Dr. Hon Yuen stands with mentees at a research event.

Dr. Hon Yuen, NRMN Mentor, Shares the Impact of Mentorship With SETH Trainees
A flourishing academic career doesn't end at the bench - stewardship is intrinsic to scientific success.  This month, SETH Coach Dr. Hon Yuen explores the impact of mentorship on his own career  and how you can pay it forward. 
MyMentor Highlight: Ann Stock, Professor, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Rutgers University

Photo of Ann Stock with Quote_ _The most important contribution one can make to science is to ensure the training of the next generation._
Dr. Ann Stock studies proteins involved in signal transduction - what they look like and how they work. 

You can reach out to Dr. Stock on MyMentor, or  click here to read more about her research career. 
Become A Better Mentor With Lessons From NRMN!
Drs. Randall Roper and Letisha Wyatt Share Their Experiences
Headshot of Dr. Letisha Wyatt
Dr. Randall Roper Headshot
Small Program, Big Impact: 
Dr. Letisha Wyatt Opens Up About NRMN's Culturally Aware Mentoring (CAM) Training

Dr. Letisha Wyatt is a former trainee from our CAM Program who has established Mentor Training at Oregon Health & Science University where she is a faculty member. 

Lead the way in mentorship with lessons from CAM!
Looking to Pass Your Skills to Others? 
Dr. Randall Roper Shares How NRMN's Facilitator Training Program Can Help

Throughout Dr. Randall Roper's  research career, mentors have had a lasting impact. Now, mentorship is a primary focus in his research lab at Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis. 

Learn more about Dr. Roper's journey from mentor to trainer with NRMN. 
NRMN Culturally Aware Mentorship Program Expands Impact Back-to-Back Mentor Trainings

NRMN's Mentor Training Core recently hosted three concurrent CAM workshops in collaboration with the Big Ten Academic Alliance.  With almost 100 participants over the course of three days, this was one of the most successful programs to date! 

Want to know what to expect when you register for CAM

To read more and find out, 

Upcoming Opportunities with NRMN and Partners

Join the Society for Leukocyte Biology's conference October 13-16, 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona

June 26th is the deadline for selected talk and award applications. Learn more about the professional development workshops on Team Science, Science Communication and more! 

Considering registering today!

Interested in applying to travel award programs?! 
The  Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) is inviting applications for two travel award programs.  

Click the image above to find out more details and deadlines to apply for these opportunities. 
Questions? Contact
Webinar Promo for Training Next-Gen Underrepresented Biomedical Scientists_ June 28th_ 2_30-4 PM ET.

Join NRMN for a discussion with two members of the Keystone Symposia Diversity Advisory Committee (DAC) and two Keystone Symposia Fellows on issues of diversity in science, research, teaching, and mentoring.

This discussion will be focused on the benefits of mentoring and how effective mentoring, particularly of UR trainees, can make or break a young scientist's career. 

Click here to register. 

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