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June 2017   




All of the regulations protecting dogs in puppy mills are up for review and possible repeal. If you have not done so already, please contact Governor Greitens and the Missouri Department of Agriculture. Ask them to safeguard our animal welfare laws.

For more information/instructions on how to voice your concerns,  click here



Kelsey McLean 

A graduate of Saint Louis University School of Law, Kelsey is an associate attorney at Brown & James Law Firm. Prior to joining Brown & James, Kelsey worked as a law clerk with the Animal Legal Defense Fund. 

While at SLU, Kelsey was active in the Women Law Students' Association, Environmental Law Society, and she served as co-president of the student chapter of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund. Kelsey currently serves as a member of the Alliance's "Open Your Heart" fundraising committee in addition to being on the board. 

When she isn't litigating, Kelsey enjoys traveling, literature, exploring the culinary scene in St. Louis - and of course, pampering her cat at home.

And this rounds out our "Spotlight" segment, featuring an inspirational Board member each month. We hope you've enjoyed it! 

Kudos to Baileys' Range!

 A big "THANK YOU" to Baileys' Range for providing a Community Table venue which is such a wonderful way to work with the community to "give back". We also appreciate the support it provides to non-profit organizations like ours, whose mission relies on the good will and funding from the community so that we can "give back".  In case you missed it, the Alliance was featured as their spotlight non-profit organization, and on May 22nd, they donated 25% of all sales to the Alliance.

It was an awesome success!

We can't wait to work with Baileys' Range again!

 Victories for the Animals 

Click on above images to view our many past achievements

 How do we begin to fight against animal cruelty? When does this fight end? 

At the Alliance, we understand that this fight is ONGOING. 

We wanted to take a moment to review some of our VICTORIES for the animals - so that in acknowledging how far we've come, we can be further inspired going forward. 

Let us never underestimate these accomplishments - they are the engine fueling the change and reform we seek to effect!

Thank YOU for helping us fight to advance animal welfare in Missouri.
Humane Education

HSMO's Education Programs

Animal Welfare Advocacy is not just a moment - it's a movement. Our friends at the Humane Society of Missouri ( HSMO) offer a number of wonderful education programs for the up and coming animal welfare advocate in your family. Opportunities are year-round, ranging from summer camps and shelter reading programs to classroom resources and HSMO guided facility visits. Please take a moment to visit their website (click on above image) and check out the many ways you can help cultivate "humane education".

Oh and that thing about not being able to teach an old dog new tricks? NOT TRUE! If you're a mature adult who is interested in some of HSMO's programs (including volunteering), we're "pawsitive" you'll find it a rewarding experience!

 End of Session Appeal

Advocacy is a full time occupation - it's a labor of love that we  share as fellow animal welfare supporters. But others in our state don't feel the same way.   The agricultural interests have over a dozen high-paid lobbyists working to decimate our animal protection laws to financially benefit not only the puppy mill industry, but large multi-million dollar corporate factory farms.

The 2017 Legislative Session ended last month - and we have much for which to be thankful. But there is little breathing room between the close of one session and the opening of the next; opposition forces never rest.

The animals cannot lobby, they cannot vote, and they cannot speak out against the suffering inflicted upon them .   And that is why WE do so, for them.

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Help the Alliance continue to  
fight for the animals. 
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