipts. $7,000
Firework Storage- $350k Prop TIV. Special Form, RC, 80% Coins.  $10k Dedt $2,500
NFP non-residential center for Independent Living (providing services and program to assist individual with disabilities)- $1mil D&O/EPLI w/ $10k retention, with an open wrongful termination claim $7,620
Hotel (w/ pool and restaurant)- $1.43mil Prop TIV (w/ $2,500 dedt); $1mil/$2mil GL; $1mil/$2mil Liquor Liab; $25/$50k A&B sublimits.  $250k gross receipts.  $13,595
Commercial Property Owner (LRO; tenants are a bar & grill + 2 Apt units)- $710k TIV (w/ $2,500 dedt); $1mil/$2mil GL. $5,650
Excavation and Sand/Gravel Hauling Contractor- $1mil/$2mil GL (w/ $1k dedt).  $161k annual payrolls. $5,400
Personal Lines  
DP 3- Vacation (short term rental) Single Family Dwelling.  $800k TIV. $4,450
DP 1- Stand-alone adjacent structure (boat dock).  $30k TIV. $635
DP 3- 3 Corporately owned dwellings. $567k TIV. $3,280
DP 3- Tenant Dwelling- Dome Construction.  $99k TIV. $1,070