June 2018 Newsletter
It is June and although we have had some colder days, at least the promise of sunny weather is here! Along with the warmer temperatures, come many area festivals, fairs and other exciting ways to enjoy our beautiful region. Our beautiful Connecticut River along with our many lakes and ponds beckon boaters and swimmers to take to the water. Our glorious forests welcome back hikers and bikers to explore all Mother Nature has to offer.  Our villages, thoroughfares and quaint country roads provide a wonderful place for bikers, amblers and others to explore and appreciate the treasures of the Cohase region.

We hope you too are able to enjoy the increasing number of sunny days and hopefully bid goodbye soon to the black-flies!


Erik Volk
Executive Director
In This Issue
  • Upcoming Area Events Listing
  • Member Moment with Newbury Veterinary Clinic
  • MEMBERS ONLY - Business After Hours at The Space on Main
  • Informal "Small Business Advisor" Volunteers Needed
  • Garden Tour Information
  • Recent Chamber Events
  • Cohase Cash Program Update
  • Stagecoach Group Advertising Opportunity
  • Welcome to our Newest Members!
Upcoming Events
Don't let anyone tell you there is nothing going on in our region! So many events and activities! Only some are listed below!

Please visit our WEB page at www.cohase.org for more details on any of these events and a listing of other events in our area.

June 8-9 - Pride@Prejudice, Old Church Theater, Bradford, VT
June 9 - Iris Dement, Court Street Arts, Haverhill, NH
June 11 - Revitalize Wells River Meeting, Wells River, VT
June 12 - MTV Personality Brandon Novak, Blue Mountain Union School, Wells River, VT
June 15 - Tirade, Lake Morey Resort, Fairlee, VT
June 16-17 - Family Wilderness Skills Overnight, Roots School, Fairlee, VT
June 16 - Crunchy Western Boys, Railroad Park, Woodsville, NH
June 17 - Newbury Historical Society Museum Open House, West Newbury, VT
June 21 - Make Music VT, Various Location, Bradford, VT
June 22 - Camping & Music Festival, Harvest Moon Farm, Newbury, VT
June 23 - Lydia Gray and Ed Eastridge Benefit Concert, Court Street Arts, Haverhill, NH
June 28 - Comedy King of New England Bob Marley, Court Street Arts, Haverhill, NH
June 30 - Wells River Annual Community Picnic, Berry Memorial Field, Wells River, VT
June 30 - Repair Cafe, Grace United Methodist Church, Bradford, VT
July 3- Concert on the Common (WYLD NIGHTZ), Fairlee Common, Fairlee, VT
July 4 - Woodsville/Wells River 4th of July Celebration, Woodsville, NH
July 6- Dirty Looks at Room 111, Room 111@Victory Lanes, Woodsville, NH
July 7 - Alex Smith on Summer Street, Summer Street Music Series, Bradford, VT
July 10 - Concert on the Common (Phil Henry Acoustic Trio), Fairlee Town Common, Fairlee VT
July 12-15 - The Bradford Fair, Bradford Fairgrounds, Bradford, VT
July 12 - Bradford Parade, Bradford, VT
July 15 - Cohase Garden Tour & Tea, starts at Fairlee Town Common, Fairlee, VT
July 15 - Nebury Historical Society Founder Celebration, West Newbury, VT
July 17 - Concert on the Common (Onion River Jazz Band), Fairlee Common, Fairlee, VT
July 18 - Cohase Chamber Business After Hours, Space on Main, Bradford, VT
July 19 - 27th Annual Lebanon Police Golf Tournament, Lake Morey Resort, Fairlee, VT
July 24 - Concert on the Common (The Ticket), Fairlee Town Common, Fairlee, VT
July 25-29 - North Haverhill Fair, North Haverhill Fairgrounds, North Haverhill, NH
July 28 - Bradford Veterinary Flea Market, Bradford Veterinary Clinic, Bradford, VT
July 31 - Concert on the Common (Catamount Crossing), Fairlee, VT
Member Moment - Newbury Veterinary Clinic
We were very pleased to speak this month with Dr. Amy Cook, owner of Newbury Veterinary Clinic in Newbury, Vermont. Newbury Veterinary Clinic is a full-service veterinary practice specializing in the care of dogs and cats. For more information, visit Newbury Veterinary Clinic online at www.newburyvetclinic.com, call their office at (802) 866-5354, email them at newburyvetclinic@gmail.com or stop by their offices at 3890 US Route 5 South in Newbury, Vermont.

Have you always wanted to be a veterinarian and how did you get interested in this profession?

I knew I wanted to be a veterinarian since I was about 3 years old. Both of my parents are veterinarians. I grew up in West Chesterfield, New Hampshire and my parents owned a veterinary practice in Brattleboro, Vermont. So, I grew up in the business. I went to Cornell for undergraduate studies and the I went to Auburn University in Alabama for Veterinary school. I was the college kid who filled my room with rabbits, fish and other animals. I have never been able to spend time away from animals. My life has to involve animals! That is one component of why this job works well for me. One other thing about the job that I did not realize would fit me so well was the variability, I get bored so easily. As soon as I master something, I move on. I don’t like to do the same thing twice. I don’t think I could do a job that was repetitive. Every day, there is something new. I have been doing this for 22 years and am not bored yet! However, I had one rule even before I started out which was that I never wanted to own my own business.

For someone who never wanted to own their own business, you have a thriving practice. When and how did you decide to open Newbury Veterinarian Clinic?

I always enjoyed being a veterinarian but felt that it was better for me not to deal with the business end of things. I used to work at Stonecliff Veterinary Clinic which later became Bradford Veterinary Clinic. I worked there for 15 years. Eventually, the decision to start my own business was a combination of getting to a point of personal and professional maturity where I found I really wanted to do things my own way. People can have such different personal and philosophical approaches. The veterinary profession is interesting because I think we can do the same level of medicine as human medicine but without insurance for patients, there’s a lot of thinking about how you want to approach the whole concept of what should be done, taking into account peoples’ financial situations. For example, are you going to be the kind of clinic that insists on a certain level of care or are you going to be flexible, based on the needs and resources of the owners? Everyone has their own philosophy on how to handle that. In addition, I had a pretty spectacular opportunity to purchase our current clinic, which had previously been a veterinary clinic that had gone out of business. I just had to buy the property. A lot of the equipment was already here. In the end, it really had to do with the strong philosophical views I have for how to practice medicine suddenly being possible due to a great opportunity to buy this property. I was not interested in the business part but already knew a lot of capable people and invited them to join me. I felt confident that I had people that could do the things well that I couldn’t do. I have a farm and home school my three kids so I knew it was better for me to not deal with the business end of things but just focus on being the best veterinarian possible.

Can you tell us what services you offer and what is special about Newbury Veterinarian Clinic?

We offer all the standard services but there are three things that I think make us different. One is our boarding facility. Not only do we have an extraordinary person who runs it but every animal gets individual attention and dogs get their own leash walk through the field three times a day. I thought that was standard but it is way above and beyond what many boarding facilities offer. The second thing is that I have a particular interest in behavior modification. In the past, veterinary students spent four years in college and then another four years in veterinary school and it was all medical with little, if any, focus on behavior. The reality is that behavior problems are the number one reason for relinquishing dogs and cats and euthanasia. It is a huge issue and helping people to understand and communicate more clearly with their pets is a important service. We offer behavior modification and also focus on behavioral issues as part of our routine visits. It can be a big problem and behavior modification can make a huge impact on the bond and quality of life our pets have. Lastly, I am in the process of getting certification for a program called “Fear Free.” The idea of the program is that visiting the veterinarian can be a stressful experience for both animals and owners. We are changing our practices to address the issues of stress and come up with more ways to make visits less stressful. It has been very interesting!  We are all really committed and we all work hard to provide the best services possible. We all know we are not going to get rich and we are not out to run the highest tech clinic in the area. We really have the philosophy that we need to listen and make a plan that meets the needs of the animals and the people that are standing in front of us. It can be a really intimidating experience for owners receiving complicated and/or stressful information added to a potential financial stress. We try to keep all of that in mind and make it a truly friendly place and understand that people are coming from a lot of different perspectives.

I know your practice focuses on dogs and cats? Why do you not service other types of animals like farm animals?

My previous work was at a clinic where we did large and small animals but this practice is really just dogs and cats. The reason for that is the trend in medicine now is knowing more about less topics rather than being very general. We decided to stop doing a mixed animal practice so we could be less general and more informed as there is a lot that does not translate well between species. We do get chicken questions and the occasional rabbit but dogs and cats are really our focus and our specialty. I complicate my life with a whole lot of other species at home on my farm!

Can you tell us a little about your Oscar’s Memorial Dog Park project?

I started the dog park based on my experience with an elderly client with a very rambunctious dog who was looking for a space where he could exercise his dog. Initially, it seemed like a foreign and unnecessary concept because of the rural area we live in. However, I realized that there are a lot of folks who can’t have their dogs off leash in an unfenced area or who live near a busy street. The project also speaks to one of my favorite things which is observing animals running free and doing their own thing. We often don’t give animals a chance to be free and socialize. The park is great and it is used every day. For some dogs, it is the only time they can be loose. It has been a lot of fun. The only issue is that I really don’t like fundraising. We actually would like to build one more fence to accommodate a small dog area. We have a labor force that is dying to put it up but insurance is very expensive for a dog park. We need another couple of thousand dollars to get that fence up! Anyone interested can contact the clinic to see how they can help!
MEMBERS ONLY - The Space On Main "Sneak Preview" Business After Hours
on July 18th
Have you been wondering just what is happening at the old Hill's Five and Dime in Bradford Village?Well…lots of wonderful things! The Space on Main is moving right along and the promise of a 7,000 square foot nonprofit community-based co-working and makerspace site is quickly becoming a reality!

This is your chance to preview the facility and hear about the future of this amazing space before the general public while enjoying delicious food and drink!

This is a MEMBERS ONLY event and is cosponsored by the Cohase Rotary Club. Attendees must be Cohase Chamber or Rotary members to attend.

The event will be held on Wednesday, July 18 from 5:30-7:00 PM at The Space on Main at 174 South Main Street in beautiful downtown Bradford.

Although RSVPs are not required, we would love it if you would shoot us an email at cohasechamber@gmail.com to let us know you will be coming! To find out more about The Space on Main, click here.
Would You Be An Informal "Small Business Advisor?"
The Cohase Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the newly formed Haverhill Entrepreneurial Encouragement Committee (HEEC) is working to create an "Entrepreneur Welcome Packet" for aspiring entrepreneurs in our region and businesses who wish to expand in our region. Our vision is to provide a listing of local and regional resources as well as a more "localized" resource directory with a listing of local business people and/or retirees with experience in one or more industries that can act as informal resources for new entrepreneurs in our area. Can you help us create this local connection? Your participation would be strictly voluntary and not compensated, and the extent you choose to become involved with an interested party is up to you. Answering questions via phone or email would be the minimum expectation and the degree you wish to become more involved is strictly your choice.

If you would be interested, please complete our Small Business Advisor Resource form by clicking here.
Don't Miss The Garden Tour on July 15th!
The Cohase Chamber of Commerce is pleased to invite you to its 7th Annual Garden Tour & Tea taking place on Sunday, July 15th from 11AM-3:30 PM. Maps, discount coupons for area businesses and directions will be available the day of the event starting at 10:45 at the Fairlee Vermont Town Common.

Tickets are $20 per person, and include Afternoon Tea hosted by Court Street Arts in Haverhill Corner, NH, from 1:00-3:00.

To purchase tickets in advance, click  here. Tickets can also be purchased the day of the event at the Registration Desk at the Fairlee Town Common.

Last year's event was a great success bringing together over 120 gardening enthusiasts. Click  here for photos from last year’s Garden Tour!

PLEASE NOTE: Ticket purchases are non-refundable once purchased unless the event is cancelled. We are unable to issue refunds for any other purpose including weather.

This event made possible through the generous support of Odell Insurance, Wells River Savings Bank, Wells River Chevrolet, Blackmount Equipment, Bank of New Hampshire and WYKR.

We are still seeking additional businesses who would like to purchase an advertising spot on our "Coupon Sheet." The cost is $150 and will allow you to have your coupon or other advertisement seen by over 120 garden enthusiasts who attend our annual event. Each participant is personally handed a coupon sheet along with their registration materials.
Recent Chamber Events
Annual Regional Business Breakfast

Over 35 area business people gathered on May 9, 2018 at the Colatina Exit in Bradford for a delicious breakfast buffet prepared by our friends at the Colatina Exit. Chamber members spent a great time networking, talking about their businesses and providing updates related to their communities and current business ventures. We had a number of new attendees this year and some exciting updates about business happenings in both Bradord and Haverhill, We hope everyone had a wonderful time!

The Regional Business Breakfast was sponsored by the Colatina Exit, Housewright Contruction, WYKR, Wells River Savings Bank and Odell Insurance.
Spring Paddle The Border

Despite rainy weather and the threat of thunderstorms at the start, 45+ paddlers took to the water on Sunday, May 20, 2018 to enjoy the bi-annual trek down the Connecticut River! The weather improved and made for a wonderful and enjoyable paddle. Upon arrival, paddlers were greeted by music from the Strawberry Farm Band as well as an assortment of delicious foods including burgers and hot dogs courtesy of the Cohase Rotary Club. Thanks to our other co-sponsoring organizations and to all our Chamber volunteers and other volunteers who assisted with launching boats, parking, and helping people disembark at the end of their trek! Always an enjoyable event and we look forward to our Fall Paddle on Sunday, October 7, 2018.
Cohase Cash Program Update
Our Cohase Cash contest continues through June 30, 2018. Entrants simply need to submit one receipt from a member business to be entered to win $100. The $100 winnings will then be spent at one or more Chamber member businesses of the winners choosing. The Cohase Cash contest seeks to encourage area residents and visitors to frequent local businesses and reward those that do. People may enter multiple times as long as each receipt is from a different member business. Receipts can be texted, emailed, mailed or uploaded at our WEB site. The winner will be drawn on Friday, July 6, 2018.

We are asking member businesses to help us encourage people to enter and have provided two different flyers you can post at your business or in other areas you think would be useful.

For more information about the contest, please click here.

For a business specific flyer to post at your business, please click here.

For a more general flyer to post in other areas around your community, please click here.

We appreciate your support and hope to continue the program in the future. Angela Cottrill of Bradford, VT was our most recent $100 contest winner. Her receipts included businesses from throughout our member towns.
Stagecoach Group Advertising Opportunity
Stagecoach Transportation Services has approached us with a unique advertising opportunity to allow our members to feature their advertisements on our local area buses. The advertisements would run for 6 months and would be visible throughout the Bradford Circulator route (or possibly another route) that travels through Bradford, Newbury, Wells River, North Haverhill and Woodsville. The cost for a 22'' tall by 48'' wide advertisement which can appear on either the driver or curb side of the bus would be approximately $421 for a 6 month run. The cost for a 11'' tall by 72" wide advertisement which would appear on the back of the bus would be approximately $214 for a 6 month run. The cost for a 14" tall by 18" wide advertisement which would appear on the back of the bus would be approximately $115 for a 6 month run. The idea is that the Chamber would purchase the full assortment of ads outright and individual businesses can compensate the Chamber for their portion. The advertising initiative will only make sense if we have enough businesses who sign on to participate. If you compare the cost of this advertising campaign to the cost of other advertising initiatives and the fact that the advertisements will be continually visible over a 6 month period, we think you will find it is a very good deal! In addition, the advertising costs helps to support Stagecoach Transportation which is the primary transportation provider to our area and an important economic "driver" for our region.
A Warm Welcome to Our Newest Members!
A warm welcome to our newest members! We are so happy that our Chamber keeps growing. Our membership currently is at 158 members and continues to expand!

Our newest members include:

  • Appaloosa Home Inspection LLC (Topsham, VT)
  • Cohase Rotary Club (VT/NH)
  • CMYK Sales (Wells River, VT)
  • Gary W. Moore Associates (Bradford, VT)
  • Growing Leadership, LLC (Pike, NH)
  • Living New England Real Estate (Topsham, VT)
  • Mollie's Corner (Bradford, VT)
  • Urban Nature Photography (North Haverhill, NH)