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Volume 63, Issue 5 | June 2018   
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 Homestead Valley Artist Series

By Christine Wichman
Texture, shape, color and light make our world beautiful and interesting. Painting provides me the privilege of both capturing and recreating the relationship these elements bring to our day to day lives. Seeing- really seeing- is an art form. Finding beauty all around us is the work of the artist's mind. It all starts  with seeing.   Art has always been a passion of mine. My father was a wonderful artist, and one of my brothers an excellent artist as well.
As a young woman, I studied art and design at the University of Washington, in Seattle. Over the years, painting classes have kept me experimenting with various techniques and products. Philip Sherrod, a New York painter, taught classes in South Orange New Jersey, which I was fortunate to participate in during our four years in the New York area (2005-2009). I have recently taken classes with Kay Carlson, Wayne Jiang, Chester Arnold and several other local  artists.
Acrylic has been my first choice, as it dries quickly. However, because acrylic dries so quickly, I have searched and discovered several nontoxic mediums, such as oil of spike lavender, which allow me to paint with oils without creating toxic fumes - very exciting!   I hope you enjoy my paintings. Please say hello during the opening reception - Sunday, June 3,  4:00-6:00 PM upstairs at the Community Center.

An Annual 
Homestead Valley Celebration

4 th of July  Parade & Picnic

Wednesday, July 4
11AM - 1:30 PM
Stolte Grove

11:00 Parade
(Line-up begins @ 10:30 at Volunteer Park)
11:30 BBQ Picnic & Party

Please WALK to Stolte Grove even if you do not join the parade.
There is virtually No Parking  in the area!!

Homestead Valley Prepares...

By Jim Derich

Recommendations from Southern Marin Fire District (SMFD)
  • Form neighborhood groups - create disaster plan: during the Sonoma fires, neighbors were often 1st responders - especially when there was no cell service
  • Create defensible space around home and throughout neighborhood - arrange with SMFD for a FREE home fire safety inspection
  • Prepare emergency supplies - water, non-perishable food for 7 days, flashlights and batteries, wrench for gas shutoff, Grab & Go Bag, sturdy shoes under your bed
  • Order installation of reflective address placards from HVCA/HVLT
Homestead Firewise & Safety Committee responses to these
recommendations :
  • Homestead Firewise Committee worked with 27 Madrone Park Circle residents (encompassing 7 acres) to help fund defensible spaces thus significantly reducing wildfire risk
  • HV Safety Committee organized neighborhood Blocks - 30 of 69 Homestead Blocks now have Block Contacts who have begun to develop a communication network and familiarize residents with our disaster preparedness plan
  • HV Safety Committee has sponsored meetings for the entire community with at least one yearly meeting. At these meetings you can meet representatives from SMFD, Disaster Supply Center, Marin Sheriff's Department, address subjects related to emergency supplies, defensible space, emergency alerts, evacuation routes and procedures.
  • HV Firewise and Safety Committees have implemented a process for ordering and having installed reflective address placards for HV residents. Free to Seniors, small donation for non-seniors. 
For more information please contact Jim Derich ( ) or Kris Cann ( )
Homestead Valley History by Chuck Oldenburg
Homestead Terrace

First published in January 2001

The apartment complex on Linden Lane between Montford and Evergreeen has an interesting history. In 1903, Michael J. Maguire of South Carolina purchased this parcel of land and built a large two story house for his wife Winifred Crowe from County Cork Ireland and their three children. In the 1950's, his son Red lived there with his wife, Jean Maguire Mitchell, acclaimed cellist, co-founder of the Marin Symphony, Milley award winner and present day Homestead resident. In 1967, Homestead Terrace replaced the Maguire house, but not without considerable controversy. The March 1966 issue of the Homestead Headlines had the following lead article:  County Plans Old-Folks Housing for Linden Lane Property - Some Objections Raised at General Meeting - Not Much Choice, Anyway .

Housing for the low-income elderly is being built at selected locations in the county now. Homestead Valley is going to be one location. If the housing authority is sufficiently enamored of the Linden Lane property between Evergreen and Montford, all the tears and breast-beating in the world won't help.

However, need we weep? We are pleased with the horizontal integration of Homestead - varied races, religions, professions, avocations - and the vertical integration also helps save the valley from tract-like sterility. This is not a community of button-down junior executives in their 30's with a Saran-wrapped family in tidy, look-alike houses. We also have little old ladies who slowly walk little old dogs along twisting roads.

Elderly men share flower clippings, and maybe even shake canes at kids. Older people add a dimension of stability and continuity - and unpredictability - to a community. Fifty elderly ladies and gentlemen are not going to add nearly the traffic to the valley that 50 younger people would. And for a block or two along Evergreen, we can live with them.

The Campbell and Wong plan calls for 30 units: 20 single- and 10 multiple-occupant apartments grouped in a hopefully visually pleasant manner. From here the elderly can walk to shops, along the roads of Homestead (already used by so many that a few more isn't going to make much difference), to the village library. And they will be able to rent at prices they can pay.

What would you rather see on the lot? We aren't going to be lucky enough to preserve nothing for very long. All the fields full of nothing are going to be full of people unless community action is taken soon. You don't want the Housing Authority? What DO you want? And what are you willing to do to get it?  This article written by W.G.
E-Headlines Green Delivery Starts This Summer

The time has arrived,...this is the last issue of the Homestead Headlines in this format. In our continued effort to make the best use of limited resources and be a more "green" organization, the Homestead Valley Community Association will publish only the digital version of the Homestead Headlines starting this summer. The newsletter will be delivered 100% via email (and always available on our website,
However, for those without access to a computer, we offer an "opt-in" mailing list so you can receive a printed version of the digital Headlines. Simply contact us to request first-class postage mailing and you will receive a plain, printed document. It will no longer be formatted like the old Headlines, but you will still be able to receive a printed version via mail.
We are committed to continuing the long tradition of the monthly newsletter, but, as noted before, the printing and mailing of the Headlines is such a significant expense, the Board of Directors believes it can better serve the community by putting these dollars to use elsewhere. Plus, the digital Headlines is also viewable in color, something that is cost-prohibitive in the printed format.
If you haven't already, please email and provide your full name, street and email addresses to ensure continued digital delivery. You may view current and archived issues of the Headlines, at our web site: under "Homestead Headlines."

Recipe Exchange
Best Hot Fudge Sauce
By Marilyn 

Are you expecting some  teenagers coming for a visit? Or would most any
of your family like a little summer surprise on a hot day? Remember,
You better have some ice cream ready also!
Combine 8 0z , chopped dark 
chocolate with 7 tsp. softened
butter, 1/2 cup sugar,1/2 heavy
cream and 1/2 cup hot water in
the top of a double boiler.
Melt chocolate mixture, stirring with a
wooden spoon over simmering
water in  medium low heat about
5 minutes.
Remove from heat & stir in 1 tsp. vanilla extract & a pinch of salt. Serve warm over ice cream. Enjoy!  
Save the Date... 

First Day of Summer Camp

Monday, June 11


Save the Date...

Sustainable Homestead Presents... 

A documentary for a sea of change...
one plastic straw 
at a time

Sunday, June 24
6:30 PM
Community Center

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