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The second quarter of 2017 continues to give plenty of news and events featured in this recent newsletter! highlights spills' impacts, new Students of the Month studying the deep sea, a completed One Gulf: Cuba expedition, research highlights, and news from across C-IMAGE.
C-IMAGE Update Calls - June & July
Joint Task update calls are being scheduled for June and July. These one-hour calls will cover brief research updates and facilitate cross-task collaborations for Fall and Winter 2017.

Quarterly Activity Reports:
Year 3 Quarter 2 Activity Reports will be distributed to PIs in early July. The next quarterly reports are due Friday, 21 July.

5-8 February, 2018, New Orleans, LA
The 2018 GoMOSES Conference is centered around 6 Topical Tracks. The conference encourages early-career scientists to volunteer as session organizers.
10 September, 2017 - Abstract Submission Deadline

On the horizon..
Carryover and No-Cost Extension
A request for continuation and a no cost extension into 2018 will be submitted on behalf of C-IMAGE in late-August. We will request a revised budget and work plan to complete the project in the next six weeks. Note that No Cost Extensions will only be granted through Dec 2018 at the latest. Please plan to complete the work and budget accordingly.
Beneath the Horizon crosses Personal Impacts with Oil Spills
Launched on the 7th anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon (DwH), brings together a map of world oil spills, timelines of DwH and Ixtox spills, and personal stories of the recovery.
The Maps
Comparing the impacts of the Gulfs two largest spills is shown on a map with extents of the Deepwater Horizon and Ixtoc I spills. Zooming out from the Gulf of Mexico, additional points represent some of the other largest spills in history such as the Lakeview Gusher of California, Exxon Valdez, and Gulf War oil spill.

Additions to the map include loss of recreational land use following DwH and oil found on Gulf beaches.

The Timelines
Each Gulf spill has their unique timeline of events. Both start with the explosion of the rig itself, and remember the evolution of the spills. The Deepwater Horizon spilled for 87-days. During that time, several methods were used to cap the well and stop the flow of oil, most of them unsuccessful.

The Ixtoc timeline covers 9-months of oil in the Gulf. Between June 1979 and March 1980, tropical storms and Hurricane Henri disrupted clean up and containment efforts.

Videos and Podcasts
Featuring C-IMAGE researchers and Gulf fishermen, Beneath the Horizon offers 6 perspectives of the recovery following a spill: the lasting impacts and recovery since, restoration and scientific efforts to understand more. Videos provide over 30 minutes of interviews, research or fishing activities, and commentary about the spills.

The Loop podcasts are also featured on the webpage: an overview of C-IMAGE research, high-pressure experiments, Mud & Blood expeditions,  and ecosystem modeling.

Director's Notes & Credits
Jake Price traveled to communities in Mexico and the U.S. to interview those still seeing impacts from the spills. He accompanied the Tunnell Trek collecting coastal samples from Ixtoc. The site was designed and developed by Visakh Menon.

Gulf's Mega Spill Anniversaries: Deepwater Horizon & Ixtoc I
20 April: 7 years after Deepwater Horizon
Each year, April 20th comes as a reminder of the tragic events spurring the 10-year program of the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative. On the biggest press day of the year, it is routinely asked "what have we learned about the spill within the past year?"

The answers generally remind the public how  scientific research is naturally time-consuming. But with the answers also come the context of how society has progressed since 2010.

Several C-IMAGE PIs took to radio or news to share the advancements of C-IMAGE and GoMRI scientists since 2010.

WGCU Gulf Coast Live - Steve Murawski (USF), Kevin Main (Mote Marine Laboratory)

Additional articles featuring C-IMAGE research can be found below in the 
News Articles section.

3 June: 38 years of Ixtoc I
Studies comparing the two mega spills in the Gulf continues with C-IMAGE studies. The recovery of the benthic environments,  the long-term impacts on the fishing industry, and the microbial communities between the north and south Gulf of Mexico.

The Ixtoc I spill lasted nine months, spilled 3 million barrels, covered 70,000 km 2 of the Gulf, and impacted an estimated 1,448-1,931 km of shorelines.
C-IMAGE Students of the Month
This pair of students of the month study the deep ocean and the importance these cryptic creatures have on the ocean as a whole. Xiaoxu Sun, a PhD student at Georgia Tech simulates the deep sea in the lab to see how degradation changes with depth. Melissa Rohal, a PhD student at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi studies meio and macro fauna found in sediment cores to assess their ecosystem services.

April 2017
Xiaoxu Sun, PhD Student, Georgia Tech, School of Biology and Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
Xiaoxu measures the microbial degradation in high-pressure laboratory experiments.

Xiaoxu Sun studies the microbes in the deep ocean. He wants to know how a mixture of oil and dispersants impacts their ability to degrade oil at high pressures.

Read Xiaoxu's full Student of the Month Blog, here

May 2017
Melisa Rohal, PhD Student, Harte Research Institute, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Melissa uses the first 10cm of a core to count the number of invertebrates living in the sediments.
Melissa's interests in studying the ecosystem services of the deep ocean evolved during her Master's degree at Florida State. She is now finishing her PhD at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi by studying important members of the benthic ecosystem, meio- and macro-fauna.

To read more about Melissa's research, visit the SotM blog here.
One Gulf: Check! Cuba Cruise Completes Gulf Dataset
Alexei Ruiz Abierno (University of Havana) and Steve Murawski (C-IMAGE) compare the sizes of a Red Grouper and a Coney .
For 18 days, researchers from the C-IMAGE consortium collaborated with the University of Havana's Centro de Investigaciones Marinas (CIM) and Centro de Estudios Ambientales de Cienfuegos collected fish, sediment and water samples in northwestern Cuban waters. These samples 'complete the Gulf' and the four-year project to create a Gulf-wide set baseline contamination levels.

The One Gulf expedition collected sediment, fish, plankton, and water samples from areas in northwestern Cuba. The compilation of samples spans to all sides of the Gulf of Mexico, Cuban waters being 'the final piece'.

Education Day on the R/V Weatherbird II
21 students from the universities across Cuba joined the research crew for a day of hands-on education and interaction with fellow Gulf scientists. While on board, students took a tour of the Weatherbird and were given introductions to the sediment multicore, Niskin and CTD rosette, and fishing equipment.
Graduate Students from the University of Havana, Centro de Estudios Ambientales de Cienfuegos, Acuario Nacional de Cuba, Centro de Investigaciones de Ecosistemas Costeros, and Ministerio de La Industria Alimentaria joined the R/V Weatherbird II for an education day offshore of Mariel, Cuba.

Coinciding with World Oceans Day, ship blogs from the researchers will be released bi-weekly to highlight their research and share their experiences.
C-IMAGE Accolades and Awards
Jeff Chanton Honored with Highest Award for FSU Faculty
Each academic year Florida State University selects a faculty member to be awarded the Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor Award. J eff Chanton, a member of the C-IMAGE and ECOGIG consortia, was awarded for his research and teaching, selected by other faculty from FSU.

 "I owe a lot of the kudos to the people who I work with. They are really supportive, work independently, and I can count on them. And that's a really important thing," Chanton said.

The full article of Jeff's award can be found here.

Congratulations Jeff!

Tunnells awarded Conservation Achievement Awards
Wes and Jace Tunnell at the Coastal Conservation Association-Texas banquet in March 2017.
The father-son duo were honored Thursday, March 9, by CCA-Texas at their annual Corpus Christi Chapter Banquet. Dr. Wes Tunnell received the Conservation Lifetime Achievement Award and Jace Tunnell was honored as Conservationist of the Year.

The full article of their efforts can be found here.

Rita Colwell, world-renowned microbiologist and science leader, to receive the Vannevar Bush Award

Please send future Awards or Accolades to Benjamin Prueitt for inclusion in the next newsletter.
SeaGrant Releases New Brochures on Oil Spills
SeaGrant releases two new brochures on the Gulf's charismatic magafauna

GoMRI Feature: Analytical Chemistry Studies 
Researchers at the University of Calgary use FTICR-MS to quickly characterize the products of oil weathering and degradation to see which products of oil are found in sediment cores.

Study Expands Analytical Window for Marine and Oil Spill Chemistry
The FTICR-MS and similar RADAR methods have more than just use in oil spills. Understanding carbon cycling, climate change and pollution sources are other applications for  University of Calgary Faculty of Science.

C-IMAGE: Reaching Out in the Community....
The Floridan Princess acts as a back drop during the monthly Food Truck Rally in St. Petersburg, FL. (photo courtesy of Gulf to Bay Food Truck Association)
C-IMAGE Booth at Port St. Pete Food Truck Rallies
On the third Friday of each month, the C-IMAGE consortium and Marine Exploration Center share booths at Port St. Pete. This free event gives us to share updates on our oil spill studies and answer questions from the public.

Upcoming Food Truck Rallies include: 16 June, 28 July, and 18 August. 6p-10p

USFSP Summer Camps feature C-IMAGE research

During summer camps at the University of South Florida St Petersburg the C-IMAGE outreach team will teach students about oil spills and the research performed by local scientists. Between fish printing and cruising the Gulf searching for oiled sediments, educating youth is one aspect of the C-IMAGE outreach initiatives. 

Upcoming Events
American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting: 20-24 August, Tampa, FL. Conference webpage

Featured Video
USF Marine Science Watershed Program
USF Marine Science Watershed Program

The C-IMAGE outreach team wants to hear more about how our members interact with the communities. If there is an upcoming event, let Benjamin Prueitt know and we can promote it through social media, and highlight it in upcoming newsletters.
Recent Publications

As research is submitted and published through the months, please remember to have this exact phrase in the Acknowledgements or a similar section:

"This research was made possible by a grant from The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative.  Data are publicly available through the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Information & Data Cooperative (GRIIDC) at (doi: <doi1> [, <doi2>, <doi3> ...])."
"This research was made possible in part by a grant from The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative, and in part by [list other sources]. Data are publicly available through the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Information & Data Cooperative (GRIIDC) at (doi: <doi1> [, <doi2>, <doi3> ...])."

Additionally, before submitting any manuscript for publication, verify with the data team ( Richard McKenzie & Todd Chavez) that GRIID-C has the data in place. 
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