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CIU has a NEW Casualty binding contract perfect for your small to medium sized contractors, OL&T-type risks, sporting goods stores (including guns), tobacco stores (including vapor), truckers, and more!

If you haven't tried us on these classes in awhile, this new product may be just the thing you've been looking for!

Send your 
submissions to newbusiness@ciusgf
.com today!
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If so, be sure to find Russ Koeneman and say hi!   
You never know what kind of goodies he'll have to share!!
"Notable Dates" 
for June...
Happy Anniversary to:
Jeanetta Caldwell (who has been with CIU for 13 years)
Cassandra Cross (who has been with CIU for 4 years)
Happy Birthday to:
Tammy Locke (June 4th)
Ruth Elledge (June 15th)
Kim Moore (June 16th)
Summer has officially arrived 
and things are heating up at CIU!  
Here are some of our "hottest" classes:
CONTRACTORS (including, but not limited to):
-General Contractors
-Metal Erectors
-HVAC Contractors
-Custom Home Builders
-Cell Tower (erection, service and repair)
-Swimming Pool Contractors

-Beauty Products
-Electrical Parts
-Machinery or Machinery Parts
-Die Casting
-Metal Goods
-Auto, Bus or Truck Parts
-Cable or Wires
-Conveyor Belts
-Plastic or Rubber Goods

Send your submissions to newbusiness@ciusgf.com today for a quick and competitive quote!
Do you need help placing 
Monoline Personal Lines risks?
We know many Personal Lines carriers prefer to write multi-line risks (packaged Homeowner/Auto/etc).  

But we do not require that!  S o if you have a monoline piece of property, give us the opportunity to help!  

It may be a Primary or Secondary Homeowner, Tenant Occupied or Vacant Dwelling, or a Builder's Risk/Renovation.  

Let us be your "go-to- market" to fill in the gaps for these situations.  Send your Personal Lines application to personallines @ciusgf.com today!
Although often overlooked, this is an important coverage that can offer your clients for an extra "layer" of protection.  

Appetites are broadening and prices are falling on this product all the time; so be sure to ask us for an Excess quote to offer your customers!  

We can offer Excess on endless classes of business... everything from Contractors to Homeowners; Lessors Risk accounts to Technology Professionals; and much, MUCH more!  

Send your Excess and/or Umbrella submissions to newbusiness@ciusgf.com for a quote today! 
Commercial Lines  
Flu vaccination administration at corporate offices, schools, doctors offices, etc.- $1mil/$3mil GL/Professional. $125k annual gross receipts. $3,000
Residential & Commercial Demolition Contractor- $1mil/$2mil GL (including Blanket AI). $36k annual payroll. $4,040
Radio Broadcasting Network- $5mil D&O/EPL & $5mil Excess (over the D&O).  $35,225
Restaurant (w/ < 30% alcohol sales, with live music 2 x's/week, located near a college campus)- $1mil/$2mil GL; $1mil/$1mil Liquor Liab; $350k Prop TIV.  $516k annual gross receipts. $11,985
Security and Patrol Agency providing both Armed and Unarmed services at Concerts/Music Festivals & Parking Lots- $1mil/$2mil GL (including blanket P&NC AI & WOS). $400k annual payroll. $15,910
Meter & scale calibration and light mechanical work on propane trucks/scales- $1mil/$2mil GL; $220k IM; $100k Bailees. $533k annual gross receipts. $12,240
Charter Bus Company- $703k Building/BPP TIV (in FL). Special (excluding Flood & EQ, but including Equip Breakdown); R/C, 90% coins, Dedts: $5,000 AOP / $25,000 Wind Hail / $31,150 Per Named Storm. $10,070
Non-franchised Used Auto Dealer- $1mil/$2mil Garage Liab; $500k UM/UIM; $1k Med Pay; $150k DOL (w/ $1k comp/coll dedts, except $2,500 per auto for wind/hail/flood).  Includes Broadened Coverage, Contract Drivers, & Odometer E&O @ $25k sublimit.  4.2 rating units & 6 d-tags. $11,250
Nursing Home- $2.3mil Prop TIV. Special (excluding Flood & EQ, but including Equip Breakdown); RC; 80% Coins. $5k aop/$15,000 w/h dedts. PC9. $6,080
Nightclub- $1.3mil TIV. Special (excluding Flood & EQ, but including Equip Breakdown); RC; 80% Coins. $2,500 aop/$5k w/d dedts. $9,475
Personal Lines  
HO3- Primary Homeowner. $289k TIV.  Large prior fire loss. $1,660
HO3- Primary Homeowner. $680k TIV.  3 prior losses. $3,920
HO3- Primary Homeowner. $294k TIV. Large prior fire loss. $2,765
DP3- Tenant Occupied Dwelling. $1.3mil TIV. $4,970
HO3- Primary Homeowner. $783k TIV. 3 prior losses. $3,230
Personal Umbrella- $5mil limit over 1 Primary Dwelling; 2 Seasonal Dwellings; 5 Autos; and 2 drivers (with numerous driving violations). $1,605