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Do you often have no time for yourself?   Does all your time seem to be taken up with work, children, grandchildren, elderly parents,  community activities, requests, and social functions you feel you "must" attend? Do you find yourself doing some things that are not serving you well:  physically, emotionally, financially, socially, spiritually?
Ask yourself:  What do I need to say "NO" to?  What I am filling my precious time with that could have been spent on helping me be truly healthier and happier so that I can help others to an even greater extent?  What unhealthy habits do I need to say "NO" to? 
Example: I recently conducted a Living WELL Aware conference in a small Texas community.  The event was free to the public as the local hospital sponsored my time and expenses. A lady came up to me to announce that she was going to have to miss my presentations because she had to attend her granddaughter's baseball game.  I asked if it was a championship game.  She replied "no."  It was just one of their many regular games.  This lady was excessively overweight and shared that she had high blood pressure and diabetes.  The local hospital specifically funded me to come to their town to share my Living WELL Aware information with so many who had the medical problems this lady was experiencing.  The Good News:  many attended the entire conference and were immensely grateful for the information and inspiration they received. 
I'm not here to tell you that you should not attend family functions!  I am asking you to consider this:  What should I on occasion say "NO" to and what opportunities should I say "YES" to so that I, and those around me, will be healthier and happier? 
Instead of a "To Do" list, right now come up with a "No" list. What "excuses" are you making for not taking care of yourself? Let's all do a better job of saying "NO" to some things so we can say "YES" to 
Living WELL Aware!
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