June 2018
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Dear Ones,
I have a foster son, Chris, who I became the guardian of when he was young. His son, Sebastian, lived here with me for 4 years. Now Chris has returned home from Denmark and is living here. Family is so lovely an experience.
Summer has started here - the flowers are in bloom and the trees are growing.
4 and 20 Blackbirds is a food cart in Hood River just west of the HR post office . Excellent food - Vegetarian and Vegan available!
We have some great classes & retreats coming up in the next few months - I hope you can attend some of them. May we all be well and happy.
May we all know love and peace. in metta,......Thay Kozen
Thich Vinh Minh Graduates
Our Dear friend, Thich Vinh Minh, has graduated from Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University in Thailand with a bachelor's Degree in Religious Studies. His courses included studies in Buddhism, world religions,and the Pali language.

Thich Vinh Minh has been living in Thailand at the University. He was dedicated to getting a good education and he frequently slept in the hallway outside his classroom in order to get enough rest.

Left to Right in the Photo:
Prof. Phra Rajapariyattimuni, Ph. D. Dean, Faculty of Buddhism, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University. And Thich Vinh Minh with his diploma.

Our temple has applied for an R1 Visa to allow Thich Vinh Minh to teach at our temple.

As you know, Thich Vinh Minh had been at our temple every summer for the last 4 years and has become a wonderful part of our clergy and educational efforts.

He is currently in Australia at the new home of the Jade Buddha which has ended it's world tour and is now permanently housed in the Great Stupa in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, a Tibetan temple.
Zen is Tea and Tea is Zen
by Jean-Luc Devis

On May 19th, Fa Hsing conducted a Tea Class at Trout Lake Abbey, on a beautifully sunny day at the foot of Mt Adams. Those attending had the opportunity to experience eight different teas, including White Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Red/Black Tea, and several Puer Teas. We were able to smell each of the difference fragrances and learn information about origin, processing, brewing, and taste.

We discovered that the birthplace of tea is in the geographic area that includes southwestern China, northern Myanmar (Burma) and eastern India. All tea originally came from one species of plant and that the incredible diversity within that species and the methods of processing are what differentiate the various teas we enjoy.

One of my favorite experiences was the pleasant, earthy smell of Sheng Puer, which comes in discs or cakes. This traditional form of Puer Tea needs decades to age and can therefore be quite rare and expensive. The aging allows for fermentation and the growth of beneficial microbes in the tea cake. By contrast, Shou Puer uses a process that was developed in the early 1970’s to speed up the aging and fermentation, cutting the process down to 5-7 years. Along with the Sheng, we also got to experience the fragrance of a loose-leaf Shou Puer.

We learned much about the history of tea, how it’s grown in various parts of the world, and the difference between tea and other herbal infusions, such as chamomile or peppermint. We also learned that tea generally has less than half the amount of caffeine as coffee, and that the caffeine in it absorbs into the body more slowly than coffee. Whereas coffee is an almost instant bump that quickly tapers off, the effect of tea is more of a slow, steady burn.

How wonderful is the world of tea.
The smell & taste of so many teas

Ven. Fa Hsing also prepared and presented several of the teas in a traditional Chinese style, called Gong Fu, where the tea is steeped and decanted, then ceremoniously served in small cups.
Ven. Jeff is a delightful and knowledgeable instructor
Up coming classes and retreats

2-3 Precepts and Meditation Retreat - in English and Vietnamese

3 Thich Quang Duc burned himself - memorial Service

9 Websites navigation and build Class (10:30 – 1:00pm class) with Scott See

June 9 Woman's Dharma Retreat with Erika Rench and Kaye Jones
Daylong retreat 8-4

Join us for a contemplative day of dharma, in the company of other women.  Our day will include time in nature, in meditation, a short teaching, and quiet reflection. Some days life can feel like one long prayer, “may I find patience, may I find courage, open my heart, help me” Prayer can be a letting go or a filling up.  As women, how we “sit” in the middle of it all is our spiritual path and in our time together may we discover that our spiritual lives occur not in spite of the everyday, but because of it.

Please join us.  Lunch will be salad, cheese, veggies and bread.  Tea will be available all day. Suggested donation is $50, no one turned away for lack of funds. To register contact [email protected] .

June 10 A Women’s Retreat 9-4 Kaye Jones and Erika Rench

We gather again as a community of women, this time at the cusp of summer, to do The Work That Reconnects.  As we keep coming back together we deepen in the work and the way it moves in our lives.

We journey into the spiral to explore the many layers of our belonging as we train together for these times of uncertainty~  to be present, wholehearted, and to radically open to our own lives and our changing world.

The foundation of our day is The Work That Reconnects, a set of practices and interactive work developed by our teacher Dr. Joanna Macy. This work reveals that our grief, anger and fear are all healthy responses to our fierce love for the world.  Welcoming the full range of experiences we will move around the spiral of the WTR ~ gratitude, honoring our pain, seeing with new eyes, and going forth- the unique gifts in each of us, in service to this world. This will be a nourishing and open-hearted day in the company of other women.

No previous experience is necessary.  Come as you are. Sliding scale $35-65.  Please email Erika Rench [email protected] to reserve your spot.  We do expect this workshop to fill, so don’t delay.

23 Summer Solstice - Druid Event
14 Art and Zen Class
Together we are going to explore the meaning of art, Zen, and how they relate to each other. Are we talking about Zen art, or bringing Zen into our art? We all have our own notions what art is- key words that come to mind are creativity, craft, point of view, concept, and design. I believe we are all artists, and have the potential to live artfully. How does this relate to Zen? Everyone is encouraged to share with the others their artistic expression with the group. I will share my own journey as a visual artist and Buddhist, and how I integrate the two.
Dennis Hartley is an architect emeritus who has lived in the Northwest since 1994. He began painting professionally in 1998 and shows his work in commercial galleries and non-profit settings from coast to coast. His work can be viewed at www.dennishartleyart.com . For questions or comments about this seminar he can be contacted at [email protected] .

20-21 Offsite Summer retreat - Camping on Ketron Island, Clouds and water hermitage, register at [email protected] , Ferry Ride $21 car & driver, $9 per passenger

27 - 29 Yoga Retreat Did you know that the poses practiced in yoga are considered only 1/8 of the true practice of yoga? Do you believe that you are not flexible enough for yoga? Flexibility starts in the mind and expands throughout the body with discipline and practice. This expansive mind and body guides our intentions as we create our true reality. see http://www.joannematson.com/events-3/trout-lake-abbey-retreat/ contact Jo Matson [email protected]

Thay Z at the ocean
Thich Minh Thien's Column

As I sat down to write my column for this month, I was struck by the celebration of our national holiday called Memorial Day. It is a day meant for Americans everywhere to reflect on the sacrifices and service of those in the military who placed country interests before self-interests. My street was lined with American flags flying proudly and there were many services at military cemeteries and veteran locations. Many families gathered together for parades, picnics and early summer fun at beaches, parks and lakes. Whether you personally served in the armed forces or not, we all know family and friends who have. The overall objective of this holiday is to demonstrate our national gratitude for our military and the history of conflicts where blood was shed, and lives changed forever.
No doubt, most would agree that peace in this world is what we really desire and prefer to war. However, it is because of the lack of peace that we find ourselves celebrating a national holiday to remember all those affected by the ravages of war. We live in a world where war is considered by many to be a sometimes, necessary evil. A popular opinion, supported by the media, tends to be that the use of military force is at times justified. The world’s major religions teach that it is wrong to kill and maim others, yet it is condoned claiming we have a right to protect ourselves, our property and our perceived national interests.    

So how does all of this connect with the teachings of the Buddha? In the most basic sense, it seems to be in direct conflict with the precept against killing. In the Four Noble Truths we are told that happiness is possible through the elimination of the factors that create suffering. Also, according to the teachings of the Buddha, there is no problem that cannot be resolved by living the interlocking set of virtues known as the Noble Eightfold Path. There are many references in the earliest Buddhist texts to the futility of war. In the Dhammapada one can find the following verses… “Hatreds never cease through hatred in this world. Through love alone they cease. This is the eternal law” … and …” Victory breeds hatred. The defeated live in pain. Happily the peaceful live, giving up victory and defeat.”  

Peace versus war is only possible when it is cultivated in our minds and our thoughts through principal components like loving kindness (Metta). In Metta, a boundless loving friendship is extended to all beings, regardless of racial, religious or territorial boundaries. When our Metta is coupled with compassion (Karuna), joy (Mudita) and equanimity (Upeksha), the development of non-violent modes of thought and action can be achieved, and the devastations of war can be avoided. It seems to follow that we will act in a less violent fashion if we can overcome our sense of a permanent and unique self, and we can come to see the interconnectedness of all things.

So, another Memorial Day holiday has come and gone. My hope is that those who have suffered loss because of military conflicts may find consolation in the nation’s recognition of that ultimate sacrifice. May we all recognize the futility of war and conflicts and awaken to the teachings of the Buddha so that suffering for ourselves and all beings can be reduced, and peace is what we memorialize and celebrate.
Namo tassa bhagavato arahato samma sambuddhassa
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Poetry from Venerable Fa Sing
(Thich Tâm Minh)
From my little perch atop this hill
I can't see the temple down by the river,
But I can tell when the abbot is away
By the silence of the morning bells.


Even the flowers
Are waking up with a smile
On this fine spring day.


Not quite ready
To be awakened,
This morning fog
Makes the brand new day
A little blurry
Around the edges.
Vipassana Retreat
We had a wonderful silent 7 day retreat. Dharma talks, walking and sitting meditation, vegetarian meals, and a mindful group of practioners.

We have tenative plans to invite Venerable Sayadaw u Indika back next year.

Right to left on the photo:Kate Dresher, Mimmi (translator) Venerable Sayadaw u Indika (Myanmar monk), and Thay Kozen
A Great Goodness has come to the Columbia Gorge

Finding our legitimate voice - one heart at a time!
Saturday, June 16, 2018, 6:00-9:00 pm
STUDIO ADDRESS: 210 Oak Street , Mezzanine, Hood River, OR 97031. 

RSVP to [email protected] or 503-686-9394. Family and friends are welcome!

Upcoming Months Schedule  
14 Art and Zen
27 - 29 Yoga Retreat
4 Lughnasadh Druid event
11 Organic Living Class (10:30 – 1:00pm class)
25 Ancestor Day Ulambana
1 Day Retreat Listening
8 Ksitigarbha Day
8 Organic farming
12-15 Thich Nhat Hanh Group Retreat
5-7 LGBTQ+ retreat
12-14 Fall Retreat
10 Medicine Buddha Day
9-11 Woman’s retreat
8 Rohatsu midnight meditation
31 Midnight Meditation
Dates subject to change, other retreats may be added
Summer Tick Warning
According to science news, the rise of tick borne illnesses keep growing. A newly identified disease alpha-gal allergy can cause individuals to become allergic to meat. Add that to Lyme disease, weather changes, and a growing deer population and we have an almost perfect storm. You can read more at
2018 Other Faiths, Days of Respect, and National Holidays
Ramadan to June 15 (Muslim Holiday)
3-8 Cascade Mountain School
14 Flag Day (National Holiday)
15 Eid al-Fitr end of Ramadan (Muslim Holiday)
17 Father’s Day (National Holiday)
23 Summer Solstice 6:30 pm  
28- 3 July Zikr (Sufi Muslim)

28 June – 3 July Zikr Retreat (Sufi – Muslim)
4 Independence Day (National Holiday)
6 HH Dalai Lama BD
22 Parent’s Day (National Holiday)
4 Lughnasa 7pm
19-24 Hajj (Muslim Holiday)
9 Grandparent’s Day (National Holiday)
10-11 Rosh Hashanah, New Year
(Jewish Holiday)
11 Patriot Day (National Holiday) 
12 Hijra New Year (Muslim Holiday) 
19 Yom Kippur Day of Atonement (Jewish Holiday) 
22 Autumn Equinox 6pm
4 St Francis Day (Christian Holiday) 
8 Native American Day (National Holiday) 
18 Dasera, Dussehra or Vijyadashmi (Hindu Holiday) 
28 Samhain (Druid Event) 5pm 
31 Halloween (National Holiday)

4 Daylight Savings time ends
6 Election Day (National Holiday) 
6-10 Diwali Festival of Lights (Hindu Holiday
11 Veteran’s Day (National Holiday)
21 Mohamed’s Birthday, Mawlid al-Nabi (Muslim Holiday)
2 Advent (Christian Holiday)
3-10 Hanukkah (Jewish Holiday)
7 Pearl Harbor Day (National Holiday) 
18 Feast of Epona 4pm
22 Winter Solstice 3:30 pm 
25 Christmas (Christian Holiday)
26-Jan 1 Kwanzaa (Religious Holiday)
31 New Year's Eve
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Every Wednesday - Trinity Sangha, at Trinity Natural Medicine at 12 noon
1808 Belmont Ave, Hood River, OR 97031
1st and 3rd Wednesday Evenings - Trinity Sangha Stu dy Group Time 6:30-8:00pm
Where: at Withers residence, 1829 5th St., Hood River (Sieverkropp Development behind Rosauer's)
Book to be studied: Peace in Every Breath by Thich Nhat Hanh

11th Step Recovery Meeting #1 - A Fresh Step Forward in Recovery Sunday evenings 4:30pm at Bethel UCC Church in White Salmon, WA. Contact Dick Withers: [email protected] ; 414-587-4065

11th Step Recovery Meeting #2 - On vacation for the summer

Other Meditation Groups in the Gorge

Pacific Hermitage Meditation and Dhamma talk with Thai Forest Monks 6:30-8 pm every Tuesday evening at Yoga Samadhi in White Salmon, WA. http://pacifichermitage.org 

Hood River Zen Sunday afternoon walking and sitting meditation 2nd and 4th" Sundays G ood Medicine lounge  1029 May Street, Hood River, Oregon. http://www.hoodriverzen.org. Contact Kyri Treiman: ([email protected])

White Salmon Dharma Practice Group every other Sunday evenings at Atlan (near Northwestern Park outside of White Salmon). Contact: Scott Cushman: ([email protected]; 925-708-5652)

 Scott Rower, PhD [email protected] has mindfulness classes - please contact him for details and to join the gorge facebook page - Mindfulness in the Gorge:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/179582775875524/
Thien Quang Temple Clebrating Wesak
A lovely temple in Portland Oregon, Thien Quang Temple, invited Thay Kozen to help celebrate the Birth, Enlightenment, and Death of our historical teacher Shakyamuni Buddha. Wesak is the most holy of holidays in Buddhism and is celebrated by Mahayana and Theravada traditions.
May the Infinite Light of Wisdom and Compassion so shine within us
that the errors and vanities of self may be dispelled; 
so shall we understand the changing nature of existence and awaken into spiritual peace.
Mt Adams Zen Buddhist Temple   46 Stoller Rd., Trout Lake WA 98650 509.395.2030     www.Mtadamszen.org