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EC&M Code Change Confernece
Sept. 12-13, 2017
Cleveland, OH

NECA 2017
Oct. 7-10, 2017
Seattle, WA

Participating PEARL Technician Certification Program Companies
Advanced Electrical & Motor Control
Breaker Hunter, Inc.
Carolina Precision Switchgear, Inc.
Circuit Breaker Sales, Inc.
Civic Recycling & Equipment
Instel Power Products
National Switchgear
North American Switchgear, Inc.
Oregon Breakers, Inc.
Potomac Testing, Inc.
Quality Switchgear, Inc.
RG Industries
RS Electrical Supply, Inc.
Shermco Industries
South East Switchgear, LLC
Southland Electrical Services, Inc.
SouthWest Electrictech Services
Western Electrical Services, Inc.
WideSpread Electrical Sales, LLC
Electronics Repair Featured on PBS Newshour

10 Great Quotes from Thomas Edison
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President's Letter
Certification as Retention
As we all have heard from construction and industrial industry reports, finding qualified workers can be a huge challenge for all of us. In response, as an industry leader, PEARL is now providing expanded training for our Members. The latest program expands our technician training programs as a Certified Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Technician. This training can help to boost employee morale, provide employees with a path to future management positions, reduce accidents and associated costs and may help reduce warranty claims. For an individual, certification can also help to extend a career path or open new opportunities in the industry.

PEARL certified technicians have a unique combination of hands-on experience, practical knowledge and training which gives them the capability to recondition equipment that meets our high standards for safety and quality. 

Level I of the program is the entry Technician designation, while Level II is designated as an additional level of training for Technicians. This means that they can perform inspections, testing and reconditioning on a variety of electrical equipment such as circuit breakers, transformers, switchgear and motor controls. Level II Technicians must also be able to read and interpret equipment drawings, specifications and electrical schematics at the component level and recognize the warning signs for counterfeit products in the industry. PEARL plans to add additional Technician Certification Levels in the future.

A big thanks to the Tech Certification Committee for their tremendous work on this added program and benefit to PEARL Members. I would encourage you to challenge your team to utilize the training materials available on the PEARL website and obtain these important and valuable certifications.

Details on the Technician Certification program can be found on the PEARL website.

Wishing you the best,

Howard Herndon,  PEARL President
Electrical Industry News
New Roadmap for Reman Calls for Industry-Wide Collaboration
A comprehensive plan for the advancement of remanufacturing has been issued by the Golisano Center for Sustainability in Rochester, New York. "Technology Roadmap for Remanufacturing in the Circular Economy," offers 11 specific major research and development projects to help remanufacturing become a leading industry of the 21st century. Read more.  

The Supreme Court Just Bolstered Your Right to Repair Stuff
There's a reason everyone hates printers. They break, jam, and always run out of cyan ink - which, inexplicably, also breaks them. Even when they work, toner costs so much you have to give up avocado toast for a month to buy more. As Matthew Inman, one of the greatest poets of his time, famously said: "Either printer ink is made from unicorn blood or we're all getting screwed." Read more.

Lock-Out Tag-Out Practice and Seven Other Steps that Save Lives
Lock-Out/Tag-Out (LOTO) refers to the specific practices and guidelines to safeguard employees from the unexpected start-up, movement, activation, energizing, release of energy, etc. of machinery, equipment, plant, systems during service, maintenance or inspection activities. In short: to protect people involved in a certain job from getting hurt by the system they work on. Read more.

Credit Card Fraud Prevention in a Digital Age
May 16th was a regular day at Widespread Electrical Sales. Circuit breakers, bus plugs, all kinds of electrical products were being sold, reconditioned, and shipped just like any other day. It turned out that on this day, however, the company would have to deal with an issue that's all too familiar, yet easy to forget until it happens: credit card fraud. Read more.

RIT Hosts Two-Day World Remanufacturing Conference featuring Industry Leaders
Nearly 150 industry leaders from around the world gathered at Rochester Institute of Technology June 21-22 for the RIC-RIT World Remanufacturing Conference, receiving the latest briefings on best practices, emerging trends and issues of critical importance to the manufacturing industry. Read more.
PEARL Member Spotlight: R G Industries

Location : Santa Fe Springs, CA

PEARL Member Since: Inception of PEARL - 1997

What is your core business?: Electrical distribution ranging from molded case circuit breakers to low - medium voltage breakers and motor controls.

Why did you join PEARL?RG Industries joined PEARL to differentiate ourselves from the other mainstream electrical distribution/used equipment dealers that sell reconditioned items in order to set higher standards that our customers can be confident in.

What is the greatest benefit you receive from PEARL membership?: There are two great benefits that RG Industries receives from our PEARL membership: The first is that PEARL and its committees work very hard to keep up with new trends and industry testing standards, and the knowledge that comes with that resource is something we greatly value. The second highly valuable benefit is the other PEARL members that we are able to utilize, who not only have the product we want but also share our values and safety standards.

What do you think is the most important issue or trend in the reconditioning industry, and why?: The ever-growing electrical distribution market and the need to be sure we set our standards high so customers can rely on our product while maintaining comfort knowing reconditioned can be looked at as a value rather than a risk. It gives us more legitimacy when there is uncertainty in the market place.
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PEARL Expands its Technician Certification Program for the Reconditioning Industry
PEARL has launched a new phase of its Technician Certification Program. This program allows individuals to become recognized as a Certified Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Technician. Level II of the program is now available. Read more.

Newly-Branded PEARL Seals Now Available
Both the blue reconditioning seals and the green inspect and test seals with new branding are now available for full PEARL members. Please contact headquarters to exchange your current seals with the new ones today!

PEARL Board Meeting Scheduled for July 11
The PEARL Board of Directors welcomes you to join the July board meeting, Tuesday, July 11, 1pm-2:30pm ET. To join the call, please use the call-in details below. To receive the agenda and additional materials being reviewed, please email PEARL headquarters at to be included.

Dial: 866-210-1669
Participant Code: 936-3604#
PEARL Technician Certification
Level I Technicians
Click here to learn more about how you or your technician can become PEARL certified.

Level II Technicians
Be one of the first graduates of the newly released Level II program! Full details and how to apply can be found on the Technician Certification webpages.