Region 6 South Central Public Health Training Center Newsletter
June 2018  Newsletter
Are you prepared? 2018 Hurricane Season officially begins.

The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season began on Friday, June 1, 2018. 

The Tulane Learning Management System is home to several hurricane, emergency and public health preparedness-related courses. 

Sample courses are highlighted below.
Now is a good time to review your tropical storm/hurricane plan. For tips on what to do before, during, and after a hurricane, please click here.
Pilot testing for "Transgender Health 102: Transgender Patient-Provider Relationships" has begun. This is the second training in a series of 6 courses designed for healthcare providers and for people interested in becoming more familiar with the transgender community.

At the conclusion of this course, users will be able to:
  • Identify components to provide culturally friendly and culturally competent transgender healthcare
  • Define key terms including: gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, transgender, gender non-binary, intersex, and cisgender 
  • Describe the elements to create a transgender-inclusive physical environment in a clinic or hospital
  • Recognize how overall healthcare experience of transgender patients is derived from healthcare provider-patient interactions, staff-patient interactions, and the physical environment of a healthcare organization.
Are you interested in piloting this course? Send us an email
Housekeeping Reminder:
Update Your Tulane LMS Profile

Tulane Learning Management System staff encourages all users to review and/or update their information at least once per year. 

Do you need assistance updating your profile? View our Edit Your Profile tutorial or shoot us an email.

Are you looking to advance your career in Public Health and improve your earning potential? Tulane University's online Master's degrees in public health and Graduate Certificate programs provide mid-career professionals a crucial level of flexibility, permitting students to maintain their career while completing an accredited Master's degree or Graduate Certificate program.  With options to concentrate your Master's in Public Health in Disaster Management, Occupational Health and Safety Management or Occupational and Environmental health; to pursue an online Master of Science in Public Health with a focus in Industrial Hygiene or to secure a Graduate Certificate in any of our offered concentrations, Tulane's programs offer unique opportunities to help you reach your professional and career goals. 
Visit for information on how to apply. Applications for the Fall 2018 semester are currently being accepted.

Featured Course Bundle: Vector Control for Environmental Health Professionals (VCEHP)

The Vector Control for Environmental Health Professionals (VCEHP): The Importance of Integrated Pest Management course bundle  contains 11 online courses and emphasizes the use of integrated pest management (IPM) to address public health pests and vectors that spread diseases, including Zika virus and others. VCEHP includes several courses particularly helpful for understanding and addressing Zika virus and other mosquito-borne diseases.

Course offerings in the VCEHP bundle are listed below. For more information about the course bundle, please click here .

  • VCEHP 101: Vector-Borne Diseases of Public Health Importance
  • VCEHP 102: IPM Basics for Environmental Health Professionals 
  • VCEHP 103: Performance Assessment and Improvement of Vector Control Services 
  • VCEHP 104: Tick Biology and Control 
  • VCEHP 105: Mosquito Biology and Control 
  • VCEHP 106: Toxicology of Pesticides for Environmental Health Professionals 
  • VCEHP 107: Rodent Management 
  • VCEHP 108: Public Health Insect Pests in Food & Housing Environments
  • VCEHP 109: Pest Management Considerations for Schools
  • VCEHP 110: Risk Communication Basics for Environmental Health Professionals
  • VCEHP 111: Bed Bugs - Identification, Biology, and Control  
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