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Visual Vacation
summer asian pears

Our pears and our trees require some care and attention this time of year by our crew...particularly as our pears are still quite small. But we don't mind working in the orchard during these hot days as the views of our pears hanging among the leaves is so peaceful and beautiful. It's a visual vacation. 

Hard to believe that in three months' time, we'll be starting to pick these Asian Pears... and even better, eating them. Want to be the first in your neighborhood to receive our pears this Fall? 

Email us to be notified when the first, fresh Asian Pears are ready for shipping. Sweet, crunchy and oh so juicy!

dried pear snacks
Summertime Snacking
Always a must have elegant ingredient for menu creation & innovation, but on their own....our dried Asian Pears are something carefree to toss in your beach bag for healthy & sweet munching anywhere & anytime.

Our all-natural dried Asian Pears are filling as well.  We love them when we get hungry and dinner is hours away.  Another tip: when you shop online select US Mail for shipping savings!

Lemon Cheesecake & dried  
Asian Pear crust

We enjoy creamy, sweet and refreshing desserts particularly this time of year, don't you?

With zips of lemon and teased with our chewy dried Asian Pears , this cheesecake is a crowd-pleaser for summer parties and picnics. Its also 
easy to prepare; don't we all want simple, simple this time of year?

dried asian pear cheesecake

Click here  for this luscious recipe  from Chef Lesle.