June 2017 News & Notes
Good News for Village of Solvay Residents

Home HeadQuarters, in partnership with  Onondaga County  and  Empire State Development Corp. , is offering Village of Solvay homeowners home improvement loans of up to $15,000 at 1% interest, payable over 7 years. The loans can be used for exterior home improvements and homeowners must be current on their property taxes. Income-eligible Village of Solvay residents may be eligible for a $2,500 grant as part of their loan.

Village of Solvay investor owners can also take advantage of the property improvement program with loans of up to $15,000 at 5% interest, payable over 7 years. The loans can be used for exterior home improvements and property owners must be current on their property taxes. This loan is for 1-4 unit dwellings only.

For more information on this or any of Home HeadQuarters' home improvement programs call (315) 474-1939 or email info@homehq.org

Village of Solvay Home Improvement applications can be found here:   
Working with Your Realtor
Saturday, June 17 | 10 am-12pm
Home HeadQuarters | 538 Erie Blvd. West

You're invited to learn the role of your realtor, forms you may need, understanding your purchase contract, pre-approvals vs. 
pre-qualifications and what funds you need to close.
Meet CNY Affordable Realty staff  and enjoy light refreshments.

Register now to: (315) 671-6008 or info@homehq.org
Introducing Jassie Medina (again...)

The first time Jassie Medina came to Home HeadQuarters she was looking to purchase a home. She took classes, learned everything she could about buying a home, and then, with her husband, went and looked at what seemed like to her, a million properties with CNY Affordable Realty staff. Both Jassie and her husband became successful, first-time home buyers and concentrated next on getting to know Syracuse and reuniting with other family that had moved from Puerto Rico.

Some time later, when HHQ was looking for someone to cover its busy front desk, Jassie's "can-do" friendliness came immediately to mind. Jassie came to Home HeadQuarters for the second time as an employee, but had to leave after a year and a half for family reasons.

Now, the mother of three plus one niece, is back at Home HeadQuarters for a third time, keeping the always busy front desk together and organized. Her main focus these days, other than HHQ customers, is helping her three kids and her niece meet their individual goals. What is it about Home HeadQuarters that keeps her coming back? "I love helping all the people that walk through the door because, at one time, that was me!"
Thank You To Our Block Blitz Sponsors To Date!
Want to Get Involved in the Block Blitz on September 14, but aren't  sure how?

Are you trying to figure out the best way to get involved in this year's Block Blitz? Are you weighing the differences between a morning or an afternoon volunteer shift? Maybe you're even thinking about sponsoring someone else entirely or being the designated water delivery person for your business team. Don't worry, we can help with your planning efforts. Here's some ideas:
  • Sponsor someone else and look at pictures of all the great work they accomplished after the event.
  • Donate materials (tools, plants, paint, gloves, food, water), drop it off and then drive back to your office and check social media for event updates.
  • Sponsor your office (church, school, club, neighborhood) team and sign up to be the designated driver, photo taker, lunch place holder, etc.
  • Convince your friend, who is a skilled contractor, to donate their services for the day. Promise them dinner on you at some later date.
  • Hire an ice cream truck to drive to the Southside and give every volunteer free treats!
For more traditional ideas on how to get involved, visit our Block Blitz page on our website here!
Healthy Homes Classes Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

Thanks to generous support from New York State Pollution Prevention Institute , Home HeadQuarters will be offering seven, free Healthy Homes classes at the Southwest Community Center and the Dunbar Center in the Southside of Syracuse. The seven classes cover four subjects: Save Green by Going Green¸ Green & Healthy Homes, Environmental Rights for Tenants (taught by CNY Fair Housing ), and Lead Awareness (taught by LeadSafe, LLC ).
Classes will start in September 2017, but stay tuned for the official schedule! 
Programs So Good We Even Get Our Moms To Use Them

Ashley, a housing counselor at Home HeadQuarters' HomeOwnership Center had been after her Mom for years about moving out of her apartment. Her Mom, Kim Pettigrass, resisted moving because she had never owned a home of her own and had run into financial debt on a property she lived in during a previous relationship. But last year, Kim decided that maybe her daughter was right.

"Rent was going up every year, I had most of my belongings in storage because the apartment was so small and the landlord wasn't the friendliest person," said Kim recalling what finally made her think about owning her own home.

Kim sat down with Jenna, another housing counselor at Home HeadQuarters and got started on the process of cleaning up her credit and enrolling in HomeOwnership classes. After graduating and with her certificate in hand, Kim started looking for houses.

"I've lived in Auburn all my life and now, I think I've seen every house for sale in Auburn, too."

Kim called Rey, a Realtor with Home HeadQuarters' affiliate CNY Affordable Realty, who helped her manage her list of available properties and also suggested she call Homsite, another Home HeadQuarters affiliate, that could provide mortgage assistance in the city of Auburn. Ultimately, Kim took advantage of just about every Home HeadQuarters' HomeOwnership and Lending program related to becoming a first-time homebuyer--even qualifying for a Home HeadQuarters' first mortgage.

"I am so happy and excited and even though it wasn't always the easiest process, it was the biggest learning experience," says Kim. "I just bought my first house and if I can do it, anyone can do it!"

To get started on your own path to homeownership, visit the HomeOwnership Center!
Before & After

Here's another rehab project on Syracuse's Southside on Baker Avenue that just needed a little attention (and lots of new walls and asbestos removal). The Greater Syracuse Landbank secured the property and Home HeadQuarters rehabbed it for a first-time homebuyer with funding made possible through the NYS Attorney General's office.

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