June 2018 Newsletter
Thank you for your prayers and your continued financial support as we  assist and recover from the recent volcano eruption.  CEDEPCA has had over $15,000 donated and support continues to come.  The Disaster Team has visited the affected areas so they may write proposals for specific projects.  The psychologists will begin preparation for psycho-social support workshops.  We will keep you updated as our Disaster team continues its work.
For most students and teachers in the US, June marks the beginning of summer and a break from studies and classrooms. At CEDEPCA, courses in the Biblical and Theological Education Program and the Biblical Pastoral Institute continue throughout the year on a schedule of trimesters. Read more about how individuals, churches, and communities are being transformed through what these students are learning.
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This month, we give thanks to PC(USA) Mission Co-worker, Leslie Vogel, Second Presbyterian Church and our latest groups.  Find out why!
Thank you for all your support.  Without it, we could not continue to change Guatemala one student at a time.
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 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Signs of Transformation... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Written by: Anoldo Aguilar
Translated by: Leslie Vogel 
With great joy we begin the 2018 academic year, offering multiple educational options with the "Road to Emmaus" Biblical and Theological Formation program ( FBT for its initials in Spanish). Using the slogan "Education that transforms," we offer courses that train/empower men and women to exercise their leadership so that-from their contexts, communities and churches, and rooted in the Gospel-they will recognize and address the great challenges society presents.

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CEDEPCA USA has updated their website to include a direct link to make donations via PayPal. https://www.cedepca.us/donate

Supporting those affected by the volcano?  Honoring a graduate? Thinking about an alternative wedding gift or Father's Day present? Consider making a donation in honor of a loved one, and be a part of transforming lives in Guatemala!

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 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Giving Thanks ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We give Thanks to  
Leslie Vogel!! 
It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our Intercultural Encounter Facilitator, the Reverend Leslie Vogel, PC(USA) Mission Co-worker and Group Facilitator.  We give thanks to Leslie for her valuable performance, Christian commitment and cooperation working for education, justice and peace.  

We are excited that she will be staying here in Guatemala City as she has accepted the position of Presbyterian World Mission's regional liaison for Guatemala and Mexico.

Thank you  
Second Presbyterian Church!!

It is with utmost appreciation that we give thanks to Second Presbyterian Church of Richmond, VA, for their generous donation. Through a Capital Campaign drive they raised enough donations to provide a much needed vehicle, a 2018 4-wheel drive, Suzuki Granvitara.  It came just in time for our Disaster Team to reach the areas most affected by the volcano.
Thank you!!!
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Thanks for coming! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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