Acu Detox, Healing Turmeric, Coconut Oil, the Tuesday Market, and the Power of the Color Green!

 June 2016 

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Community Corner:
Farmers Market
The Tuesday Farmers Market in
Downtown Northampton  has officially begun!

Rain or shine, we can stop in and shop for local produce, prepared foods, honey, breads, flowers and other surprises.

Word on the street is that the market is growing every year! 
Living in the valley,  this doesn't come as a surprise.

The market is conveniently located between  Thornes Marketplace and the  E.J. Gare Parking Garage. 

Don't forget to give yourself some extra time for parking; and stop by for some local fare if you are coming into NCA on market day!

For more information, visit: 

Acu-Points of the Month:
Acupuncture for Substance Abuse
& Detox:
NADA Protocol

Acupuncture is an effective way to treat substance abuse and addiction. Patients seek help for addictions to a variety of things, including but not limited to: drugs, alcohol, food, medication or certain behaviors that inhibit their quality of life.

The acupuncturist will ask a variety of questions, assessing the overall health and wellness of the individual. The questions may not necessarily seem relevant, but are important, helping the acupuncturist formulate a treatment plan  tailored to the individual’s needs. They may ask questions related to sleeping patterns, digestion, energy, anxiety and mood.

In these cases, acupuncturists utilize ear acupuncture, or ‘auricular acupuncture’  and  a standard of treatment.   Acupuncturists refer to this standard as the NADA (National Acupuncture Detox Association) protocol. There are hundreds of points to choose from in auricular acupuncture, but for this certain detox protocol,
five points are needled. 
This protocol is found to be simple and extremely effective. small needles are inserted into the points on the outer surface of the ear, corresponding to the
lungs, liver, kidneys
and nervous system.
For best results, needles are left in for approximately 30 to 45 minutes. It is  recommended to have as many as a few treatments per week, as increased frequency of treatment with the NADA protocol is very important in the beginning stages.

Once a patient is considered stable, acupuncture is also extremely useful in relapse prevention.  A recommended treatment plan will be given based on each individual.

The NADA protocol allows a patient to relax, treating the whole person; including the emotional, physical and psychological attributes that are often involved in addiction.

Additionally and most importantly, it helps to reduce cravings and symptoms of withdrawal, which is particularly important in the beginning stage of detoxification or behavior management, as symptoms are most prominent and acute.

The NADA protocol is most often provided in a group setting, where patients are given just this protocol, with no detailed assessment or further treatment plan. They are provided quiet and comfort, with plenty of space to relax.

This dynamic allows for the support of other people, as everyone is relaxing in the room together and given the exact same treatment. 

For many of you that are familiar with Northampton Community Acupuncture, we are in a group setting, by nature.

We often treat patients who are struggling with addiction and substance abuse, utilizing the NADA protocol, in addition to other treatment points and strategies to take a comprehensive approach in improving their overall health.

For more information on the 
NADA protocol, please visit: 


Herbal Remedy
    of the Month:

At NCA, we treat patients with both acute and
chronic pain conditions on a daily basis.  Our patients find relief with the healing and balance  that acupuncture provides.

As many of our beloved patients know,  it can take time for pain and injuries to heal,  even with acupuncture. 

To help support this process, we often recommend one of our favorite remedies, as an adjunct to  consistent acupuncture treatments.  One of the main ingredients in
Inflama-Complete, by Innate Response Formulas is turmeric.

We love turmeric! An extremely potent herb, it is so versatile;
it may be added to smoothies,  or any dish that you want to spice up. It is also wonderful when taken in supplement form. You can often find fresh turmeric root at local natural foods stores--such as
River Valley Market--and add the fresh root to your smoothie or dish, for a special treat!

A natural anti-inflammatory, turmeric helps the body to heal on its own, without the side effects that many over-the-counter and pharmaceutical  medications exhibit.

Seasonal Healthy
Cooking Tips:
Grilling with
Coconut Oil!
Cooking on the grill year-round is wonderful, but there is nothing like summer grilling.

Summer is a perfect time for taking advantage of the warm weather, longer days and delicious food
available in the valley.

are a few local favorites for fresh produce, meat and New England seafood, perfect  for the grill. River Valley Market now features local seafood from Berkshore, some of the freshest, locally caught fish in the valley!

Coconut oil is a great alternative for cooking on the grill.
It can be used in place of any oils, including butter.
With a mild, nutty flavor, it provides a perfect complement to whatever you are grilling and a bonus is that it tolerates very
high cooking temperatures.

Please note that coconut oil is sold in two main forms: virgin or unrefined, and refined or expeller-pressed. The virgin form has a stronger coconut flavor and a smoking point of 350 degrees, while the refined form has a more neutral flavor and a smoking point of 450 degrees, which makes it more
suitable for grilling.

Known as a 'superfood', coconut oil contains healthy saturated fats, is  great for regulating cholesterol, aids in controlling excessive hunger, and boosts brain functioning.   

There are many coconut oils on the market, do not be overwhelmed!  
We recommend trying a 100% organic,  non-GMO, version. 
The Power of the Color Green!  

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) developed by observing the human being as a
microcosm of nature.

Through careful observation of the natural occurrences in nature, cyclical rhythms were noted and studied, and lessons on how to best live in harmony with these cycles were developed. In other words, how we interact and relate to our environment is critical to optimizing our health.

There is a lot of Green outside right now!! Spring is noted as the season most closely associated with the Liver organ in TCM, when the Liver energy in the body is thought to be rising up to a more expressive, or Yang, state - the Liver is thought to open to the external world thru the Eyes.

Remember, TCM focuses more on pattern and function, so organs are talked about much more in terms of their function, rather than the anatomical organ inside the torso, for example.

So - Go outside!! Especially into the woods, or a nice park with a lot of trees, or even your backyard! Feed your Liver just by looking at all the green around you, notice if you feel calmer by observing the
abundance of green.

If you are feeling more scattered, irritable, or having more headaches, the Liver energy is rising up and not able to get grounded, so walk outside daily or even take a few minutes in your regular commute to simply notice all the green outside; your Liver
will thank you.

Northampton Community Acupuncture