June 2017
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HK Raffle Winner! Congratulations!
HK Raffle Winner
"Happiness means..."
Congratulations to our Raffle winner!
Drawing was LIVE  on  Facebook!  

Facebook Live June 13 - Knives
In case you missed it!
Knives and Self Defense Courses

Knives with Ken
Knives with Ken

Bulls-Eye League
Thank you to all who participated in our 1st
Bulls-Eye Shooting League!
We all had a BLAST and  saw a lot of
shooting improvement!
Congratulations to Pistoleros for winning the league!

Our next league starts July 5th.
Sign ups end June 30
Spots are filling up, call or come in today to register
New Watertight Cases
Independent Review
Independent Torture Test
Watertight Cases
** Outstanding quality & durability
at Incredible prices **
Call us or check our website for sizes and prices.
Place your pre-order soon.
Great for papers, pictures, guns, cameras, travelling...
If it's worth protecting, put it in a case!

Liberty Safes
We're excited to announce we're taking orders for Liberty Safes
Special pricing through 8/15/2017
*** Lifetime Warranty - Made in the USA ***
"Safes look a lot alike on the outside, but how they perform during a fire or attempted break-in depends on how it was engineered and built on the inside."*  Liberty Safes are highly rated, so this is a great time to check it out.
 (Custom Safe doors available as well.)

CALL TODAY!   (775) 826-2626 Extension 40
New Rentals
  3 new Rentals added: 
POF P415 - (Try before you buy or just have a bit of fun)
Impressive technology and durability

POF P308 -  A 5.56-Sized .308 AR
This is the Piston-Operated Revolution - Try it out (Highly Rated)

Machine Gun

9 MM 
A Blast!

1919 in action!
1919 in action!

Coming very soon.... 
1919 Machine Gun

POF Rifles Special Purchase Offer 
So now that you Test fired a POF... and you Love it... 
Check out the Special pricing today!
POF P416 Torture Test
POF P416 Torture Test

Buy any 5.56 or .308 POF USA Rifle 
and Receive 6 FREE PMags

Stop in and try out several different POF triggers that are 
available as a drop in or part of your POF rifle

You won't want to miss this event! Watch for more details.
New Recalls
Ruger Mark IV Recall
Training Opportunities
Not sure where to start?
No problem!  Stop in or call and speak to one of our staff.
They will be able to offer suggestions, address concerns or answer questions.  
We're here for you. 
 Training Manager (775) 826-2626 Ext 20
Lots of training options in the upcoming months 
all levels of experience 
and ages!

  Access to:  * Training Schedule  * Class Availability   * Reservations
Call to schedule ... Private and Private group training available...
Nevada CCW class
  * Includes NV, UT, FL & OR. 
Shooting quals for all CCW classes are conveniently done in the comfort of our range.
Don't miss these popular classes:
Date Course Name Instructor
Jay Hawkins
Intro to Handgun
* RBT - Reality Based Training
Personal Defense Network (PDN) Tour is underway
Check out the  2017 Tour dates with stops at Reno Guns & Range

Course Name Instructor
Alessandro Padovani
Alessandro Padovani
Alessandro Padovani
Prerequisite:  Defensive Focus Shooting
Rob Pincus
Prerequisite:  Fundamentals of Concealed Carry OR Defensive Focus Shooting
Rob Pincus
Military Night and Ladies Nights
Tuesdays - Military Night   ~   Thursdays - Ladies Night 
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
50% off Range Fee & Gun Rentals (excluding NFA)
* In addition, we offer Qualified LE & Military 10% off an annual paid membership.
RenoGuns.com Website

Free for members | $10 for non-members
Minimum 4 hour notice required

$10 for one or $25 for three.  You must purchase ammo from us for use in all rental.
Most Machine Guns are $35/magazine (includes machine gun & in most cases 28 rounds)

Shop   and  Warehouse  inventory on RenoGuns.com  
* No shipping fee * on In-Store pick ups (includes in-stock or non-stock purchases)
The warehouse inventory link is at the top of each web page for your convenience.

Gift cards* Under the "  Shop " tab and can be redeemed in the store or online for classes.  

Please call us at (775) 826-2626 ext 100 or email Range@RenoGuns.com
if you have any problem with the website
Phone Extensions (775) 826-2626
Hours & Directions

Jay - Training Manager
2 Range Desk
Ken - Range Manager
3 Memberships
Tyler - Sales Manager
4 Training
5 Sales

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