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CRYP is actively seeking volunteers to work in our Cokata Wiconi teen center and The Main youth center. 


If you are interested in applying for our volunteer program, please visit our website and click on the volunteer link for more information.


You also can read our recent article about our volunteer program here


Sponsor Enrichment Activities for CRYP Youth


The Main youth center and Cokata Wiconi teen center are looking for sponsors to support art and athletic enrichment activities for our after-school and summer programs. 


We are actively looking for people willing to make monetary or in-kind donations to fulfill these needs. You can donate online by clicking the link below or by mailing donations to the Cheyenne River Youth Project, P.O. Box 410, Eagle Butte, SD 57625.  


If you'd like to see a Needs List for our enrichment programs, please contact us at (605) 964-8200 or send us an email at






Sponsor a Birthday Cake at The Main!
Main Birthday Party 1
Few days in a child's life are as precious as his or her birthday. Unfortunately, for far too many underprivileged children, that day passes with little celebration - if any at all. CRYP wants to make sure that the young children who attend The Main youth center have the birthday festivities they deserve.

Each month, The Main hosts a birthday party for the children whose birthdays fall during that month. To offset the cost of each party, CRYP seeks monthly sponsors to contribute $40 for the birthday cake. Please consider sponsoring a birthday cake this year! Every dollar makes such a difference in the lives of Cheyenne River's children.

Meet Our
Board of Directors
Jeremy Patterson

Karla Abbott

Jeffrey Meyer

Guthrie Ducheneaux
Peggy Gallipo
Lonnie Heier

For more info and bios, click here!

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Needs List
Three girls

CRYP relies on in-kind donations as well as funding to continue our mission. If you'd like to help, please check out our Needs List. You also may contact us at (605) 964-8200 if you'd like a copy of our most up-to-date list and price quotes for particular needs. Thank you for your support!
Our Mission

Spanish Class at The Main
The Cheyenne River Youth Project is dedicated to providing the youth of the Cheyenne River reservation with access to a vibrant and secure future through a variety of culturally sensitive and enduring programs, projects and facilities, ensuring strong, self-sufficient families and communities.
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June 2017 News

RedCan 2017 Schedule of Events is
Now Available  

CRYP has just released the schedule of events for its upcoming 2017 RedCan graffiti jam. The eagerly anticipated arts and culture festival is scheduled for June 29-July 1 in Eagle Butte, South Dakota.
Thirteen headline artists from eight states and Switzerland will attend this year's RedCan event. More than half have indigenous heritage, including Taino, Hawaiian, O'odham, Yacqui, Cherokee and Lakota; in addition to painting at mural sites around town and in CRYP's free public Waniyetu Wowapi (Winter Count) Art Park, they also will be painting alongside local native artists, attending the teen art interns' exhibition as honored guests, leading youth art workshops, and giving young people the treasured opportunity to paint alongside their heroes.    

According to the artists, RedCan is appealing because it is truly unique in the graffiti art world.
"RedCan is an art event where artists are asked to focus not on themselves and their work, but rather on where they are, who they are with, and what art means in this place," Serval explains. "And in return, (CRYP) makes sure they meet, taste, see and feel the Lakota Nation, within which the event takes place. This is not by any means a graffiti jam. It's an exchange of knowledge, passion and understanding... participants leave with pictures in their minds and hearts as large and vivid as the ones they painted on the community's buildings."
Garreau says she believes that it's this element of "exchange" that causes RedCan to resonate so deeply with Cheyenne River's young people.
"This merging of Lakota and graffiti culture speaks to them on a profound level," she says. "They're eager to interact with the visiting artists, learn from them, and apply new techniques and styles to their own fledgling artwork."

RedCan remains Indian Country's first and only graffiti jam, and it is the signature event for CRYP's Waniyetu Wowapi Lakota Arts Institute. RedCan gives Cheyenne River's young people, and the community at large, an unparalleled opportunity to experience the contemporary graffiti art movement, learn about different techniques and styles, paint alongside master artists, and explore their own unique voices and identities as they share their stories through the visual arts.

Please consider making a contribution, and help us bring RedCan to life! 

Purchase RedCan 2017 T-Shirts 
and Keya Gift Shop Items Online!
Our RedCan 2017 T-Shirts are now available for $23 apiece, and you can purchase them online through our CRYP website! You also can buy RedCan posters, mugs and coffee.

All products include shipping within the domestic United States. If you are an international customer, please contact us at (605) 964-8200 so we can determine accurate shipping. Mobile users, if you're viewing this with your phone or a small tablet, please scroll down to view shopping cart and check out.

The Keya Gift Shop is an important social enterprise initiative for our youth project - all proceeds benefit CRYP programming and services.

Scape Martinez Leads Four-Day Graffiti Art Education Camp at CRYP
Acclaimed San Jose, California-based artist and writer Scape Martinez led a four-day graffiti art education camp at iCRYP's Waniyetu Wowapi (Winter Count) Lakota Arts Institute on May 30 to June 2, with lessons taking place from 1 to 5 p.m. each day. Martinez focused on "Can Control" and "Mural Creation Basics" during the hands-on, intensive mural and graffiti art camp.
The camp began with the basic principles of can control as well as the mechanics of aerosol paint, its properties, and how to use it as a tool for personal expression. From there, Martinez taught blends, cuts, fades, outlines, stencils and more advanced can-control techniques, and the teens had an opportunity to each design a unique piece. The fourth day was dedicated to a collaborative outdoor painting workshop in the nonprofit youth project's innovative, public Waniyetu Wowapi (Winter Count) Art Park.
Throughout the four-day experience, Martinez guided students through the rigorous lessons and activities so they would understand the creative and mural-making possibilities of spray paint. He also encouraged them to explore their own identities and creativity in a supportive environment, discuss their work and exchange ideas, and provide respectful, reassuring critiques within the group.

Arts Interns Learn Quill Work Through Waniyetu Wowapi Lakota Arts Institute
On June 13, CRYP's Waniyetu Wowapi Lakota Youth Art Institute gave students the opportunity to learn traditional Lakota quill work. The instructor, Jason Charging Eagle, patiently taught the youth how to make a bracelet with porcupine quills, using rawhide as the base.

It was a fantastic day. Our teens did great; quill work is not an easy task. Way to go, LAI students!

June Hall of Fame:
Jeremiah Dwayne Tiger

While the Cheyenne River Youth Project has provided programming and facilities for 13- to 18-year-olds since we opened our Cokata Wiconi (Center of Life) teen center in 2006, we've been serving our reservation's 4- to 12-year-olds since the very beginning. They eagerly came through the doors of The Main youth center when we first opened in 1988, and they've kept coming for nearly 30 years.

"Our young kids will always find us," says Julie Garreau, our executive director. "That's why we have to be here for them. They depend on us."

It doesn't take much to bring these children through the door. In the case of then 6-year-old Jeremiah Dwayne Tiger, it only took a sign that read, "The Main is open." Three years later, Jeremiah, now 9 and about to enter the fourth grade at Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Elementary School, is still coming to The Main regularly. Read more of his story here!

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One hundred percent of the proceeds from book sales benefit the nonprofit Cheyenne River Youth Project.

Order books here .
For more details about the project, and to order fine-art prints (100% of proceeds also benefit CRYP), visit and click "Photography."
Thank you so much for your interest in our youth project, and for your ongoing support as we pursue our mission in the community.

To learn more about the Cheyenne River Youth Project and its programs, and for information about making donations and volunteering, call (605) 964-8200 or visit And, to stay up to date on the latest CRYP news and events, follow the youth project on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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