JUNE 2018

A message from the President & Founder, Lauren Genkinger

Thankfully, many of you have asked how best to put AGA in your Wills
and Trusts.  We are extremely grateful you feel this way towards
AGA.  Yes, we are classified as a 501(c)(3) with the IRS.  We are
in the process of updating our giving section on our website so
we can address all of your questions.  We have recently had the opportunity to establish an Endowment Fund independently managed
by an investment firm, that was made possible by an anonymous grant.  Use of monies earned by this fund will be restricted to operating expenses.
We hope that having this Endowment Fund will encourage our
supporters to give to the future of AGA.
With deep appreciation!  

  Things have been pretty rough in my six or seven years, especially lately.
I was lost and I am sick with heartworms, and ear infections and a broken tooth.
Besides that, I have other kinds of worms and I need an eye doctor. At first,
I was scared when the people from the shelter found me because I was hurting
from a wire I got tangled up in but it was actually a relief.   
Click Here to learn more about Wylie! 

Adoption Day
Sunday, JUNE 3, 12 noon - 2 p.m. at 
4958 Lower Roswell Rd #124, Marietta, GA 30068

Welcome Back Stella!
For those of you who have been following the whereabouts of Stella, here is an account of her being found:
Stella decided to keep us on the edge of our seats for 11 very long days! She is now back in the security of our loving arms.
The finale occurred 5/31 at 12:42AM within a large enclosure that she has been acclimated to for many days. It was strategically armed last night with a closing mechanism. She triggered the sensor and was scared for a few seconds. Katie Winter and Laura Maggioli soothed her within a minute. After some quiet time, Laura took her to the Vet for a checkup and bath.
Stella is back with us because of all the prayers, and positive thoughts from all of you. You all kept her from traveling too far with your thoughts, and she did listen. The process was meticulously and patiently guided by The Retrievers. Their expertise was essential in Stella's return and the reason she is back! Please take some time to visit their site ( https://theretrievers.org/) and Facebook pages.
From this writer's perspective, she was assigned the appropriate name. Picture the scene of Marlon Brando desperately crying "STELLA" in the classic movie Streetcar Named Desire. That is the anguish I believe we all felt.
This was all accomplished with the amazing help of:
Katie Winter - foster mom
Mary and John Bach - foster parents/home where rescue took place
Laura Maggioli
Deb Shattuck
Devon Treadwell - our case Manager with RAGOM and The Retrievers out of Minnesota
Joyce Hagen - also with The Retrievers
Lana Kollross
Lorraine McHugh
Elizabeth Laney
Linda Urheim
Amy Comstock - Forsyth Humane Society
Hall County Animal Shelter
Jeanne Flaim
Karen Gillespie
Anne Pool
Kelly Newby
Steve Kollross

 AGA Brewery Series is here!
Sunday, June 24th - 12:30 pm 

Come out for a great time benefiting Adopt a Golden Atlanta!

Join us as we partner up with SweetWater Brewing Company to kick off the
AGA Brewery Series!

You and your four-legged best friend are invited as we spend the day celebrating
Goldens with the launch of SweetWater's new Golden Ale!  You can also take home
a very special AGA/SweetWater pint glass with your beer purchase that day.
Supplies are limited so don't be late.

VIP Packages will be available for pre-purchase. We will post the link to that as
soon as it is available on our Facebook page.

Please note that dogs are allowed on the patio and in the tasting room.
No dogs are permitted inside the actual brewery itself. Any dog in attendance
must be supervised and on a leash at all times. Please use the designated
area for doggy potty breaks.


CAPC forecasts problematic heartworm, Lyme in 2018 
The Companion Animal Parasite Council released  
its annual parasite forecast, and the news isn't good. The agency projects an increase in prevalence of heartworm and Lyme disease,  
and heartworm is predicted to continue its aggressive spread across the U.S.



Resource Guarding: 5 Things To Do
When Your Dog Guards a Toy,
Bone, Treat, or Bed.

Resource guarding may be a natural,
normal dog behavior

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Congratulations to all of our pups who found their forever homes in April & May. 
Hobbs               Dublin TDFV6    
Quinn TDFV7        Blondie   
    Bravo                Anya
    Sir Henry            Rio
Goldie Locks         Big Boy
Dakota               Snow TD17
Heinz                Errol TDFV6
Crystal TD17        Manny
Jack                 Shaggy
Gigi TDFV8          Bella
Archie               Marshall 
Thank you to all the foster families who helped these orphans (and thank you to the flight volunteers who bring the Turkey dogs) find their forever families!

Too much Golden hair? 

AGA benefits when you buy 
Bissell  floor cleaning products.   Shop here  then enter the code "ADOPT" in the coupon or redemption box and select Adopt a Golden Atlanta for a chance for us to win a $5,000 drawing per quarter.
Shop at Kroger?
Put AGA as your charity and Kroger will make a donation. 
Just register your card for free  here using our NPO number 67180 and shop like usual to help support AGA.

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