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  2. Israeli Film Fest Photos
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  5. Pearl Society
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  7. Tzofim Friendship Caravan
  8. Federation Feeds
  9. Campus Buzz
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  11. Lion of Judah Luncheon
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On June 6th, NC House of Representatives passed H1069 by unanimous vote:


It was an important and moving moment for Jewish communities throughout North Carolina. Thank you to Rep. John Hardister, Rep. Stephen Ross, Rep. John Szoka and Rep. Ken Goodman for their leadership of the resolution.

When legislative session ended, lawmakers joined Federation leadership and communities from Raleigh-Cary, Greensboro, Durham-Chapel and Charlotte at the NC History Museum for a big celebration. Letters of recognition were presented from NC Senator Norman Sanderson, Congressman George Holding and US Senator Thom Tillis.

Israeli Film Festival a Slam Dunk!
Thanks to everyone who made our first Israeli Film Festival a success! Over 100 people came to our first screening alone!  
This screening of  On the Map included special guest Aulcie Perry, one of the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball players on the team 
featured in the film
Community Conversations

Last month, the community came together to hear two very special guest speakers. On May 17th, we welcomed Stephanie Hausner, the Deputy Director for the Israel Action Network. The Israel Action Network (IAN) is a strategic initiative of The Jewish Federations of North America, in partnership with 
the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, created to counter assaults made on Israel's legitimacy. 

Stephanie is an expert on BDS, and was an inspiring spe aker, helping us to understand that, although we may not agree on everything, we must always keep the lines of communication open. 

On May 30th, we got a packed house at the JCC for  Doron Ezickson, Regional Director of the ADL-Washington DC Region. We learned more about how our community can be informed, mobilized, and open for dialogue. Of particular interest is the ADL collaboration with the Federation on creating 'No Place for Hate' schools in NC. There is already one school in Asheville...stay tuned!

The 3rd Annual 
J FS Senior Connections Resource Fair
An afternoon that could make the difference in your life or the life of a loved one

Sunday, June 10th
Temple Beth Or (Satisky Hall)
FREE to the public

Representatives will be present and distributing information from a variety of organizations. Examples include:
  • Senior living communities
  • Home care & Adult day care agencies
  • Mental health providers
  • Certified financial planners
  • Government agencies serving seniors
  • Long-term care insurance representatives
  • Learning and volunteer opportunities
  • And many more!
New vendors include Americare RDU, Chefs for Seniors, and Clear Captions!

JFS social workers will be onsite to address concerns, provide counsel, and help navigate attendees to resources that will be the most helpful for their needs.

The power to make informed, personalized choices about how you want to engage in the aging process is in your hands!

For more information, click here:  
PearlsJFRC Welcomes 
the Pearl Society!

Our community has benefited from the generosity of Lions of Judah and Pomegranates for years. We are excited to announce a new opportunity for women's philanthropy--
the Pearl Society!

The Pearl Society is for a new generation of women who want to make a difference in our community, Israel, and Jewish communities worldwide. 

Pearls are a community of women who want to connect with friends, volunteer, and provide meaningful impact and change. We will also have plenty of fun, social events.

Parlor Meeting
June 24th @ 10am
Location TBD

Come to our next parlor meeting to learn more about the Pearl Society, eat and drink with friends, and enjoy a guest speaker.

Meet our chairwoman,
Samantha Griffin!
Pearl Society members donate at least $180 to the Federation's annual campaign.  Check out our Facebook group for the latest news on events and volunteer opportunities!  

For more information, contact chairwoman Samantha Griffin at  


PJ L ibrary┬«  program  provides a free gift of a high-quality, age-appropriate Jewish b ook or CD mailed to the home every month. 

PJ Library was brought to Wake County with generous funding from the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and our  PJ Library Benefactor Circle.

-Susan and Steven Reinhard
-Jane Pinsky and Richard Adelman,  in memory of Ellen Adelman  
-Stacy and Craig Becher  
-Sarah Fuerst, in memory of Bob Fuerst
-Ann and George Tosky
-Carole Guld
-The Jewish Federation Lions of Judah

Want to be a part of PJ Library? Want to get the PJ Newsletter? Sign up here'Like' our PJ Library Facebook page to get news of PJ Library programs in the community. Interested in becoming a member of the PJ Library Benefactor Circle? Contact Tina Schultz
Tzofim Friendship Caravan Performance

The Tzofim Friendship Caravan is celebrating over 40 years of bringing excitement, energy, and friendship to North America!

Ten amazing teens bring a message of hope and peace for Israel through song and dance.

This event is FREE and open to the public.
To register, CLICK HERE:  


Hungry for a good time?
Save the Date 
Federation Feeds, a fun "food-raiser" for JFS!

Thursday, October 4th, 6:30-9:30pm
Traine, 121 Seaboard Avenue

Federation Feeds pays tribute to the culinary excellence of local restaurants within our community, while raising significant awareness of the mission of Raleigh-Cary Jewish Family Services. This evening will include:
  • Restaurants presenting signature dishes for tasting
  • Interactive activities
  • Silent auction
  • Cash bar
  • Music
Thank you to our generous sponsors:

Venue Sponsor

Restaurateur Sponsors
Amy Bush Commercial/Keller Willaims
Circle Graphics
Duke Raleigh Hospital

Cafe Sponsors
The Postal Solutions Companies

Patron Sponsors
Mel and Sue Bernay
Donna Cohen
Silber Psychological Services

Interested in becoming a sponsor?
Learn more by clicking here:  
Pipe Down!

Construction crews have fully completed laying 2,000+ feet of storm pipes and 400+ feet of utility pipes throughout the eastern campus. That's equivalent to about 8 football fields of underground pipes!

The storm pipes are used to collect and contain storm water, preventing unnecessary erosion and rutting all over campus. The water is ultimately discharged into the organic retaining ponds (or, Bio-Cell ponds).

When a pipe is laid more than 4 feet underground, important safety laws must be followed. One option is to put a steel trench box in the ditch to prevent caving and protect the crews, as seen here.

Are you interested in getting involved with our  growing  Jewish Community Campus? 
Contact Tami Kirk today!

If you are interested in a campus naming opportunity,
please contact 

Meet Dolev!

The JCC is excited to introduce you to the new  Raleigh  Tribe Program Coordinator Dolev Zaharony !

Dolev recently relocated to North Carolina from California. While there, he was part of ENGAJ, a group that hosts many events for Jewish young professionals in collaboration with the Palo Alto JCC and Stanford Hillel.  Dolev has also served on the board of the Palo Alto JCC and the Israel Committee at the San Francisco Jewish Federation. He holds a Masters Degree in Political Science from Tel Aviv University and does marketing for tech companies.

To learn more about upcoming Tribe programs for Jewish young professionals and graduate students in their 20's and 30's, connect with Dolev by e-mailing him at

The Raleigh-Cary JCC strives to create an atmosphere of support 
and community engagement at all of our programs. More information about the JCC and upcoming programs can be found at


Lion of Judah Luncheon

Amy Bush, LOJ Chair, led the Lion of Judah Annual Luncheon. This year's luncheon was held at the Gregg Museum, and the Lions were treated to a wonderful presentation by Gregg founder Charlotte Wainwright. The highlight of the lunch was the presentation of the national Kipnis-Wilson/Fri endland Award for community service. The recipient was Claudia Kadis. Kol Ha'Kavod, Claudia!


Dear Dorit,

I am Jewish, and my husband was raised Catholic but fell away from it as an adult. We have a son who is less than a year old and we plan to raise him Jewish. My in-laws were never entirely comfortable with my husband leaving the faith. Now they are making jokes about secretly baptizing my son, even after I ask them to stop and tell them why it offends me. How to I put the kibosh on this?

Anxious in Apex 

Dear Anxious,

You have already told them to stop, and they continue to make these "jokes." Boundaries only work if they are enforced. Try this 3-step approach:

1. The first time they bring up baptism, state the boundary. "I know you mean it as a joke, but I don't think it's funny. I have already explained to you why it makes me uncomfortable. Please stop making these jokes."
2. The 2nd time they bring it up, remind them of the boundary. "When I asked you to stop joking about this, I meant it. Please don't bring this up again."
3. The 3rd time they bring it up, enforce the boundary by ending the conversation. Hang up the phone, leave their house, and take the baby with you. "Goodbye.  Let's try this again another day."

Lather, rinse, repeat. Hopefully, they will get the idea that they will only have access to you and their grandchild if they treat you in a respectful way. If you have any reason to believe that they might follow through on their "only a joke" secret baptism, I think that is reason enough to not let your son be around your in-laws unsupervised.  Also, where is your husband in all of this, and does he back you up?
Dear Dorit,

My husband and I love hosting people for Shabbat dinners, but we've seen an annoying pattern develop. People come over, enjoy our food and hospitality, but they never reciprocate. How do we get them to invite us to Shabbat dinner?

Always a Host, Never a Guest
Dear Host,

I'd invite you to my Shabbat dinner, but I'm not sure how I would fit you into the computer.

There are many reasons why people might not return the invitation to a Shabbat dinner. They might not feel like their home is large or clean enough for entertaining. They might feel tired after a long day of work and not up to hosting people on Friday night. They might have a chronic illness that leaves them with no energy to host. Maybe they just plain hate to cook. If you keep kosher, they might be unsure of how strict you are, or if their kitchen is fit for your dietary needs.

If the guests are new acquaintances, let it go and take consolation in the fact that you are performing the mitzvah of Welcoming Guests. If the guests are good friends, it doesn't hurt to ask in a friendly way. "Are you planning on hosting Shabbat dinner soon? We would love to come and bring dessert!" You can also choose to take a couple weeks off from hosting, or wait longer periods between inviting the same people. Ultimately, remember that your friends probably show their love for you in other ways, and friendship is not about keeping exact score.

At this JCRC event, we can spot Mort Lurie, Mike Schaul, Alan Senzel, Tom Roberg, Randy Drawas, Lee Green, and Mary Gut.  Who else do you see?
JFS Managing Director Barry Schwartz (right corner)
with the May 2018 Searstone Grant Recipients
-Congratulations to Raleigh-Cary JFS for receiving a grant from Searstone/Lutheran Services Carolinas!  The grant will go towards expanding the JFSGo and Mitzvah Meal programs.

-Congratulations to Aliza Bricklin, the new President-Elect of the Hadassah Southern Seaboard Region! Aliza will be installed as the President on January 27th, 2019.

-Congratulations to JFRC employee Tina Schultz, who has been promoted to PJ Library Program Manager! Thanks to Tina's work, Raleigh-Cary has the 2nd fastest-growing PJ Library program in the country!

I f you have a bissel news, contact
to be added to the  Jews In the News Section of our next newsletter.

July 13-19th

August 5th at Temple Beth Or

October 22-24th

Jewish Federation of Raleigh-Cary Lions of Judah
November 1 at the The Glenwood
ShalomShalom Triangle!

Have you recently moved to Wake County?  Is there a new Jewish family on your block? 

Let us know so that we can send information about community resources. 

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Raleigh-Cary Congregation News
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         Miriam's Tent is now available by mail!

Some of our community members have requested a paper copy of Miriam's Tent be mailed to them as well. Click here if you would like to be added to that list. There will be a $36 annual fee. 
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