June 2017 DVOMB Monthly Minute
Board Updates
DVOMB June Meeting Agenda
The DVOMB is meeting this Friday, June 9, and will be discussing a number of items that relate to offenders in institutional settings who have domestic violence treatment needs outside of community-based services. Here is the agenda in case any of you are interested in attending ( click here ). No Lunch and Learn training will be provided as this meeting, but please look for one in August if you are interested. Please note that the July DVOMB meeting has been cancelled.  
DVOMB On the Road Board Meeting - September 8, 2017
The DVOMB is headed to Gunnison in September of this year, so please mark your calendars. The meeting is part of the DVOMB's annual meeting on the road that is held in a different location, outside of the Denver Metro Area. This gives the Board the chance to connect with and hear from community stakeholders who may be unable to attend the monthly meeting, and an opportunity to share successes and challenges that exist in rural or other parts of the state. Details are still to come and will be advertise once finalized.

Website Transition
The DVOMB has a new website! The new site has launched and aims to be more user-focused, easier to navigate, and more consistent with the look and feel of the Department of Public Safety and the State of Colorado. You can find the new site at:
Bookmarks and links to the old site will now redirect to the new home page. Additionally, the old website will no longer be maintained and will be shut down in the near future. We know it can be frustrating when things change or move around, so we wanted to share a few quick tips we hope you'll find helpful:
If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to contact the DVOMB staff. We also welcome your feedback as we continue to improve the site.
Thank you!
2017 DVOMB Renewal Application Season
The deadline for Renewals is fast approaching. This is another friendly reminder that if you are currently approved as a DVOMB Treatment Provider (including those in a "not currently practicing" status) and would like to continue to be listed, you will need to submit your renewal application to the DVOMB no later than   July 31st, 2017 . As always, please feel free to contact the DVOMB staff for assistance or any questions you may have about the process or requirements.
Click here for the new application:   2017 DVOMB Renewal Application
Training Events

DVOMB Upcoming CORE Trainings
7 Hour Current Standard Training 
June 12, 2017
8:30 - 4:30
700 Kipling, Denver 80215

Description:   All hours count for a new application and continuing education for providers. This training is open to all professionals including, but not limited to:; victim advocates, treatment providers and probation. There will be a one hour lunch break (lunch will not be provided). Topics include Offender Competencies, Levels of Treatment, and Multi-disciplinary Treatment Teams (MTT)

Trainer: Peter Di Leo

Training Hours Certificate: 7 Hours

Registration Closed

Community Roundtable Discussion
June 22, 2017
8:30 - 3:00
Camp George West Bldg 100
15203 W. 12th Ave, Golden, CO 80401
Description:    The Community Roundtable Discussion (CRD) is an event hosted by the DVOMB that are conducted around the state (to see event flyer, click here). The purpose of CRDs is to improve collaboration, engagement, and the exchange of feedback between the board and communities statewide in a safe and constructive manner. This event is for treatment providers, supervision officers, treatment victim advocates and other interested professionals to come together and start a dialogue about challenges, opportunities and ways to work together. At this training, two breakout sessions will be offered in the afternoon on the following topics:
  • DVRNA Booster Training
  • Effective Coordination and Collaboration Among Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Teams (MTTs) and Task Forces
Lunch is provided for this event for all attendees.

Trainers: DVOMB Staff
Training Hours
Certificate:  6.5 Hours

To see a description of all the new trainings and the learning objectives for each, please see contact the DVOMB staff for the Course Catalog.

Advanced Series Trainings
Advanced Series Trainings are offered by the Office of Domestic Violence and Sex Offender Management (ODVSOM) for audiences who work with both domestic violence and sexual offender populations. These trainings are more in-depth, topic specific that are designed to enhance practices and skill development. These trainings are offered periodically throughout the year and can be uses for ODVSOM training credits.
Upcoming Training Events

  Ethics for Domestic Violence and Sex Offender Treatment Providers
July 27, 2017
8:30 - 12:00
2105 Decatur St. 
Denver, CO 80211
Clinical Supervision for Domestic Violence and Sex Offender Treatment Providers  
July 27, 2017
1:00 - 4:30
2105 Decatur St. 
Denver, CO 80211
Description:   This will be a 7 hour training divided into two-parts. The morning will focus on provider ethics in the counseling field by discussing how the NAADAC Code of Ethics and the ACA Code of Ethics can inform and impact domestic violence and sex offender providers. This discussion of ethical principles and ethical decision-making will also address the common complaints the DVOMB and the SOMB receive and the potential outcomes of complaints. The second half of this training will focus on clinical supervision and present on the different types of supervision, supervision skillsets, performance domains, documentation, and ethics. Clinical supervision is the crucible in which counselors acquire knowledge and skills as clinicians, providing a bridge between the classroom and the clinic. It is a critical component to improve client care, develop the professionalism of clinical practice, and impart and maintain ethical standards in the field. In recent years, especially in the substance abuse field, clinical supervision has become the cornerstone of quality improvement and assurance. 
Trainer: Alan L. Cook, LPC, LAC
Training Hours Certificate: Participants will receive an ODVSOM training certificate for 3.5 hours for the Ethics Training, 3.5 hours for the Clinical Supervisor training and a total of 7 hours for participants who attend both trainings. Please note you must register for each if you plan to attend both training events.

Trauma Informed Interventions for Men
August 3, 2017
9:00- 4:30
Fort Logan
Description:  This workshop will be focused on trauma-informed care for men who suffer from the effects of traumatic neurosis. The idea of trauma-informed care is being adopted more and more frequently by human services agencies based on increasing awareness of the ways in which trauma impacts functioning. We will explore and define what trauma-informed care is and ways in which a variety of treatment settings can be modified to increase the sense of safety experienced by consumers within those settings. You will explore how to incorporate trauma-informed practices into treatment with populations such as military veterans, substance users, men with psychological disorders, domestic violence offenders and sex offenders, among others. Our focus in this workshop will be the unique needs of men who experience traumatic events and how to individualize interventions for them.
Trainer: Trainer: Alan L. Cook, LPC, LAC
Training Hours Certificate: Participants will receive a certificate for 6.5 contact hours at the end of the workshop. This workshop has been preapproved hour for hour by NAADAC and the ODVSOM. Participants may use their certificate and other workshop materials to apply for continuing education credit from other licensing/credentialing boards.
For more information on how to register, please click here .
Please note that the Advanced Series Trainings are now being offered in conjunction with the Sex Offender Management Board and may or may not be directly related to domestic violence issues. Please review the training description before registering. To attend any of the above trainings, you must register and pay online by credit card or electronic check.
Save the Date
Please look for more DVOMB Trainings in upcoming editions of the Monthly Minute. The staff are in the process of scheduling trainings for 2017 and will provide notification of future training dates when finalized.
Female Domestic Violence Offender Training
(Registration is not open at this time)
August 18,   2017
8:30- 4:30
445 S. Allison Pkwy, Lakewood, CO 80226

Trainings Sponsored by Others
Sex Offender Management Board Conference
Training Certificates available for DVOMB Approved Providers who attend this excellent conference.
Date: July 12-14, 2017
Location: Breckenridge - Beaver Run Conference Center
For more information about sessions and how to register, please click here .
Co-Occurring/ Interrelated Domestic Violence & Substance Use Disorders Webinar
The National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC) is hosting a free webinar on the interrelated aspects of domestic violence and substance abuse on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 from 1:00pm-3:00pm. Learning objectives include:
  • Identify dynamics of the interrelationship of the two disorders and risk level.
  • Identify appropriate treatment strategies.
  • Develop effective interventions.
To find out more information and how to register,  click here  .
Working with Latinx Families: Competency-based, Culturally Responsive
Dr. Manuel Zamarripa, of the Institute of Chicana/o Psychology, will present this webinar on some of the multifaceted, prominent and diverse cultural influences and characteristics of Latinx families from a competency-based, culturally responsive perspective.
Date: June 21, 2017
Time: 10:00-11:30AM
Presenter:   Manuel Xavier Zamarripa, PhD, LPC-S
Training ID: 417-871-052
Best Practices in Working with LGBTQ Survivors of Violence

The Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA) is hosting a webinar
June 19, 2017
12:00 - 1:00PM
Presented By:
Lynne Sprague, the Director of Advocacy and Co-Executive Director at Survivors Organizing for Liberation (SOL).
Learning objectives:
This workshop will introduce providers to LGBTQ communities, respectful language, and inclusive practices for supporting LGBTQ survivors of violence. Topics include terminology, common myths, barriers to accessing services, and best practices in providing inclusive and accountable services.
Register for the Best Practices in Working with LGBTQ Survivors of Violence webinar here!
DVOMB and Committee Meeting Dates

All DVOMB meetings are open to the public. We encourage you to participate if you have an interest in any of the current projects of the DVOMB.

Conference Line: 1-888-740-4219
Enter Pass code: 932451#
DVOMB Meeting
June 9, 2017
9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
 700 Kipling 3rd Floor
All Staff
DV Treatment Provider Committee
June 27, 2017
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Conference Line
Carolina & Jesse