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Happy Father's Day!
Don't forget to thank dad for all the skills he taught you throughout the years.

The Garcia Project
Visit our website for a project re-cap and photos from the renovation and reveal.

Your Questions -
Jim's Answers

Tips For Re-Staining A Fence
Steve wants to re-stain his fence. Jim shares his tips.

Foundation Cracks
Bill noticed his cracks have closed up after the recent rains. Does he still need to have repairs?

Popcorn Ceiling: Repair or Replace?

If a portion of the popcorn ceiling is coming loose, can it be repaired or should you just remove everything?

This summer keep the cool air inside!

Sealing Air Leaks
Texas summers are hot and air leaks in your home can waste a lot of your energy dollars. If you are ready to save energy - and money it is time to caulk, seal, and weather strip all seams, cracks, and openings to the outside.
We immediately think of sealing windows and doors, but don't overlook other areas such as recessed lights, outlets and switches that let the cool air out.
The folks at Energy.gov have put together some great tips regarding sealing air leaks and offer good how-to's for getting the job done. Check it out:

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Jim Dutton

What happens to your warranty when the company goes out-of-business??
Be careful who you hire!
Jim talks about the foundation repair industry and what options a homeowner has.

Selling your house this summer?
Listen to this first...
Real estate expert Todd Tramonte discussed with us some of some of the promotions out there trying to hook sellers. These involve cutting corners in order to save you money. 
Beware...because cutting corners rarely will get you the best price for your home.

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