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June... Roses,
Summer Solstice, Roses, Fireflies,  Roses

Mother Earth...
 calls us to celebrate the apex of the Sun in June. Daylight is at it's peak, and we are beckoned to delight in the joy of warm summer days, and  evenings which bear witness to the magical dance of 
fireflies. Living by the ocean, She entices us with balmy breezes, and sometimes, if those breezes are blowing just right, the intoxicating scent of Rosa rugosa.  Yes, those glorious, invasive beach roses, fill us with their heady aroma. So gather up your baskets...we are paying homage to the Goddess of the sea coast,
Rosa rugosa...

Yesterday,  I shared the first Rosa foraging day of the season with my friend, Tracey. This has become an annual event, discovering new places to explore every year. Oh I still have my favorite haunts, but knowing our coastline and how pervasive this plant is, we don't have to look hard, or go far, before finding another sweet spot!

The great thing about is just the beginning of the foraging season for roses. G iven their abundance, coupled with the fact that removing the petals will not affect the outcome of the hip in the fall, this  flower will continue to grace us with so much beauty. It's  potential applications for skin care, jelly, syrups, cordials and more, will be available well into the summer. Right now I have a batch of rose syrup brewing on the stove, and some petals, fresh wilting, destined to be infused in coconut and sunflower oils. Oh yes house smells divine! Yet to come...vinegar, glycerite, drying for teas, variety of infusions for my line of skin and body care, Orabelle Botanicals . These products are also incorporated into my facial treatments, especially when doing the wonderful Organic Rose Facial Treatment !

Here is an interesting article on roses written by Gail Faith Edwards of Blessed Maine Herbs.

Want to explore the world of Rosa rugosa?  Join me on July 9 for...

It's All About the Roses...forage  seaside, learn it's benefits, how to use it in skin care, make a cordial, syrup, get recipes for jelly and more. 

July 9, 9 am-2 pm. $100 includes all materials. Please email me, or call 401-369-4297 for additional info or to register.


Upcoming Programs, Intensives, Events
Susan Clements

June 17, Saturday, 10-4

Let's get you started...

Knowing some simple ways to integrate herbs and weeds into your life is the beginning of a journey. This hands on program will provide a bit of background on using herbs as simples (one herb medicines) for wellness. Working with backyard weeds we will collect for making tinctures, infusion, liniment. All materials are included and participants will take home what is made during the class. 

Please bring your lunch. Tea and bottled water will be provided


Each month brings new adventures! 

Might be lunch, or medicine, a cordial, or a treat for the skin! Collection and hands on included for each program.

July 9, Sunday, 9-2, It's All About the Roses (this program does NOT include  lunch) -  $100

August 19, Saturday, 9-2, It's Berry  Good By the Seaside (this program does NOT include lunch)

For more detailed info on each of these programs, please refer to  website 

PLEASE NOTE:  A knowledge of basic medicine is helpful for these programs. A full day program will be offered JUNE 17  to provide some background in medicine making. Please see details on that program. If a program does not include lunch, please bring your lu nch. Tea and bottled water provided.


This program is currently underway, and given the interest and  deeply moving experience of honoring the plants this way, it will be offered again in September. Dates to be announced in July.  

Using herbs to create peace, harmony and spiritual well being in our everyday lives

This program meets for three sessions:
May 28, Sunday 9:30-12
June 6, Tuesday 6:30-9
June 20, Tuesday 6:30-9

Cost: $90

Plants have long been valued for the vibrational qualities they possess. In many cultures, they continue to be called on in prayerful ways. Incorporated into ritual and ceremony, their etheric qualities support growth and healing on emotional and spiritual levels. This multi part program will guide participants through: connecting plants to the elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit; fostering a deeper connection through intuition; using plants for protection and clearing; spiritual bathing; how to incorporate in making healing products; creating smudge sticks; integrating into ceremony; making an herb mask. Each session will build on the next.