JUNE 2017
Community Input

TLC is midway through our 25th anniversary year. This year has provided a reflective time for our board and staff to be thinking about the future. We see TLC Family Resource Center at the heart of a caring and supportive community. Our roots were simple: help new moms by being there for them for a few weeks after the birth of their child. With strong roots, we are spreading our wings. We now serve families who want parent education and support from professionals for up to three years. We help families facing barriers to the success of their children. We help them find a path beyond those barriers so their children have the best opportunities. We now serve the LGBTQIA community and their allies. We provide comprehensive sexual health education. And we are poised to spread our wings even wider.

We turn to you, our supporters and friends, to to suggest how we can strengthen the greater Claremont area, Sullivan County and Lower Grafton County. Maybe you have thought of a program that could really make a difference for families. Maybe you have wished we served communities outside the two counties. Whatever your thoughts and wherever you live, we would like to hear from you. Please take a moment to respond to this survey and give us your thoughts! Click here for the survey.

We hope to have another successful 25 years and more. We welcome your suggestions for how we can have the most impact in our communities.

Enjoy the summer and be safe!
Maggie Monroe-Cassel
Executive Director

Parent Support Groups Starting

Lake Sunapee Region Visiting Nurse Association will partner with TLC Family Resource Center to present topics relevant to all families. The subject of the July 18 event will be "Feeding in the First Year." The discussion will be led by Ruth Smolnik who is a registered nurse and the Maternal Child Health Case Manager for Lake Sunapee Region VNA. The group discussion will include sharing from participants about what works for each family as
well as information from Ms.Smolnik on infant cues to the introduction of solids and then table foods. The July 18 event is free to all families and will take place from 11:30-1 pm with free lunch and child care provided in adjacent rooms. 

The event will be held at TLC Family Resource Center, 109 Pleasant St., Claremont. 


Still Seeking VISTA Applicants!
Do you know someone graduating from high school or college who is interested in a "gap year" to help out a local non-profit? Or maybe you know a retiree who isn't quite ready to retire? VISTA is a perfect opportunity to serve your community, receive a stipend, health insurance, vacation time, and a tuition waiver for future education. TLC Family Resource Center is looking to fill a VISTA position starting this summer. Click here to learn more.
Andre Dubus III to Speak at 25th Anniversary Dinner
Save the date! Andre Dubus III was very well received at our fundraising breakfast two years ago. He will return on October 18th at The Common Man here in Claremont as our keynote speaker for our 25th anniversary dinner event at 6 pm. We hope that you will mark your calendars now so nothing keeps you from this powerful event. Andre is the New York Times best-selling author of House of Sand and Fog and Townie, among others. Check him out here.
Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope
Did you miss the first public screening of this important documentary? Well, you still have a chance to see it. On July 13th, we will show it in partnership with SAU #6 here at Stevens High School at 6:30 pm. No reservations needed. Just come for the 60 film and 30 minutes discussion. To view a trailer for the film,  click here.
Rural Outright
Rural Outright is a new program at TLC Family Resource Center that supports the LGBTQIA community and their allies. Rural Outright offers the LGBTQIA community in Sullivan County and neighboring towns welcoming and inclusive drop-in youth groups, social support groups, opportunities for creative arts, a resource library, workshops, films, and other events, as well as the chance to experience GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) NH and partner organization's activities. There is a weekly drop-in for youth on Thursday afternoons at 109 Pleasant St. For the latest news, check out the Rural Outright Facebook page.
We provide comprehensive sexual health information for young women and men 16-21 with the goal to lower teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease rates in the county. Email
or click here to find out more or to register for 
a class.
New Hours at 2nd Beginnings!
Our thrift store has new hours. We are open Wednesday, 10-6, Thursday, 10-4, and Saturday, 10-4. Please stop by and see the new items on the racks.

We also have a new pricing system. You will like it! Each month that an item stays on the racks, it will be discounted 25%. You will definitely find the best deals in town.

If you have 3 hours a week to volunteer, we can get the store open more hours with your help. Contact to volunteer.
Maggie Monroe-Cassel 
(603) 542-1848 x 322