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Friday June 22, 12 PM

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JUNE 2018

We are very excited and looking forward to see you  June 2nd to celebrate our  Chapter's 10th  Anniversary. We will trace our decade-long journey and share the stories of how the Philadelphia Chapter began. Keynote speaker Lu Ann Cahn will energize and motivate us. I hope to see you there.

Our most exciting news comes from the Giving Circle. This year's award of $20,000 to Turning Point for Children was the largest award since 2013. What a great way our members continue to impact the lives of people in our community.  Way to go, Giving Circle!  See the  article below for more details.

Our summer month are filled with many events and our Special Interest Groups are actively engaged, please do take a look and join in.

Have a wonderful month and get to enjoy the blooming gardens ...

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Giving Circle: And The Winner Is...
The Giving Circle began the month with a "Fabulous Fashion Show" a highly enjoyable fundraiser at Joan Shepp. Many thanks to Carol Greco and her team for their hard work in making this event a huge success.
On May 17th the entire membership of the Giving Circle met to vote for the recipient of our 2018 grant. After hearing presentations from the five finalist organizations, the group awarded a $20,000 grant to Turning Points for Children. Our grant will go to expand YVLifeSet, a program that bridges the gap in supportive services for youth aging out of foster care and helps navigate their path to success.
Each year there are 250 youth age 17 to 22 who age out of foster care in Philadelphia with no resources and no family to support them. If nothing is done to help them, 60% will become young parents, homeless, addicted, unemployed, incarcerated or prostitutes. Using a hands-on approach and intensive services, YVLifeSet helps these young people transition into successful adulthood. The transition includes maintaining safe and stable housing, participating in an educational or vocational program and developing the life skills necessary to become a productive citizen.
To learn more about YVLifeSet mark your calendars for our annual kickoff meeting on October 11.
Want to have a voice in giving back? Join the Giving Circle and become a voting member by donating $200. Click here to donate or print our donation form.

Contact Giving Circle Chair Susan Vineberg to get involved with The Giving Circle.

Giving Together Makes A Difference!
SIG Corner: 
Looking Forward to Summer
We all look forward to Summer. It's a time to shed the heavy clothes, turn our faces to the sun and enjoy being outdoors.

Sometimes, though, surprisingly, we find our schedules with holes and look to find new activities and friends. New SIGs continue to sprout this Summer and have openings for members who are ready to take on new challenges.
If you've played bridge in the past and need a brush up, a new SIG, Bridge Basics is getting off the ground at the organizational meeting on June 12th. The day, time (Tuesday or Fridays) and dates of the lessons will be determined as will the Center City location. Private small group lessons on common bidding conventions and play of the hand are the focus of this advanced beginner's group. The goal is to become the players others want as partners in a duplicate bridge game. An easy-to-follow ACBL bridge book will be recommended for the lessons that will be taught by David Rose of the Bridge Club of Center City. The cost is $120 per person for 8 private lessons, each 1½ hours long. If you'd like to be included, please contact SIG Chairperson, Joanne Bowes at .
Friday Arts, a SIG that visits the many exciting art venues in the city and surrounding area, has had several successful outings since its inception in the winter and is happy to include new members. For information, contact Sally Mazzarella at .
Our newest book group, The Art of the Book, is meeting for the first time in June and is still open to new members. The book selections will focus in some way on Art and will cover all genres. This looks to be a fun and free-wheeling group who would love to have you join them. Karen Kanter is the Lead and can be contacted at .
Point-of-View , a photography SIG, dedicated to shooting the sites of Philadelphia and discussing them, is also getting off the ground in June. Members will meet once a month for an hour shoot somewhere in the city or its environs followed by a knosh and a chat about the experience. The group will learn about photography by sharing its varied knowledge of the art with one another. Photography experience is NOT a requirement nor is a camera. A phone works just fine. Contact Susan Gordon at .
For suburbanites, 2 new SIGs, Film Fans in Bryn Mawr and Matinee in the County in Doylestown, are up running and have room for more. For the Bryn Mawr group, contact Rebecca Clement at . For Doylestown, Melissa Glassmire can be reached at .
Suburban Readers, a book group planned to meet in the Philly 'burbs, is not yet operational and needs more interested members to get going. Let Joanne Bowes at know if you'd like to be put on the list so book lovers in the suburbs can start to read and discuss!

Contact Joanne Bowes if you have SIG questions or suggestions for new groups.  Join us!
Transition Peer Groups:  The Broader Peer Group Experience
Bucks Montgomery County Peer Group at the Garden for Sculpture
Women hear about Transition Peer Groups from friends and read about them on our website. The information they get on the website says, " These groups provide a safe and supportive environment in which women may have thought-provoking and stimulating conversations relating to career or personal transitions. Transition peer groups provide opportunities for connection, new friendships and mutually supportive exploration. The intention of these groups is for women to share and learn from each other."
But they are often much more than that. Once groups begin to gel and relationships deepen, the women often find that they want to do more together than just meet once a month. Each group develops their own idea of what is fun to do together. Some groups do community service, some travel to interesting places like the Garden for Sculpture. Others have potluck dinners to celebrate the holiday season or each other. Many decide to attend interesting TTN events together, like our anniversary celebration or a Foodie event.
The website also says that, " The heart and soul of TTN is its small groups.  This is where women connect - face to face - to explore what's next together ." And we have learned that they do it in their monthly peer groups and beyond!
If you are interested in learning more about the Peer Group experience contact Marcia Goldstein to find out when the next orientation is scheduled.

More information about Peer Groups.
Member Highlight:  Meredith Betz
Philadelphia TTN members are some of the most dynamic, fascinating, intelligent and impressive women you will have the opportunity to meet, and this month we're telling the story of one of our newest Steering Committee members, and our Chapter's Secretary. Meredith Betz.

Like so many of you, Meredith has had many transitions in her life not always in a straight line but more of a series of pivots.
  • Teaching high school English honor students
  • Working on the field faculty of Bank Street Graduate School of Education
  • Co-founding Gilda's Club of the Delaware Valley
  • Becoming an executive leader in healthcare philanthropy programs
  • Founding Betz Coaching Lab  with a mission to help women 50+ to make decisions about designing a fulfilling future while living their purpose
  • Blogging for the Nonprofit Quarterly
  • Volunteering for TTN.
The common thread? Empowering people to make a difference.

She discovered the Philadelphia TTN Chapter on the Internet. She took the TTN Signature Program Women in Transition Workshop, and became a member. 

She says, "I'm so glad that I am a volunteer leader in TTN Philadelphia. I've made great new and stimulating friends while using my experience to contribute to TTN's success."

In addition to her contribution to our chapter, Meredith is working on leadership development projects, partnering with Chrissa Merron on a new online Women in Transition Workshop and is facilitating the Breaking Free Groups, a book club for national members who are anticipating, in the middle of, or on the other side of a transition 

She says, "It's amazing how a group of women could have such deep conversations over Zoom technology where people can see one another as they discuss significant events of their lives."