June 2018 Sustainability News
Inside this issue: City Adopts Sustainability Plan, Untangling Energy, 2017 Water Quality Report, Marine Flare Disposal, Oaks Mall Sustainability
City Adopts Sustainability Plan
On June 19, City Council adopted a Sustainability Plan for operating the City in a clean, efficient, and environmentally friendly way. This was listed under the Top Ten City Council Priorities for FY 2017-2018. The Plan is organized around areas under the direct control of...

Water Quality That's Hard to Beat!
Lead in municipal drinking water has been making headlines in the news over the last few years since contamination was discovered in the Flint, Michigan water system, which had dangerous levels of...

Marine Flares: A Guide to Proper Disposal and Safer Alternatives
Remember the scene from Jaws 2 (*spoiler alert*)? The one where the bikini-clad water-skier is eaten by the fearsome creature right before...

Shop 'Til You Drop...to Zero!
In today’s world, it is well-documented that many consumers consider the environmental impact of the products they buy. When consumers reward products and brands by  ...

Untangling Energy
The world of energy is moving fast due to technology changes and “smart” devices, electrification of transportation, the rise of Community Choice Energy programs, expansion of renewables, battery energy storage and...

Upcoming Events & Workshops
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Get Informed About Emergency Preparedness!
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