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AARP warns senators to start from scratch on healthcare bill after cbo score released

By Josh Siegel 
June 27, 2017
Washington Examiner 

AARP is urging senators to vote against the Republican healthcare bill and to "start from scratch" on new legislation.

The organization dedicated to representing Americans 50 years old and older said Tuesday it will blast its 38 million members online, through the media, and with direct alerts about any senator who votes in favor of the healthcare legislation, which is known as the Better Care Reconciliation Act.

"Under the BCRA, premiums and out of pocket costs for 50-64 year olds buying their own insurance would skyrocket, Medicaid coverage for millions of seniors and people with disabilities would be at risk and the fiscal sustainability of Medicare would be weakened," AARP wrote in a news release.  

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Tuesday he will delay a vote on the healthcare bill until after senators return from the July 4 recess.
A growing list of GOP senators object to the legislation in its current form, many of them opposed to the cuts in growth to the Obamacare Medicaid expansion.

Republicans will try to reconstruct the bill this week and get a new score from the Congressional Budget Office.

Deep cuts to Medicaid put rural hospitals in the  cross-hairs

by Bram Sable-Smith
CNN Money 
June 24, 2017 

For the hundreds of rural U.S. hospitals struggling to stay in business, health policy decisions made in Washington, D.C., this summer could make survival a lot tougher.

Since 2010, at least 79 rural hospitals have closed across the country, and nearly 700 more are at risk of closing. These hospitals serve a largely older, poorer and sicker population than most hospitals, making them particularly vulnerable to changes made to Medicaid funding.

"A lot of hospitals like [ours] could get hurt," says Kerry Noble, CEO of Pemiscot Memorial Health Systems, which runs the public hospital in Pemiscot County, one of the poorest in Missouri.

The GOP's repeal of the Affordable Care Act calls for deep cuts to Medicaid -- the public insurance program for many low-income families, children and elderly Americans, as well as people with disabilities.

Editorial:  How Did Health Care Get to Be Such a Mess?

By Christy Ford Chapin
The New York Times
June 19, 2017 

TThe problem with American health care is not the care. It's the insurance.

Both parties have stumbled to enact comprehensive health care reform because they insist on patching up a rickety, malfunctioning model. The insurance company model drives up prices and fragments care. Rather than rejecting this jerry-built structure, the Democrats' Obamacare legislation simply added a cracked support beam or two. The Republican bill will knock those out to focus on spackling other dilapidated parts of the system.

An alternative structure can be found in the early decades of the 20th century, when the medical marketplace offered a variety of models. Unions, businesses, consumer cooperatives and ethnic and African-American mutual aid societies had diverse ways of organizing and paying for medical care.

Physicians established a particularly elegant model: the prepaid doctor group. Unlike today's physician practices, these groups usually staffed a variety of specialists, including general practitioners, surgeons and obstetricians. Patients received integrated care in one location, with group physicians from across specialties meeting regularly to review treatment options for their chronically ill or hard-to-treat patients.

Individuals and families paid a monthly fee, not to an insurance company but directly to the physician group. This system held down costs. Physicians typically earned a base salary plus a percentage of the group's quarterly profits, so they lacked incentive to either ration care, which would lose them paying patients, or provide unnecessary care.



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