Our Council is On the Move!
Are You Keeping Up?
Dear Brothers and Sisters:

A lot has happened since we published our first e-newsletter earlier in the year. This issue will recap what we've been up to, but there are some major advancements that I call to your attention immediately:

In early April, we successfully completed grand opening activities for the Houston Carpenters & Millwrights Training Center in Pasadena, Texas. A ribbon-cutting, skills competition, Chamber of Commerce award/gathering and a high school open house displayed our capabilities in the Gulf Coast to a host of audiences. It was a great 24 hours that I believe will further our efforts to secure more work in the region. I urge you to read more about it, below.

It is also my pleasure to announce that the Central South Carpenters mobile app is now available for downloading. Check out the story on that. I urge you to download the app for your iOS or Android mobile device. Our Council is on the move - this app will ensure that you are keeping up with our news, events, and opportunities.

All of our work centers on achieving our Council goals. Reaching these goals means more work for our members. Our current goals are:
Finally, I extend to every member the sincere wish for a great summer! Thank you for your efforts. Your hard work is noticed and appreciated!
Yours in Solidarity,
Jason B. Engels, EST
Central South Carpenters: By the Numbers
The number of hours our members worked in 2017 is 5% more than what we totaled in 2016. We logged more than 4.71 million hours in 2017 - 231,446 more than the prior year. That type of success is squarely on the shoulders of our members and staff! Great job, all!
How we collect those man hours is tracked constantly by the staff, in order to pick up trends and keep as many skills in-demand as possible for our members. Here's a four-year comparison of our largest industries. Flooring only began getting tracked as it's own industry as of 2017.
Our membership mostly hovers around the 5,000 member mark. We thought you would be interested in seeing how that membership is distributed throughout our Locals.
Thousands of members turn in great work, everyday, under the Central South Carpenters' banner. Our scaffolding abilities recently caught the attention of the construction publication, BIC Magazine. Here's the article , and a few other examples:

Our training program is doing an excellent job, as always. Here's a snapshot of our training numbers for the first three months of 2018:
Louisiana Continues Its Excellent Outreach
Here's a reprint of a great report given recently by the CSCRC Training Fund of Louisiana...
Top: For nonunion carpenters.
Mid: For new carpenters,
Bottom: For military vets
Our Member Leaders
Our members are going the extra mile to acquire leadership skills to use in their union hall, on the job site and in the community.
40 of our members participated in a new program offered by the UBC called the 212 Journeymen: Next Level UBC Leaders . The program focuses on Journeymen Leaders who have committed to utilizing the skills learned in UBC Journeymen: Building Leadership for a Strong Future program and embraced the characteristics of a transformational leader as active members of the UBC workforce. They are:
Damarquis Blow
Jorge Calderon
Michael Gibson
Troy Jupiter
Dolffus Smith
Dennis Walker, Jr.
George Araujo
John Chalmers
Francisco Banda
Benjamin Thompson
Francisco Marquez
Antonio Carbajal
Dario Portillo
Jesus Mercado
Wade Clay
Jerry Marea
Michael Sabatucci
David Alton
Jesse Leonor
Lonnie Hawkins
Preston Williams
Roy Smith
Ryan Griffith
Steven LeBlanc
Lorenzo Lane
James Wells
Robert Gilmore
Gary Perkins
Nicholas Cain
Garrit Van Vliet
Torrence Stoval
John Epperson, II
Corey Price
Michael Thornton
Warren Neal, Jr.
Alex Ornelas
Terry Darling
Gary Warren
Douglas Wilkinson
Congratulations to the latest class of 3rd Year Apprentices (shown, below) for completing their leadership training earlier this month!
It's always the right time to get involved in Union politics! Make your voice heard! We employ an inclusive and nonpartisan effort to support candidates who champion the goals of working people, promote needed infrastructure investments, and support fair trade.

 Latest News:
Sisters in the Brotherhood

Our Sisters in the Brotherhood program supports female members by providing assistance in obtaining craft training and leadership skills; by being advocates on women issues; and by mentoring new members and even potential members. The Sisters of the Central South Carpenters Regional Council are making an impact on the industry every day. They are working on jobsites, training fellow members, and leading committees.

Around the Council
Carpenters Illustrate the Ability to Be a Reliable
Provider of Gulf Coast Manpower Solutions
About 300 construction, business and legislative leaders from the Gulf Coast region learned, recently, why partnering with union carpenters is a sound business decision.

They all gathered at the Houston Carpenters & Millwrights Training Center Grand Opening festivities to see, first-hand how this 52,000 square-foot facility can solve manpower issues.

The center was established specifically to meet manpower needs of the industrial and petrochemical sectors. We were also honored to host UBC General President Doug McCarron (shown above with EST Engels), General Secretary-Treasurer Andy Silins, District Vice Presidents David Tharp (Mid-West) and Dennis Donahou (Southern), and UBC International Training Fund Executive Director Bill Irwin.
Returning the Favor
in New Orleans
A great initiative in New Orleans is highlighted in this episode of Returning the Favor with Mike Rowe. One young gentleman interviewed has joined the Central South Carpenters! Take a look!
Texas Carpenter Gets the Stage to Shows His Great Drywalling Skills
Congratulations to Austin carpenter Eric Oquendo of Local 1266 for his great showing in the UBC Southern District Drywall Olympics. Read more.
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