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June 2017

Commodore Jimmy Gubelmann
Message from the Commodore
James Gubelmann
Greetings 12 Metre Friends!

The 12-Metre sailing season is about to begin! Jamie Hilton has been hard at work coordinating METREFEST from June 9-11;  2.4mRs, 6mRs and 12mRs will converge at New York Yacht Club's 163rd Annual Regatta for 3 days of racing. The gathering of International Rule boats will be docked together at Fort Adams where you may walk the docks to enjoy a slice of yacht racing history-- more on METREFEST below. Also in this newsletter is an update on The Road to the Worlds, Waypoints Regatta Series, a bit of 12mR history featuring the 1977 Demitasse Cup by Stephen Lirakis, an inside look at the Defender project by Jim Gretzky and much more.

In our last issue we wrote of Freedom, US-30's return to racing, this month 2 more twelves are preparing to re-join the local fleet-- Challenge 12, KA10 and Defender US-33. Thanks to the collective efforts of Class supporters, the Newport 12mR fleet is truly experiencing a resurgence and the world is watching! In a recent Scuttlebutt issue (5/30/17), Maurice Cusick commented:

"I was out in Newport Harbor last weekend and saw four 12s chasing each other past Rose Island. The 12mR World Championship is set for 2019, with a lot of preliminary races between now and then both here in the US and Europe. We might just be seeing a renaissance in that class. If this year's AC takes off on TV...  maybe we can see the 12s again on television. A fleet of 12s-- that would be must see TV!"

And we heartily agree!

James Gubelmann 
Jimmy Gubelmann
Commodore, 12MYC Newport
With just days to go before the first start, sailors from Annapolis to Ottawa, Concord to Cambridge and Seattle to Sarasota are set to converge at METREFEST NEWPORT 2017, an exciting new regatta for International Rule sailing yachts including 2.4mR, 6mR and 12mRs.

From the sprightly single-handed 2.4mRs at just over 13 feet long to the majestic 12mRs ranging from 64-70 feet in length raced by crews of 17 sailors-- these former and present-day Olympic and America's Cup development classes will hold center stage at New York Yacht Club's 163rd Annual Regatta from June 9-11. METREFEST also has the distinction of being the first North American regatta of the International Twelve Metre Association's Road to the Worlds Waypoints Series , a three-year International 12mR competition culminating with the 2019 12mR World Championship in Newport, RI.
Luice_ USA-55 
6mR LucieUS-55, photo: Jens Lange  
Long time metre boat sailor Jamie Hilton, who helped conceive the idea of a "METREFEST", is gratified to see the idea come to fruition. "Since I first started sailing on Courageous, US-26 in 2004 and have been actively racing the 6 Metre Lucie, US-55 since 2011 as well as on the Grand Prix 12 Metre New Zealand , KZ-3 the last few years, I've appreciated both the diversity and similarity of all International Rule yachts and sailors," said Hilton. "The idea behind the METREFEST was to bring sailors from as many International Rule classes as possible together for a weekend of sailing, socializing and storytelling. Shared 'war stories' are always a big topic of interest under any regatta tent, but at METREFEST they will be of America's Cup and Olympic proportions!" ... read more.
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12mR Road to the Worlds Waypoints Regatta Series

NEWPORT, R.I. (May 22, 2017) - The International 12 Metre Class (ITMA) has released locations and dates for the ROAD TO THE WORLDS WAYPOINTS Series, a three-year international 12 Metre (12mR) yacht competition starting in May of 2017 and culminating with the July 2019 12 Metre World Championship in Newport, R.I. Teams racing at specific WAYPOINTS-designated events in Northern Europe, Southern Europe and the Americas will be awarded points for both their participation and performance. At the culmination of this 29-regatta series, the 12mR team with the greatest number of points overall will be awarded the Waypoints Cup at the 2019 12 Metre World Championship Awards Ceremony.
12mR Road to the Worlds Waypoints Regatta Series Map

"The WAYPOINTS series is designed to encourage participation and competition among the 12mR yachts around the world and encourage present and prospective 12mR owners and charterers to compete in the 2019 12 Metre World Championship," said Peter Gerard, Vice President of ITMA's Americas Fleet. The WAYPOINTS Series kicks off this summer with inaugural events both in the United States and Europe. In North America, ten 12mR yachts (along with sibling International Rule 2.4mR and 6mR yachts) will compete at METREFEST, held in conjunction with New York Yacht Club's 163rd Annual Regatta (June 9-11). The first Southern Europe fleet WAYPOINT event is the glamorous LES VOILES d'ANTIBES in France (May 31-June 4), and the first Northern Europe fleet WAYPOINT event is the KIEL CLASSIC in Germany (June 17-19), where a large fleet of Vintage 12mR yachts is expected to race.
Challenge 12 Challenge 12
Freedom_s first sail Freedom_s first sail
Defender US-33_ 1982
Defender_ US-33
 The DEFENDER PROJECT by James Gretzky 
Dennis Williams and the Victory '83 (K-22) program took on Defender (US-33) to save her from further decline and bring another 12 back into the racing fleet. She was a strong competitor in the 1983 America's Cup Trials, our project has focused on maximizing her potential for the racing we now enjoy in Newport and New England.

The project had two main components. The first addressed issues of age and neglect. The engine installation was removed and the local bottom structure in way of the engine beds and shaft log were replaced. Areas of bad fairing were remedied and the keel was re-faired and painted.  A new back hatch was installed to provide ease of access and a place for additional crew, pit hatches were plated over and all extraneous "stuff" was removed from down below.
The second component modernized running rigging, hardware systems and layouts. Much of the work was based on our experience with Victory '83 over the past nine years. The layout around the pit was updated to reduce winches and improve efficiency. The winch package was upgraded and a hydraulic system was fitted. Defender will have Sail Spars triple spreader rig, composite boom and pole. The head-stay foundation, mast and chain-plate areas were updated to accommodate the new rig. A new mast step allows for an under-deck mainsheet and control lines system and the new mast ram foundation moves the ram to the aft side for greater efficiency.

The updated Appendix E sail plan and modern laminate sails coupled with the Sail Spars rig will provide a significant horsepower boost; We look forward to having her back in action! --JG

  Defender_ US-33
  Defender_ US-33
Defender_ US-33
Defender_ US-33

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 The DEMITASSE CUP by Stephen Lirakis  
"Turner switches from 12s to dinghy; keeps winning."
-- Dave Philips, Providence Journal - July 29, 1977

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of Intrepid, US-22 as well as the 40th anniversary of Ted Turner's 1977 AC win with Courageous, US-26. Both Intrepid and Courageous were two-time Defenders of the Cup. What makes us look back fondly at the America's Cup 12 Metre years? Is it because they represented a kinder and more genteel time? A time which many say ended in 1977; after which secrecy and spying became the standard.

One of the rituals that was lost as a result of this shift was the DEMITASSE CUP an afternoon series of races sailed in Dyer Dhows on a layday after the final Defender Trials. Two sailors from each of the Twelves raced in the new nine-foot dhows, provided by Dyer Jones, each with sails made of the colors of the 12s represented. The Demitasse Cup, sponsored by the RI International Sailing Association, was run by Leeds Mitchell in Brenton Cove within the Ida Lewis Yacht Club anchorage.

According to Dave Philips of the Providence Journal: "Ted Turner continued to be the hottest sailor in Newport. The day after he had steered Courageous to victory in the final race of the Trials... he came home the winner over representatives of all other America's Cup campaigns in the Demitasse Cup. Gary Jobson, Courageous tactician and a former collegiate All-American dinghy sailor, finished second. Steve Lirakis, the guy who goes aloft on Independence when something needs to be adjusted was third." Jobson later joked: "Now you know why I'm the tactician and not the skipper."-- SL

12MYC at Sailor_s Ball NYC
The 12MYC was well represented at the NY Harbor Sailing Foundation's 20th Annual Sailor's Ball. Welcome new 12MYC members: Scott Curtis, Michael Fortinberry, Sandra Gill Frayna, Jamie Lopez, Sarah Lopez, Eli Massar, Spike McClure and Matthew Rimi.
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2017 Americas' Fleet Racing Schedule
June 3-4
June 9-11
July 1-2
Tiedemann Classic Regatta
July 20-23
August 10-13
 *** Edgartown Yacht Club 12 Metre Regatta
August 21
NCS 45th Annual Opera House Cup
September 2-3
September 21-24
*** 12 Metre North American Championship
September 30

*** indicates Waypoints Regatta Series Event

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