June 2018- News
Unleash Your Summer Colors!
Gemstones, Custom Jewelry and Art!
June Birthstones
Happy Birthday!
Alexandrite replaced the pearl as birthstone when it was believed that alexandrite was more abundant than pearls. Today that is no longer the case. High quality alexandrite is extremely rare and highly sought after. The greenish blue stone is known for its ability to change colors in incandescent light. It changes from green to red or purple. 
Pearls are different from other gemstones including their fellow June birthstones in many ways. For starters, pearls are found underwater in the humble mollusk. Found in several colors including white, off-white, pink, and black, pearls come in a range of sizes.
Love Story
Happy Birthday!
They say true love is hard to find, we don't agree. We have witnessed true love many, many times over the years. Each unique story we hear is filled with undeniable passion and love. It's what fuels the inspiration for the jewelry design. From sketches to the final piece, their vision, their love story and their passion is woven into the piece. Birthdays, anniversaries, engagements or 'just because' celebrations always fill our hearts with such joy. Knowing they will have a wearable reminder of that passion and love for a lifetime is why we love what we do.
A recent birthday gift for a wonderful couple and a story exemplifies the meaning of true love. Thank you and Happy Birthday!
Puppy Pick's
Lani & Bella
Our sweet Boxer pups love coming to work with us and we let them choose their favorite each month. Stop in and meet them and see what they chose for June.
Lani, our new boxer pup, loves coming to the store with us. She picked a brilliant blue pair of zircons that reminded her of the ocean. They would be gorgeous earrings. Have a custom design piece made and bring color and sparkle to your life! Stop in or contact us for more information.
Bella loves having a new little sister and has been busy teaching her how things are done around here.
In honor of the June Birthstone, Bella chose a gorgeous freshwater pearl ring and elegant white baroque South Sea pearl 18 ky gold earrings.
Artist Spotlight
John Marshall Williams
We are pleased to welcome John Marshall Williams to our gallery. Stop in and see his beautiful collection!
Upcoming Events
June 2018
June 10th, 2018
12-5 p.m.
Come enjoy your Sunday afternoon downtown shopping and socializing on King Street! There will be events and activities, shopping, food and wine, and more!
Stop in and meet Bella & Lani and enjoy custom jewelry & beautiful art.