A Letter from the Pastor
From the Desk of Rev. Brian Carr

My Dear Sisters and Brothers,

It was a day to remember. It was a Saturday in early March 1972. First Mom and Dad took the three of us for a tour of the state capital building in Charleston, West Virginia, which was a thrill for me. Then, we attended the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus that afternoon.  As I look back on it now I guess you could say we attended two circuses that day. We ended the day by watching our hometown basketball team win in an unexpected upset to qualify for the State Basketball Tournament the next weekend in Charleston which we would go on to win as a 10-win team during the regular season! If I stop and think hard enough, I can remember specific details about each of those events in live and living color - a memorable day indeed!

I have seen the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus since but there has been nothing to compare to the sights, the sounds, the animals, the tight-rope walkers, the trapeze artists, the lion tamers, the spectacle of that first circus experience more than forty-five years ago. Imagine my sadness, and you probably don't have to imagine it as you may have felt it as strongly as I did, when I heard back on a Sunday in January that this circus, a veritable institution for more than 146 years, was closing. I was shocked. I really couldn't believe it. I immediately ran down to find Miro who was opening the building and checked with him. Miro and his family, whether you know it or not, have had many years of experience with a number of circuses, and he sadly confirmed that the article I had read was indeed true. I read just this week that the last performance was May 21st up in New York - sadness engulfed me once again.

Much has been made of the influence of the animal rights folks who have protested the circus's alleged mistreatment of animals for decades now and many say that was the final blow in closing down the granddaddy of all circuses. If abuse of animals was happening, it certainly needed to stop immediately, if not years ago. But others say that the main cause of the circus closing was the sheer number of changes in today's society, which led folks away from the circus. Most often noted were technological advancements over the last couple of decades including the development of laptops, smart phones, tablets, Facebook, Twitter, etc., where children could entertain themselves for hours at a time. I myself noted, as the circus opened this past January in Orlando, the news that for the first time ever a woman had been named as circus master. It seems that this wonderful circus, The Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus just could not keep up with the changing times.

Of course, this leads me to think of the Church of Jesus Christ. Many have made the same kind of declarations about the Church. Many say that the world has passed the Church by, that the Church has nothing new to offer today's world and then, and then...I think of John Wesley. I think of the world in the eighteenth century transformed by the industrial revolution and the huge advancements made with technology. I think of massive cathedrals that drew minimal crowds to worship and too many of these massive cathedrals just did not have room for the common folk of England. And I think of a man who went unwillingly to a meeting on Aldersgate Street to hear the preface to Martin Luther's work on Romans exactly 279 years ago from today (when I write this), where Wesley heard the glorious, redeeming, emancipating news that he was saved by God's grace! His heart caught fire and that fire began to spread throughout England and Europe, to the colonies in the New World and continues to spread throughout the world even today. In spite of what we may think, in spite of what the pundits say, in spite of what the latest surveys reveal, there will be no folding up of the tents of the Church. Christ's words echo down through the ages about the Church, that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Church! There will be no folding up of the tents or wringing of the hands; Christ prevails!

The Church is alive because Christ is alive and Christ sent and continues to send His Spirit into the world to bring redemption and forgiveness and emancipation and LIFE! As we celebrate Pentecost this Sunday, June 4th, we invite you to come wearing red, remembering that moment in human history when God's Spirit came to dwell with us, came to dwell within us, came to make us more and more like Christ until the whole world hears, until the whole world kneels. Come. Come Holy Spirit, Come!

In the Amazing, Living Love of Jesus Christ,
Pastor Brian

Sermons for June
Don't forget to wear red on Pentecost Sunday!

June 4
Pentecost Sunday
"What Does Pentecost Mean For Us?"
Acts 2:1-21
Pastor Brain Carr
June 11

First Sunday after Pentecost
"Lessons Learned"

Proverbs 3:5-6

Pastor Brian Carr

June 18 Second Sunday after Pentecost (Father's Day)
"What Are We Offering?"
Matthew 9:35-10:8
Pastor John Campbell
June 25 Third Sunday after Pentecost
"It's Not About You!"
Matthew 10:34-42
Pastor John Campbell

Take note of the new banners that will be on display for the first time during worship on June 4. The banners are the gift of Karen and Jon Robbins to the church. Please express your thanks the next time you see them!

June Birthdays and Anniversaries
Celebrate these special days with your church family and friends!

1 Stephen Lowery   13 Mandy Austin
1 Howard Osterhouse   14 Freida McCray
1 Alyssa Panda   15 Warren Saxon
4 Lucy Halavin   16 Carol Crimmons
4 Ed O'Quinn   16 Ann Husfeld
5 Mark Thompson   19 Martha Parissi
7 Josephine Bland   21 Patricia DeBellis
7 Dean Kellogg   22 Danielle Salinetro
8 Dawn Godwin   22 Keith Yocum
8 Ruth Ann Miller   26 Patty Hunt
9 Tori Ball   26 Lori Jones
9 June Shearin   27 Alma Barker
9 Margie Thompson   27 John Dill
11 Jocelyn Hall   27 Jason Kellogg
12 Marjorie Crist   29 Gaynelle Johnston


2 David & Jan Shipman
38 yrs

17 Hank & Betty Kobler
56 yrs

3 Hermie & Norma Clemente
50 yrs

18 David & Judy Wall
44 yrs

3 Dilbert & Gwen Clifton
59 yrs

20 Steve & Karin Roland
30 yrs

4 Bill & Bettie LeVeille
62 yrs

21 Mark & JoAnn Cheesman
42 yrs

15 Jim & Angie Hyde
26 yrs

21 Warren & Lana Saxon
53 yrs

15 Mark & Susan Moor
15 yrs

To Our Dear Friends,

Lorena, Lidia, Maia, Sterling and I want to just say thank you. From the moment we arrived here seven years ago you have been extraordinarily gracious to us in more ways than we can count! Thank you for making room in your hearts for us. Thank you for extending your hands to us in welcome.

Thank you for getting your hands dirty with us in hard work for God's Kingdom. Thank you for opening your hands to us in moments of illness and necessity. Thank you for your many acts of kindness and grace in recent days and over the last seven years. Thank you for being our family!

We love you more than mere mortal words can convey. Wherever we go, we take you with us in our hearts. May GOD richly bless you as you richly bless all around you by living, loving and leading like Jesus.

Brian and family

Saying goodbye is never easy
Join us as we say farewell to the Carr Family

Vaya con  Dios,  Carr familia
Over the past seven years, we have been blessed with the leadership of Pastor Brian. We have watched the Carr girls grow into amazing young ladies. Lorena has become a supporting and loving member of the TUMC family. On June 11th, Pastor Brian will bring his departing message at both services; and we will say farewell to Pastor Brian and his family during our hospitality hour. Please be sure to attend, as we send the Carr's on their next adventure with well wishes and prayers.
"May the grace of the LORD Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all." (II Corinthians 13:14)
Karen Averill
SPRC chair
Here are some important dates to remember:
  • June 27th is the official "Move Day" for both Pastor Brian and Pastor Dale
  • July 1st is the "official" first day for Pastor Dale to begin his duties
  • July 2nd will be Pastor Dale's first Sunday to preach
  • July 2nd Welcome luncheon after the 11 am service. Please mark your calendars and make plans to join us. More to come regarding the luncheon as the date draws near.
Love Offering
June 1-11

To show our love and appreciation, the Staff-Parish Relations Committee has recommended that a special offering be collected for the Carr Family. All gifts must be designated and clearly marked "Love Offering." Please place your contribution in the offering plate or mail/hand-carry to the church office on or by the 11th.

A note from a grateful member

Dear Friends at Trinity,
Ever since Judy Ross brought me the box of very good cookies, I have been enjoying every bite of them at lunch time.  Thank you so much for thinking of me when you were deciding what to do with the cookies.

You are a blessing to me every day.

Jerrie Shepard

To My Trinity Family
Many, many thanks to the community of faith called Trinity UMC. The past few weeks have showed me the love we have here for each other. Thanks for the many cards and notes expressing your prayers after my surgery, and continuing with offers of food and transportation, and  'what can I do for you' offers. Your calls and visits have lifted my spirits. May God continue to bless us here at Trinity.

Marilyn Thomas  

Breakfast at Trinity
Serving the least, the last and the lost

Whew! Here we are at the beginning of summer already. My how time flies, but our work is ongoing. This month, we will serve breakfast on the fourth Friday, June 23rd; set-up will be the day before.

With many of our long-standing volunteers taking off on trips,  Breakfast at Trinity could use some willing hands (ages 13+) to serve in place of those who are on vacation. Please call me (386) 736-1008 or call the church office to volunteer. There is a job for everyone! Thanks.

Lana Saxon
Where the stranger enters and leaves a friend

We will soon be contacting folks who are willing to serve as Sunday Ambassadors. Since most of us sit in the same general area during worship services, we would like to identify people who are willing to become more aware of those who sit nearby, and can welcome unfamiliar faces who sit in their vicinity. This simple act of hospitality would involve interacting with them after the service, helping them get a visitor packet at the information table, if appropriate, and inviting them to join with you during the Holy Grounds Fellowship hour (8:30 a.m. service). For those attending the 11:00 a.m. service, it would be great to engage guests in conversation either inside or outside the sanctuary.

Many studies have shown, perhaps surprisingly, that the few minutes after worship service are the most important time when visitors determine whether or not they would like to return. Connecting with members after a good worship experience can be very meaningful for our visitors, and also for those who only attend occasionally.

Please consider if you would like to become a Sunday Ambassador. At least six or eight people will be needed for each service. Please email me rossd48@gmail.com or call the church office to learn more and volunteer for this simple but important hospitality initiative.

David Ross, Team leader

Faith Partners' Ministry
Making good use of all that God has given us

Faith Partners' Ministry has now closed. Thursday, May 25th, was the last day of operation. Every food and disposable item was either moved to the church kitchen, or contributed to the Florida United Methodist Children's Home, Good Samaritan Clinic or Grace House. (We gave 160 oversized towels and washcloths to the Children's Home, for which they were very grateful!) We are now working with the church trustees to determine the best use for the larger items, such as the refrigerators, freezers, shelving and tables.

Thank you, again, for your continuous financial and voluntary support, and the abundant love and prayers that we all shared with our "guests" through this ministry. Although we cannot see what the future may bring, we know that God has a plan for a new and exciting outreach ministry for our church and we simply must be patient and listen for His call.

Steve and Karin Roland

Operation Love Your Neighbor
All you need is love

The weekend of April 29-30 was certainly one for the books! Members and friends of Trinity, both young and old, made a concerted effort to reach out to folks all over DeLand showing God's love. The weekend started off on Saturday with Trinity Youth members, Pastor Brian, Lorena, Lidia, Maia and Sterling Carr, Lori Hansard and the Youth Ministry Team leaders (Brian Fuller, the Gagnier family and the Campbells) volunteering with organizers from the
Color Line Roundtable, the  City of DeLand , the  Rotary Club and nine nonprofits from around the area to produce the area's first annual  Unity in the Community Day .

Held in Earl Brown Park the day's events engaged and involved children, teens and adults from all over DeLand in fun challenges like basketball, Tug-of-War and old-fashioned sack races. A great time was had by all in this activity, designed to bring together peoples of all races and creeds for good food, fun and fellowship.

On Sunday, members were asked to gather in the Fellowship Hall after worship to assist with a variety of caring/helping activities, such as putting together manna bags to give to the needy, picking up $10 gift cards to hand out to folks at Wal Mart, Save-A-Lot, gas stations and other stores who appeared to have a need, baking and taking cookies and other home-baked goods to shut-ins, first responders and hospital workers.  To view pictures of the weekend's activities, click here!

Building Committee Update
Can you feel the excitement?!

On May 16, the Building Committee approved the preliminary architectural design to be presented to the East Central District Board of Church Location and Building. We also approved the conceptual site plan and directed our engineer to proceed with preliminary site plan approval with Volusia County. Representatives of the committee met on May 30th with the East Central District Superintendent to go through the protocols/policies/rules for moving forward.
As a reminder, before any drafting took place, the architect and committee met with and gathered input from all "constituents" in the church. From there, several iterations of the plans were developed and modified based on that input. The first set of proposed plans was presented and reviewed in detail by the congregation. Following that presentation, the committee received numerous suggestions for revision and a capital campaign was initiated. (Note, while very successful, the campaign did not raise sufficient funds for doing the entire project all at one time.)
After the campaign, the Committee provided further input to the architect team, requesting them to address the comments received from the congregation and to provide an appropriate plan for phasing the project. The current plan has been revised from the earlier version to address both the comments received from the congregation and the need for phasing. It also recognizes the conflict between addressing all our wants and needs versus the need for being good financial stewards.
In the coming weeks, months, I think it is important to understand the role of our committee and the process to be followed, as outlined in the Book of Discipline. The Building Committee is charged with developing the plans and presenting them to the entire church body through a special meeting called a Church Conference, for approval or disapproval. As noted above, we have had input from the congregation. Although we did receive and consider comments, the sharing of our recommended plans during the social hour a few weeks ago was not intended to serve as a vehicle for more comment.
We are near the end of the planning process and intend to call for a Church Conference very soon to present the recommended plans to the church body. The drawings/plans will be made available for review by our parishioners prior to that special meeting. Everyone is free to present his or her concerns to the Church Conference. In my opinion, if the Building Committee is directed to add fixtures, more space, or take out some fixtures or space, and so on, we will march on accordingly! A truly good thing about this church is we do have different opinions but pull together once a decision has been reached.
Alex Ford, chair

Music Makers Sunday
"Teach a child in the way he should go..."

The latest Music Makers' production of "The Tale of Three Trees" was funny, witty and inspirational! The children were outstanding, as they always are, but the icing on the cake was the spectacular performance of the hip-hop, rapster "Woody" (played by Bill Hartman) who stole the show!

Thanks to Conya Hartman and all of her helpers for a job well done.  To watch the show in video format, here's a link.

2017 Annual Conference Offering
To be collected Sunday, June 4th

Dear Sisters and Brothers of the Florida Conference,

The Annual Conference Offerings in 2017 will be a celebration of partnerships with our neighbors in
Cuba and  Haiti . We have been blessed, in the state of Florida and in the Florida Conference, by relationships with persons from these nations, and by their strong faith and dedication to the church. One-half of the Annual Conference Offering will be directed to each initiative:

The Cuban Pastor Pension Initiative - In collaboration with the leadership of the Methodist Church of Cuba, we will work to develop a pension fund for Cuban pastors, based on their years of service there and related to their economic scale. This would be an initiative of Mission and Justice, Methodists United in Prayer and the Conference Board of Pension and Health Benefits. The UMC's General Board of Pension and Health Benefits is also supportive and will help us to design and administer the plan. This will be a several year grassroots initiative, in the spirit of shared partnership with the church in Cuba and a shared history with them. Bishop Ricardo Pereira of the Methodist Church of Cuba and the Mission and Justice Committee of the Florida Conference have endorsed this, and a matching gift of $50,000 is in place!

Abundant Health for Haiti - One of the four areas of focus for the United Methodist Church in 2016-2020 is the development of Abundant Health Initiatives across our planet. Meds and Food for Kids Haiti (MFKH  www.mfkhaiti.org) has been fighting malnutrition in Haiti since 2003, having treated over 250,000 children with medika mamba (medical peanut butter), partnering with over 2,500 Haitian peanut farmers to produce this life-saving product, and employing 65 Haitians at their state-of-the-art factory in Cap Haitien, Haiti. Meds and Food for Kids Haiti partners with UNICEF, the World Food Programme, USAid, and other agencies, identifying children through clinics and school settings who desperately need treatment. A gift to MFKH feeds desperately hungry children. This initiative will be developed through our Haiti Partnership, and will be a primary expression of our mission with the people of Haiti.

The Peace of the Lord,

Kenneth H. Carter, Jr.
Florida Area Resident Bishop

Children & Youth Ministry
To God Be the Glory!

Nine high school and five college graduates were honored on Sunday, May 7th. We are so very proud of these young men and women who are now stepping out into the world! The good news is that they know they are not alone. The many volunteers we have in our Children & Youth Ministry programs have worked very hard (along with their parents/guardians) to instill a strong sense of faith in God and purpose for the next step in their life journey. Thank you for supporting us and this very important ministry at Trinity!

Vacation Bible School (VBS) will be held June 12-16. The theme this year is
"Hero Central." Some of our former VBS teachers and drivers will be gone this summer; consequently, we have several openings for key positions: teachers, aides, drivers, cooks and others. Please call or email me at  lgjbhansard@totcon.com to learn how you can help.

Seven of our elementary and middle school-age students will be going to Warren Willis "Church Camp" (in Fruitland Park, Florida) this summer. Thanks to contributions from members and several highly successful fundraising activities, over $3,000 was raised, enabling every child to have his/her camp registration fee covered 100 percent!

Our high school-age youth continue to meet on Wednesday nights with Maia Carr (who has been and continues to be such a natural, quality leader!) We are blessed to have dedicated leaders to help guide and nurture our children and youth. Thanks to all and to God be the glory!

Lori Hansard, Children & Youth Ministry Coordinator

Trinity Angels
Serving and caring for our congregation

Trinity Angels continues to meet monthly and to send out cards to those who need to know we are thinking of them. In addition, we have given out "care bags", assisted as a live-in for a church member recovering after her stay in the hospital, provided transportation and company for a member in treatment, and transportation for another to and from Sunday worship.
Our committee finally got to visit and tour the Florida United Methodist Children's Home in Enterprise on May 11th. We had a great tour and learned a great deal about its history and ways we could be involved.
Debra met with Dr. Donna Sallee about the purchase of a property here in DeLand and is happy to report that an agreement was reached and a purchase date finalized for Sept. 1st or before if the funds to purchase the property are raised before that date. The Angels are planning to have a fundraiser sometime during the summer, if possible, to raise funds for some finishing touches once the renovations for the Ruth House are completed.
Operation Love Your Neighbor was a particularly exciting event for the Angels. As a group, we delivered cookies and cards to some of our home-bound folks, and had a great time visiting, hearing stories and sharing God's love by also handing out gift cards to unsuspecting individuals in the community. Hearing the appreciation in their voices and looks of surprise on the faces of those who received those cards was beyond words. One woman who works at the gate at a local retirement community actually was in tears when we drove back around to return our gate pass after our visit. It was truly a blessed event and God's love was abounding with every visit, gift card, and package of cookies we gave out. The bonus, it was another great time of bonding for the Trinity Angels
As you can see, the Trinity Angels are very busy. If anyone is interested in the Angels ministry, please email me at dwood52@bellsouth.net or call 386-747-8804. T rinity Angels will meet again on June 13th.

Debra Wood, team leader

Antiques & Collectibles
Wanted; Needed, even!

We are needing antiques and vintage collectibles. Check those closets and cupboards for items you no longer love. Our  Antiques & Collectibles Committee is waiting to accept your donations. All monies earned go to Trinity's outreach programs. So - we need your "old stuff" for Fall Festival soon. Call Harriet, 736-0884, or Gale, 738-2452, or Lana, 736-1008. Thank you.

Wednesday Women Bible Study
New study starting June 7

Wednesday Women will be starting a new study on Adam Hamilton's book Christianity and World Religions: Wrestling with Questions People Ask beginning June 7th through August 9th. Pastor Adam Hamilton, named by PBS's Religion and Ethics Newsweekly as one of the top "Ten People to Watch," has created an inviting new series of video-and-book studies on love and marriage, life issues, world religions, and Christian denominations.

Led by Cindy Fox, this weekly series will begin at 9 a.m. and end at 11 a.m. Come join us for this summer study! Books are $4. For details, email Cindy at silvercindyfox@gmail.com or call the Church Office to register.

Father's Day
June 18th

Join us as we honor all Fathers and father figures on Sunday, June 18th. We will have a gift for all men, and a fun photo booth in the Fellowship Hall during the fellowship hour. Come and celebrate with us!

Receiving God's Holy Spirit
Learning From John Wesley at Aldersgate

Many have experienced a moment when the spirit of God came upon them in a powerful way. For some, it happened on a retreat as a youth, or a mission trip later in life. Others had an experience during a Sunday morning worship service or a Wednesday night Bible study. Some have felt Christ especially present while praying from the top of a mountain or crying out over the sound of crashing waves while standing on a beach.
Whatever the circumstances, these moments can be life changing. We look back upon them as times of conversion, renewal, and revelation. We may feel called to do something, experience healing and wholeness, or receive peace about a decision.
John Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement, rather famously had a Holy Spirit moment often referred to as his "Aldersgate Experience."   Click here to read the whole article.