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Week of June 5, 2017
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Feeding heart, mind, and spirit

Outside the window of the TSC office we have a bird feeder where songbirds gather, and squirrels regularly 'invade'. For some of us chasing the squirrels away from bird feeders is the only way we get exercise! Since life's little annoyances are often occasions for 'free spiritual direction', reflecting on the chasing of squirrels suggests there isn't enough food for the birds. It implies a theology of scarcity in a world where  The Creator has abundantly endowed us with what we need. 

The month of May featured several retreats that offered spiritual and intellectual nourishment in abundance for participants. We began with the Associates' Retreat (Associates of the Community of the Transfiguration) led by Sr. Diana Doncaster; sponsored a retreat with Kathleen Dowling Singh on the "Grace in Living"; and welcomed a group of church women who spent time with ASAP (Always Say a Prayer). W e also welcomed rabbinical students who were engaging the topic of ethics. The themes of these retreats fed the souls of the participants and permeated the walls.   

At every turn, we at TSC seek to provide a place where the soul and mind can be nurtured, and we understand from our guests that the culinary arts of our kitchen staff round out the experience.

Our kitchen staff is comprised of both full and part time individuals. 
Nick Smith is 'on call' to our staff. On a full time basis, Nick directs the food service needs at St. Joseph Home in Cincinnati. He has been working in the St. Mary's kitchen for over 7 years, and now helps out when his schedule and our needs converge. His wife is a staff member at St. Monica's Recreation Center, another ministry of the Sisters. Nick's connections and roots with the Community of the Transfiguration are deep and wide.

Photo by Faith Lang

Liza Wilford just received her Associate of Arts degree and begins this fall  working on her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Her 16-hour a week schedule puts her in the kitchen many evenings and weekends. She has been part of the kitchen staff for four years and is one of our resident cookie and brownie bakers.

Early Registration Discount
The Rt. Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori will lead a retreat September 29-October 1
CREATION AND CLIMATE: Just Living or Living Justly?

Please join us for a weekend retreat led by Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori that invites us to reflect on justice through the lens of creation and the environment. She will bring her love of creation and passion for justice together during this time of reflection.

Registration is open for this retreat:
Early Registration discount of $210 for overnight and $110 for commuters. 

After August 1 the price goes to $250 and $150 respectively. 

For overnight registration simply go to our  website and sign up! Commuters can register by calling TSC at 513.771.2171, or email ctretreats@gmail.com.

  Yellow roses burst into bloom near the dining patio.
      Photo by Faith Lang

Some days there is nothing more exquisite than observing a rose bush begin to bloom. The wonder and beauty of creation are encapsulated in the unfolding of the petals of a flower whose color changes depending on the day and the light. As you continue your daily routines, may you find roses along the way that give you pause -- and help you honor the Creator and creation. 
(The Rev.) Anne Reed
Director of Engagement
Transfiguration Spirituality Center
A Place Of Outrageous Hope and Extravagant Hospitality
Father's Day June 18 - Thistle Farms gifts for 'him'
Hand made by women survivors of trafficking, prostitution and addiction, Thistle Farms now offers (and we sell) Cooling Shave Gel.
We also offer other Thistle Farm products suitable for gifts -- to yourself or someone else!