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Targeting smaller oilfield contractors, oilfield welders, small owner-operators, and oilfield pumper/gaugers.

Minimum premiums for pumper/gaugers starts at $750* (and include Time Element Pollution coverage of 30 days discovery and 90 days notification).

Minimum premiums for Consultants start at $2,500*; and Drillers start at $5,000*. (*Note MP's do NOT include taxes/fees.)

We can also include Blanket AI, Blanket Waiver, and Primary-Non-Contributory wording at no extra charge. 

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Difference In Conditions (DIC)!

We can consider DIC including Earthquake, Flood (outside of zones A/V) and Earthquake Sprinkler Leakage up to $100 million per policy limit.

Full limits are available, but we can also consider primary, excess layers and buffer layers.

There are NO minimum premiums!

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Personal Excess/Umbrella Coverage

We can write Primary or Excess Umbrella from $1-$10 million limits.  UM/UIM is also available for up to a $2 million limit. ($25,000 is standard if higher is not purchased.)

Named insureds can be Individuals, Trusts, Estates or LLCs. We can even help if your customer has had a DUI, is youthful, or has other MVR activity.

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Commercial Lines:
Hotel- $1mil/$2mil GL; $1mil Prop TIV. $208k gross receipts.
Commercial Building Owner (LRO)- $1mil/$2mil GL; $1mil Prop TIV.
Non-Franchised Used Car Dealer- $500k Liab; $500k UM/UIM; $5k Med Pay; $320k DOL; $70k Prop TIV; including Dealers E&O. 2 loc's; 12 dealer tags; 4.75 rating units.
Underground Cable Locating Contractor- $1mil/$2mil GL. $156k gross receipts.
Structural Metal Erection Contractor- $1mil/$2mil GL (including blanket AI and WOS); and $4mil Excess (over GL only). $140k payroll.
Scrap Metal Dealer- $1mil/$2mil GL (including blanket AI and WOS); $69k IM (Contractors Equip); and $5mil Excess (over GL, AL and EL).

Personal Lines:
HO3- Owner Occupied. $1.6mil TIV.
Umbrella- $2mil limit over 2 premises, 2 vehicles and 1 watercraft. 1 driver (w/ 2 at fault accidents).
HO3- Owner Occupied. $550k TIV. 2 prior water losses.
HO3- Vacant. $1.2mil TIV.
DP3- Owner Occupied. $340k TIV. 3 prior claims.