June 2018
The Professional Development & Resource Center (PD&RC) Pride is a monthly email communication celebrating the work facilitated by BT BOCES PD&RC to advance teaching and learning. This is also an opportunity to highlight resources available for loan as well as upcoming regional events. We hope you find this communication helpful and welcome your feedback. 
Regional Critical Friends Take the PLC Journey Together
During the Summer 2017 Principals’ Academy, Dr. Luis Cruz challenged regional leaders to establish, grow, and monitor collaborative learning communities that “hit a home run for all kids.”

With that in mind and with a desire to support leaders at various stages of PLC implementation, Kerri Bullock, Kathryn Bailey and Pat Walsh initiated the Regional Leaders PLC. District teams from Binghamton, Broome-Tioga BOCES Instructional Programs, Harpursville, Newark Valley, Owego-Apalachin, Sidney, and Susquehanna Valley met four times during the 2017-2018 school year.

Work commenced in September with leaders identifying goals for their learning and a focus on four critical questions:

What do we expect our teachers to know and be able to do to ensure learning for all?
  • How will we know they have learned it?
  • How will we respond when they don’t?
  • How will we respond when they do?

Learning in each of the four sessions targeted critical leverage areas including: building effective collaborative teams, guaranteed and viable curriculum, effective assessment, assessment capable learners and responding to learners needs. Participants left each session with the charge of bringing back evidence around the critical leverage areas. During the sessions, district teams developed action plans, shared evidence and stories of implementation, as well as successes and challenges.

The next generation of the work for leaders in 2018 - 2019 will be in the form of three regional offerings anchored in curriculum work:

1. Curriculum Essentials for Administrators [Oct. 25] - REGISTER HERE!

2. Aligning Assessment to Prioritized Curricula [Dec. 12]  - REGISTER HERE!

3. Progress Checks for Instructional Decision Making & Student Self-Assessment
[Mar. 20] - REGISTER HERE!

~ Please consider joining us for this work in the upcoming school year! ~
STEM Playground
On April 23, Nicole Laura and Dustin Andrus led a hands on STEM Playground for regional teachers, librarians, and administrators to engage in a hands-on investigation of the numerous coding, robotics, and Maker Movement resources that districts have access to through the BT BOCES Media Library service.

Over the course of the half-day session, participants designed and printed 3D objects using the Lulzbot 3D printers ; completed challenges with Dash and Dot , CUE , and OZO Bots robotics; explored the Hummingbird Robotics kits ; created circuits with Snap Circuits , Smart Circuits , and Makey Makey ; combined tangible and digital with Puzzlets and Osmo ; and experienced a Google Expeditions using the classroom kit, among many other opportunities to discover the Media Library resources at their disposal.

Following a station-style rotation through the available equipment, participants were asked to brainstorm ways they might embed these resources meaningfully into their instruction and began the process of planning lessons. Participants left with a better understanding of the available resources, as well as connections with like-minded educators in the region.

We look forward to providing more of these “playground” days for our regional teachers and leaders, as a way to become more familiar with all of the resources offered to the region.

For more information on regional STEM resources and kits, please check out the BT BOCES School Library Systems Media Library Catalog at http://medialibrary.btboces.org or contact Nikki Laura at nWaskieL@btboces.org
Cue Robot
The Cue Robot is the newest offering from Wonder Workshop, the same company that created Dash and Dot. Cue is intended as a next step, with interactive communication and a new level of programming for ages 11 and up.

Using the free accompanying app, students can program Cue to send and receive text messages, code using block and JavaScript, and create lifelike behaviors by grouping commands and sensor input.

The Cue Robot comes with a USB charging cord and connector blocks, and is compatible with these devices: 
Cue, Dash, and Dot can be borrowed from the BOCES Media Library. You can search for these, and other robotics and coding resources, at http://medialibrary.btboces.org

Please contact Kristina Garcia at kgarcia@btboces.org if you need assistance with any of our Media Library resources.
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