courtesy of schooner Lewis R French
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June 2018


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Greetings from the Maine coast. Spring is past and it feels a lot like summer, complete with morning haze, afternoon breezes, and evening thunder showers to cool things off. The American Eagle for some reason is about as busy as we have ever been. Maybe it's the bays and islands here, maybe it's the crew, or perhaps it's the vessel, working and sailing well after 87 years.

Not to be discouraged; Shary would be happy to find you a berth this season  when you call.

 Crews News

Evening in the foc'sle

photo courtesy of Bob Wilson

I'm not going to try and explain this picture.
The cow suit is customarily worn while
 serving  home made ice cream.
Matthew and Christa at the schooner gam

photo courtesy of Sarah Collins

And the ultimate in crew chic at the gam.
Seersucker and goodwill

Lobsters on McGlathery Island for a small group early this season

photo courtesy of Sarah Collins

Cruise News

A watercolor workshop led by Carol Douglas

photo courtesy of Ellen Joyce Trayer

and no paint spilled this tim e

photo courtesy of Shary Fellows

Getting underway before brunch on our last day out

The photographer's daughter did most of the varnish in sight.
Good job Sarah!
photo courtesy of Don O'Connor

Chasing the Lewis R French last Friday. And this is what we looked
 like as we tried to pass them.

photo courtesy of Bob Wilson

An international group ashore on our first island
 exploration of 2018

photo courtesy of Bob Wilson

Where from? Ontario!

Postcards From Away

From the Galley

                 And you might have thought that colors were just for fall foliage. 
                              Matthew and Sarah have a better idea.

photo courtesy of MB Rolfe

Hor's d'oeuvres on the midships hatch

photo courtesy of MB Rolfe




photo courtesy of Bob Wilson

Exciting sailing to Boothbay and back for Windjammer Days, featuring a genuine shore dinner at Cabbage Island, visiting schooners form Cape Ann, a snug anchorage in the turning basin in Boothbay Harbor, fireworks that night, and a visit to Port Clyde on the way home. And sighting some finback whales, puffins, seals, and a bald eagle or two. Can't wait for Windjammer Days in 2019. 

 Next month we participate in the Great Schooner Race and  the Lighthouse Parade here in Penobscot Bay and an eleven night adventure to New Brunswick, Canada.

  John and the crew

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