June 2016 Newsletter
ICANN 56 in Helsinki

ICANN 56 is rapidly approaching! This will be the first iteration of ICANN's new meeting structure. With Meeting B's policy driven approach, there will be no exhibition booths. We will miss providing the community with our fun and informative giveaways. 

Don't fret though, icannwiki.com will just be a click away, when you need help remembering that acronym, or want a refresher on meeting topics.Whatever you need to look up, ICANNWiki will be the tool for you. 

Here are a list of useful pages on ICANNWiki:
  • Acronym List - comes in handy when you need the acronym's definition in context
  • ICANN - A comprehensive article on ICANN and it's History 
  • ICANN Board - useful for getting to know more about the Board 
  • ICANN 56 - A brief guide to the meeting in Meeting B 2016
We hope everyone has a great meeting and we look forward to have our best ever booth presence at ICANN 57 in Hyderabad
Our Annual Report is Here - Check out How We've Grown!

ICANNWiki is excited to share our annual report - a review of our achievements in the community and our goals for the road ahead.

I few highlights include: 

  • Over 700 new articles on the people, organizations and high-interest topics found within ICANN and Internet governance added to the wiki.
  • The introduction of our ICANNWiki Quickie, an informative and fun guide for newcomers and conference veterans alike.
  • An introduction to our Translation Initiatives. Work is currently underway for Swahili, Chinese and Spanish standalone wikis.
  • An insight into our financials and sponsors, as well as our year ahead.

For more questions regarding the ICANNWiki 2015-2016 Annual Report, please contact us at  dustin@icannwiki.com or jackie@icannwiki.com
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Enhancing Local Engagement in African Internet Governance Community
We recently launched ICANNWiki in Swahili for use as a platform to engage and inform the community in East Africa on ICANN and Internet governance.

As part of this initiative, we have coordinated with local organizations to host Edit-a-Thons that teach participants how to use ICANNWiki to learn about IG and how to contribute to make it a better resource for all. 

Our first workshop was held earlier this month as a two part event with over 20 participants creating articles on ICANN and IG. This is just the beginning of our global initiative to provide ICANNWiki to everyone in an accessible way. 

We would like to give a big thanks to Amazon for making this project possible! Stay tuned for more updates on this initiative! 
Sponsor Spotlight

We would be unable to do the work we do without the support of our sponsors. Whether it is adding translated content, ensuring the success of our Edit-a-thon, or simply making it possible for our team to make every ICANN conference, your confidence in our project saves the day!

For more information on how to sponsor ICANNWiki, please click the link below:

ICANNWiki Sponsorship Opportunities
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