JUNE 2017
A Message from the President & Founder, Lauren Genkinger

   This month I want to talk about a subject I've addressed before and when I ask people if they have taken my advice they say "not yet", "I haven't gotten around to that" or "its on my to do list".
So here it goes again: get your goldens pet insurance- today!
One of my dogs (pictured here) has cancer and thankfully I have a pet insurance policy for him.The amount of money that I've saved because Holden has insurance easily exceeds the cost of the premium. Please don't be in a position where you have to wonder if you can pay for the medical services your golden needs! It will save his/her life. I promise. 

Adoption Day
Sunday, June 4, 12 noon - 2 p.m. @
3456 Bethany Bend, Alpharetta, GA 30004
Directions here

Orphan of the Month
Olivia came to America on Turkey Dog Plane 15 and had a horrible life before she arrived. When AGA got her she had wounds all over her body that we believe came from a knife. She is a sweet girl who is looking forward to finding a sweet family to take care of her. Come meet Olivia at adoption day this Sunday!


Humans aren't the only animals that can come down with a cough. Although normally a minor illness, Kennel Cough is incredibly common and can develop overnight. It's important to listen to your dog so that they don't have to suffer with an annoying cough like their owners oftentimes do. Check out this article for more information on Kennel Cough and how it is treated and prevented.  
Speaking of listening to our dogs- owners often overlook tiny cues given to them by their dog, usually communicating discomfort or annoyance. Read here to learn how to avoid 5 things we do that our dogs hate.

Congratulations to all of our pups who found their forever homes in May. 
Bella, Sadie Mae Sr., Poppie doodle and Lollie found their forever homes last month.
New Pet Emergency Gear             
The last thing you want when disaster strikes is to worry about your fur babies. Rest easy knowing your animals will be taken care of with this emergency wallet card and door cling- alerting proper authorities at home and when away.
Shop now in the Golden Store. 
Too much Golden hair? 

AGA benefits when you buy 
Bissell  floor cleaning products.   Shop here  then enter the code "ADOPT" in the coupon or redemption box and select Adopt a Golden Atlanta for a chance for us to win a $5,000 drawing per quarter.
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Put AGA as your charity and Kroger will make a donation. 
Just register your card for free  here using our NPO number 67180 and shop like usual to help support AGA.

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