Making Sustainability Standard Practice
Vol. 11       No. 6      June 2017 
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Standing Together
We Are Stronger than Ever
By Jeff Yorzyk,  Director of Sustainability, Green Chef, Boulder, Colorado
Recent US reluctance to maintain commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement makes it imperative for us to stand together as a global community of sustainability practitioners. ISSP is preparing to respond with a new strategic plan based on an extensive stakeholder needs assessment that will drastically increase our ability to advance both professionals themselves and the profession as a whole. ISSP is more focused than ever on creating community, delivering top quality programming, and fighting for this profession to be recognized as special and necessary.
By way of updates, we recently solidified a partnership with  Australasian Campuses Toward Sustainability, and continue to evaluate new partnerships to expand our reach and accelerate the achievement of our mission. In addition, ISSP is hosting a member meet-up at the Environmental Leader Conference in Denver this week, and later this August we will hold a powerful, retreat-style event in Colorado called Beyond Sustainability that you are all invited to attend. This letter marks my last as your ISSP President, and I'd like to thank our Board, volunteers, partners, and members for their commitment to this professional organization - the future success of our shared mission lies together.

ISSP Enters Into Strategic Partnership
With Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability

ISSP is pleased to announce a new partnership with Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS), a non-profit member-based organization representing higher and further education institutions throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the surrounding region. The agreement serves as the basis for a working relationship which will make it easier and more affordable for ISSP and ACTS members to gain access to the other organization's benefits and offers. ACTS will become an Organizational Member of ISSP, and ISSP will join ACTS as an Affiliate Member, a member category that represents sustainability professionals and sector support organizations. Learn more about ACTS and the new partnership

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ISSP Expands Pre-Approval for Credential Maintenance Activities
ISSP credential holders are on the forefront of the sustainability field, earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through a range of academic and professional development activities in order to maintain their ISSP-SA or ISSP-CSP credentials. As the credential maintenance program expands, ISSP is offering pre-approval for activities - conferences, events, courses, webinars, even memberships for certain organizations - so that participating credential holders can be sure they'll earn CEUs while staying at the bleeding edge of sustainability innovation and best practices.

Organizations who want to attract ISSP credential holders to their own events or educational offerings can apply for CEU pre-approval, earning a special logo and social media cooperation from ISSP. In addition, individual credential holders who are unsure whether a particular activity qualifies for CEUs can freely submit a request form to determine its eligibility. Learn more about pre-approval.

For more information about earning your own ISSP credential, as well as purchasing study materials, click here. If you have further questions about ISSP Certification or credential maintenance, please reach out to
June 20 & 27, 2017 at 4:00pm PT 
ISSP's upcoming workshop presents the Sustainability 
Bob Willard
Bob Willard
ROI Workbook, an open-source resource designed to give sustainability professionals the tools to make a business case for sustainability that their CFO will love. Join veteran corporate sustainability strategist 
and author Bob Willard for this two-session workshop geared towards helping sustainability professionals, consultants, and even company staff present a business case for sustainable proposals to important decision-makers.  Learn more and sign up today!
Solar Arrays and Bees: A Sweet Combination
ISSP Webinar June 20th, 2017 @ 11:00 a.m. PT
In the Midwest and other regions,  corporations are taking  an active role in accelerating the rate of  adoption of  pollinator-friendly solar  development practices. Join Dr. Taylor Ricketts of the Gund Institute for Ecological  Economics, Rob Davis of Fresh
Energy, and Steve Levitsky  of Perdue Farms for ISSP's latest webinar, an  interactive discussion  of the science  and trends behind pollinator-friendly solar  development. Webinars are free for ISSP members.  Sign up today!  
Are You A Sustainability Professional?
If so, how do you describe your job? ISSP is partnering with the US Department of Labor's O*NET program to update occupational information on Sustainability Professionals.

If you consider yourself either a Sustainability Specialist or a Chief Sustainability Officer, we want to know if you agree with the current DOL descriptions for these two occupations or how you suggest they be updated. Read more and participate in the survey
Indonesia and Portland ISSP Members
Exchange Ideas In Recent Video Conference

ISSP Chapters in Jakarta, Indonesia and  Portland, Oregon recently held simultaneous meetings and shared the results of their conversations live with each other via video conference. On opposite sides of the world, the two groups of sustainability professionals explored the application of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals in their respective countries. The Indonesian government is providing leadership in the fight against global warming by administering a national SDG scorecard that is acted upon at the community level and led by the efforts of local governments, NGOs and corporations. To learn more or get involved, c heck out a local ISSP Chapter today. 
DC Chapter Explores Newly Certified
Living Building Challenge Facility

  On May 20th, the ISSP Greater Washington DC Chapter held an event at a newly certified Living Building Challenge facility at the Alice Ferguson Foundation (AFF). The chapter's goal was an experiential event that enabled participants to have hands-on interaction with sustainability projects. Activities kicked off with an in-depth tour of the building where those involved in its design, construction, and operations shared details of building elements that were particularly fascinating or problematic. Participants heard from a panel of experts on green and living buildings and were treated to a tour of the scenic AFF grounds and farm. Read more about this great event.

ISSP Out and About:
Lots of Travel This June

ISSP members can be found sharing their knowledge, sharpening their skills and networking at sustainability gatherings around the world. Reach out and introduce yourself to the ISSP members listed below if you too are planning to travel to one of the many sustainability conferences going on this month.  Let us know where you're headed by dropping a note to

June 5-7, Environmental Leader Conference 2017 , Denver, CO. ISSP Board Member Emeritus Graham Russell, ISSP member Caitlin Rood, and Morgan Mickelson, ISSP-SA are attending. Stop by the ISSP booth and join the ISSP Meet-Up at this event.

June 7-9, Common Ground Chicago , Chicago, IL. Catherine Hurley, ISSP-CSP,  member Michael Gulich and member David South are all panelists.

And you just missed these members at Sustainable Brands'17 Detroit, May 22-25:  ISSP Board Member Tad Radzinski, Nic Bishop, ISSP-SA, and members Trisha Bauman and Chantelle Haines.

Sustainability Events Around the World   
The International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) is the world's leading professional association for sustainability professionals. ISSP is a member-driven association committed to moving the profession of sustainability forward through building strong networks and communities of practice.