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Holiday Calendar
May 27 - June 27 Ramadan
A month of fasting to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad. 

June 4 - Pentecost
Celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles.

* All Jewish & Muslim Holidays start on the preceding evening at sundown.

** Jewish Holy Days and Muslim Holy Days are determined by the lunar calendar as is Easter in the Christian calendar.

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Aug. 27
3rd Annual Spiritual  Retreat
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News from Around the Country
Colorado Springs Chapter has Hijab Tying Class

The Colorado Springs book group requested a hijab-tying class from our Muslim sisters.This spring, Nawal Shahril and others showed us how to tie our scarves.  Nawal, who is from Malaysia, also showed us her signature turban-style, and more.  We had a lot of fun! In May, we read (of course) "The Girl with the Tangerine Scarf" by Mohja Kahf and discussed the author's perspectives on veiling. 

photos by Mary Filidis
Book Review

For the April book club, The Merrimack Valley chapter read "Threading My Prayer Rug: One Woman's journey from Pakistani Muslim to American Muslim" by Sabeeha Rehman.
The book is about Sabeeha's story of having an arranged marriage and then emigrating from Pakistan to America.  In the book, she talks about her transition from being a Pakistani Muslim to becoming an American Muslim and the trials and tribulations of raising her two sons as Muslims and retaining her Pakistani culture, whilst living in the American culture.
It is a great love story of how arranged marriages can work out and how couples should be there for one another to support each other through life. The author also talks about her interfaith work which is so important right now. 
Since Sabeeha Rehman lives in the US, one of the Merrimack Valley Sisters contacted the author and arranged to have a Skype discussion with her during the meeting with the Daughters of Abraham group. The members were introduced to her and we asked her a few questions. Her answers were well thought out and informative. She advises young Muslim women to link up with the local Muslim community and other women. Make friends with neighbours and other mothers. She expressed her thoughts about how women can be spiritual leaders in the community too. We also spoke about some of the Sisters who are immigrants and their experiences.
It also turned out that one of the Sister's family lived in the same area and actually knew the author! What a small world we live in. 

By S.E.Gdihi

3rd Annual Summer Spiritual Retreat

    August 27 from 1 - 8 PM 

Adelynrood Retreat & Conference Center     Newbury, MA

$20 per person 
Overnight stay for additional $60 includes breakfast 

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