Each year our community grows and we feel the boost as we continue to educate, empower, and erase stigma. Thank you for demonstrating support in a multitude of ways throughout May, Mental Health Awareness Month; your impact was substantial!

As we strive to thrive, make this a time of connecting with others. Studies show that social connection improves our physical and psychological well being, up to 50%! Not to fret if you are shy or prefer to be alone, your connection can come from within. Read more in the article here to learn how.

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Mental Health Awareness Month Blog/ Vlog Contest Winners!
Winning vlog:  "How I Eliminated Self-Stigma", starring Amy Gamble!

Winning blog:  The Torn Open Book With Sparkly Pages by Eliza Dimapilis

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In honor of Men's Health Month this month, Dennis Gillan is issuing a call to action to MEN to get comfortable talking about and seeking treatment for MENtal Health conditions. Share this clip with your communities to help bring awareness to the issue of men's mental health!
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by Kelly C. Kirby, MS, LPCC

Journey To Recovery
by Thomas R. Grinley
Ask the Expert
Your questions answered by the scientific community

This month's expert: 
Dr. Stephen Hinshaw
Question: What is stigma, and what effect does it have on people with bipolar disorder and their families?
Answer: Stigma is the psychological shunning and even shaming of members of "outgroups" not favored by mainstream society.   Despite great progress in understanding and treating many forms of mental illness, stigma remains strong in this area, at the levels of policy (e.g., lack of parity for mental health coverage), media coverage (which still features images of violence and incompetence), and low levels of social contact (driven by fear and stereotypes).  The potential unpredictability of manic and depressive cycles may fuel stigma against bipolar disorder per se.  Of particular concern is the tendency for members of stigmatized groups to internalize society's messages and biases, fueling self-stigma--a key predictor, in mental health, of failing to engage in needed treatments.  Even more, family members must often battle associated stigma (formerly called "courtesy stigma") in their efforts to support their affected relatives.   
Signs of progress are apparent: Think of self-help and advocacy groups, more accurate and humanized media coverage, and spreading knowledge of the real benefits of evidence-based treatments for improving the lives of countless individuals experiencing bipolar disorder.  In the end, it will take far better access to proven treatments, along with greater empathy and support on the part of the general public, to turn the tide. 

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Mental Health Books

There's a difference between learning to be alone, and feeling isolated and unlovable. Human contact can help with the isolation that bipolar depression can create.
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